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Wife well done!

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16 min
Published 5 years ago
Intermission arrived. The lights in the show flickered to life. My wife and I got to our feet and headed toward the lobby. Intermission snacks were being served. I made my way to the cookie table. Shona took up a spot, in line, for the chocolate cake. That's right, chocolate cake. While checking out the cookie assortment, I happened to notice a tall, older gentleman checking out my wife. This nice-looking grey-haired man had struck up a conversation with Shona. Certainly, I understand why men often chatted with my wife. My early fifties, Shona, has rich, silken brown hair cut into a full neck-length swoop parted on the right. Shona's hair is always dazzling. My wife's eyes are a suggestive, deep brown. Her gorgeous hair and eyes match perfectly with her smooth, light skin. My baby curves in all the right places. This stranger was coming on to my wife. My heart pounded a bit as I strolled over to Shona and her new acquaintance. "Which cookies did you get?" my wife asked. "An assortment," I said, handing over a small paper plate with cookies. "Honey," Shona said, "this is Edward." I shook Edward's hand and introduced myself. "Nice to meet you, Edward. I'm Ric." "It is nice to meet both of you," Edward said, in a deep voice. "Edward was just telling me that his version of the movie tonight is much longer!" Shona said. "Oh? Well that sounds interesting," I said back. "A much longer version would really be different. I like the sound of that," I added. Our new friend stood a good inch taller, than me, making him about 6'2" for sure. Looking perhaps ten years my senior, Edward carried a slight thickness on his late 50's frame. This chance encounter seemed precisely a scenario my wife and I had envisioned. The idea of a total stranger coming on to my wife is a sexual turn-on of serious magnitude for me. I gave Shona a "look" and with a quick kiss on her cheek, excused myself to the men's room. "Okay, honey," Shona said. "We'll just wait right here." My wife inched herself closer to Edward, nuzzling up to the tall man noticeably. Edward and Shona would now have time with each other. Emerging from the men's room, I noticed that the lobby of the theatre had emptied out. My wife and Edward sat close to each other in a corner niche. Shona was flush red and all aglow in Edward's company. "Edward has invited us over to his place to see his longer version of the movie," Shona stammered. "That would be great. Thanks!" I replied. A few side streets and five minutes later, Shona and I were inside Edward's apartment. This fantasy was happening! Edward looked even bigger in the confines of his small apartment: a living room which contained a loveseat and lounger, a small kitchen with a dinette area, a bedroom, and a bathroom completed our new friend's pad. "Make yourselves comfortable," Edward said. I eased onto the comfy lounge as Shona plopped down on a twinseat. "I'm fixing myself a drink, Can I get you a drink?" he asked. "Yes please," Shona answered. "Me too," I said, chiming in. Edward went into his tiny kitchen and began mixing our drinks. My wife and I had seated ourselves strategically in Edward's living room. Edward would have to sit next to Shona on the twinseat. I was certain that Edward would not mind. As Edward dimmed the lights, he said, "I hope you don't mind. That's better, I should think." He brought out a small tray of drinks and set them down on the coffee table before us. Edward settled onto the twinseat next to Shona. He proceeded to hand us our drinks. I noticed that their shoulders were touching. "Well this is very nice," Edward said, as he raised his tumbler and toasted Shona and me. "To beautiful new friends," he continued, looking directly into Shona eyes. All three of us clinked our glasses and settled back into our seats again. We sipped our drinks. "It never fails," my wife said, laughing slightly and falling onto our host. "What's that?" Edward asked, allowing Shona to nudge onto him a little more. "I always get a nice buzz after only a few swallows." Our gracious host slipped his arm around my wife's shoulders. Shona pressed up closely to our new friend. My wife is our girl tonight, I thought. "I love it when a woman can't handle her liquor," Edward teased. "I sure can handle other things," Shona giggled. My