Written by Esme Karl

19 Aug 2017

I want you to kiss me all over, starting with my lips, then moving down my neck collarbone and down my back.

You pick me up and carry me into the bathroom where you slowly take my lingerie off, still kissing my neck, ears and back.

As the water runs over my naked body you massage me with soap. I run my fingers down your stomach and down your thighs. As I'm bending down you slap my ass making me jump.

With that you grab both of my arms and force them against the wall above my head. You hold them there with one hand while the other starts to rub my clit I try to move but you hold me down, pleasuring me and making me squirm. The more I move around the harder you hold me against the wall and just before I cum you force your huge and throbbing cock inside of me. Picking me up and slamming me against the shower wall, you continue to fuck me against the wall as I orgasm.

You put me back on the ground and then as I'm still orgasming, you take me from behind I scream with pleasure. You are right on my g-spot. Every time you penetrate me I feel your cock against my g-spot, it's so intense and I can't help but moan and giggle because it is so intense I don't know what to do I can feel the pressure building and building I'm starting to orgasm, with that you start to cum with me.

It is so intense like nothing I have ever felt before.

You kiss my back, pull out and then leave me in the shower.