12 Dec 2016

After months of coaxing Jody to fuck another guy while I watched, it finally happened.

I had just bout Jody a new Trench Coat, during a shopping spree and suggested when we got home that she should wear it out to the pub without anything underneath.

So one Friday night I got home from work to find Jody a little tipsy after her Friday BBQ and drinks, dressed in her new trench coat. When she opened the gate she looked all done up like a horny slut and gave me a quick flash to show there was nothing underneath.

I couldn’t believe how hot she looked and noticed when we got inside that she was a little flushed.

She told me she had a few wines after the BBQ and that a Rep she had her eye on had spent the afternoon having drinks with them and had been very flirtatious.

This had obviously got her thinking about my fantasy and gave her the idea to dress up.

I asked if she was up for a bit of flashing and she said she was, so we headed out for a drive down Roe Highway.

It didn’t take long until we pulled up along side a Truck and i suggested she give him a flash. Without another comment she unbuttoned the coat giving the driver an eye full of her bulging pink nipples.

He could barely keep his eyes on the road. I felt her cunt and noticed she was soaking wet and enjoying the attention. I suggested she show him a bit more , so she unbuttoned the rest of the coat and gave him full view of her whole naked body She then put both feet on the dashboard and started to rub her clit. The driver was barely looking where he was going and had his mobile phone in his hand taking pictures.

She was shoved four fingers up her cunt as she was starting to orgasm. Then she started to shake and finally came on her own hand.

So we parted ways and headed back towards home. My cock was rock hard as i had just watched my wife show a complete stranger her naked body, while she finger fucked herself to orgasm.

She told me she wanted to be fucked, which gave me my next idea. I asked whether she was up for being fucked by a stranger.

She told me she didn’t care as long as she was treated like a slut and fucked hard. So i pulled into the last drop Brewery pub near home.

She asked what i was doing to which i said that i was seeing what the local talent was like tonight.

I took her inside and we sat in a booth. I noticed three guys at the bar ogling her, so i decided to leave her alone and go to the toilet. When i came out i noticed they had been over chatting to her and when they noticed me coming back had left the table.

I asked her what they wanted and she smiled and told me they were trying to chat her up.

I asked her if she fancied any of them and she replied that she would do any of them. Maybe all three i asked. She just gave me a horny smile, so i knew she was good to go,.

That’s when i had my next idea! I led her into the male toilet and made her take of her jacket.

At first she was reluctant, but i said it was only so i could take a picture. She agreed so i snapped a few on my mobile phone.

With that i dared her to stay in there completely naked for fifteen minutes while i took her coat and went to the bar. The second thing was that she was to make herself orgasm before i got back.

She was so horny she agreed and i took her jacket and went to buy a drink. My cock was rock hard , to which i could barely cover up.

My cock was dripping as i stood at the bar downing a beer knowing she was naked and could quite easily be grabbed and fucked by anyone who happened to walk in.

I noticed one of the guys had noticed my wife’s coat in my hand and had commented to his mates.

Shortly after i noticed all three of headed towards the mens toilet. They had been gone for about ten minutes, so i finished my beer and headed back to see if Jody had done the dare. When i opened the door my jaw nearly hit the ground.

There she was sitting on the vanity with her legs being held apart, by two of the guys while the third was roughly forcing his more than average cock into her unprotected cunt.

They had obviously realised what we were up to and gone to find her naked.

They were forcefully taking what they wanted whether she was allowing it or not.

By the look on her face she was enjoying it as the first guy rammed his cock into her. The other two guys were cheering on while groping her naked body.

All i could do was was watch and enjoy seeing my fantasy come true. All of a sudden the guy between her legs started to jaggedly ram his cock up her and when his arse muscles tighten i knew he had cum.

He was quickly replaced by one of the others who quickly dropped his pants and shoved his rock hard cock up her sloppy cunt.

He started roughly ramming her cunt while the other guy on her left was passionately kissing her, and sticking his tongue down her throat as she moaned.

They were treating her like a slut not caring how hard they groped her tits or how hard they fucked her.

It didn’t take long before they second guy blew his load up her unprotected cunt.

She was turned around and bent over as the third guy was taking his turn. He shoved his cock up her cunt, commenting that the whore seemed a bit to loose after his mates had fucked her.

He then pulled out and slid his cock up her arse and began to pound her now very used body, while he squeezed and tugged at her dangling breasts.

She was trying to hang on to the vanity but his thrusting was so hard it was pointless.

I hadn’t noticed a few guys standing at my side enjoying the show.

They asked who the slut was. I told them she was my wife.

They commented how hot she was and could they get a turn. I told them to go for it.

So finally after the third guy came in her arse she was gang banged by another two older guys who had joined the que.

They all left the toilets, commenting on what a whore she was.

I Then gave her her coat and we walked out to the carpark.

She had cum everywhere! It was dripping down her thighs, so i laid her over the bonnet of our car and cleaned out her well used sloppy cunt.

I Then shoved my own cock up her and gave her her last fuck for the night. My cock barely touched the sides. But when i finally came she made me pull out as she wanted to make sure she had been knocked up by a stanger.

About a month later we found out she was pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. She has told me she wants to keep the baby, because she likes the thought of having another mans baby growing inside her belly.

What a slut i married!