wife just gave her date for the evening a very sexy "invitation sign." Shona had sexily allowed herself to be picked up, right before my eyes. "I love the sound of that, that I would like to see" Edward whispered back. Setting her drink down, my gorgeous wife turned toward Edward. The two wrapped their arms around each other. In the half-light, on that twinseat, they started to make out. Exhilaration, sped through my body. This sexual moment had become very intimate. The immediate experience of seeing my, sexy wife, wanting another man, mesmerized me. I watched in awe as Edward thrust his tongue, deep, into my wife's open mouth. Shona sucked on that tongue just like it was a new cock. Shona was clearly so horny now. Edward pulled my wife in close and tight as she gyrated, writhing onto him. Shona moaned out softly as Edward slipped a warm hand under her top. My wife's clothing quickly became rumpled and askew. Laying back on the twinseat, Shona moved to let Edward feel her up. He groped my wife's big, firm breasts under her top, mauling her mounds and squeezing at her excited nipples. "Mmmmmmmmm," Edward intoned, "very nice breasts, baby." Shona squirmed even more as Edward continued to massage her breasts. Then in one fluid motion, my wife pulled forward and dropped onto her knees, between Edward's legs. My heart pounded as I watched Shona begin to undo his belt and unzip Edward's pants. Reaching into our host's briefs, my wife hauled out Edward's burgeoning cock. She gasped at the sight of his perfect, handsome cock, now grasped in her tiny hand. Wasting no time, my honey lifted the rigid dick to her open mouth. I watched in amazement as my wife put Edward's sensational cock between her red lips and both hands around his girth. Edward packed Shona's mouth with his now rigid organ. Caressing the back of my wife's head as he did, Edward began to thrust in deep and then almost out of my wife's gaping mouth. Shona enthusiastically sucked on his still ever lengthening erection. I watched as my wife gave vigorous head to Edward. My own bi curiosity is aroused, my wife encourages me. I know my wife gets turned on when I'm close to a cock. I like to be gracious in any moment, plus it turns me on. I massaged my crotch, watching my wife's mouth eagerly blowing Ed's swollen erection. Putting my hand into my jeans, I began to feel up my own big erect cock. Shona slurped all over Edward. My wife began to gag on our host's swollen cock. Edward held Shona's head steady and let her choke a bit on him. I know my wife was loving every inch of his engorged, throat reaming, excitement! "That's it, baby, jam it down your throat," Edward whispered. Shona pressed and sucked harder and harder. Edward then hauled his drool-soaked hard-on out of my wife's well fucked throat. My own cock was rock hard in my jeans. "Don't make me cum baby, I have more plans for you" Ed laughed. "Please then Ed, please! Fuck me with your fat dick!" my wife pleaded. Edward obliged, he literally dragged my wife to her feet. "I am going to take care of your pussy and fuck you right now, baby." Edward turned, and holding Shona's hand, dragged her into the bedroom. My sweet wife was going to seriously bedded. I loved it! I waited for a moment for the couple to get comfortable. Quietly, I slipped into the bedroom myself. A light illuminated the visually stimulating scene before me, they had stripped themselves naked, clothing, underwear, thrown everywhere. Edward sat naked on the side of his bed, while my nude wife was back again between his muscular thighs. I watched as Shona excitedly crammed his horse dick into her throat. "That's it, girl, choke on it," Edward encouraged. "Ric, your wife gives great head," he called across to me. " I know, Ed" I replied, sitting on a chair in the room. "Hey Sexy girl, look up at your husband while my big cock is in your mouth," Ed ordered Shona. Shona gazed up at me with this other man's cock, still deep in her mouth, cheeks at capacity. Those gorgeous brown eyes said to me, "God, yes, I'm such a horny piece of arse tonight!" "Climb up here," Edward commanded Shona. Shona was thrown onto the bed. Ed climbed on top of her, my wife and Edward kissed deeply. Shona devoured Edward's tongue as he groped my girl's big breasts with both hands. Edward was all over Shona now. She gyrated her naked body under his weight. They kissed lewdly while Ed squeezed my wife's nipples. Edward was sexually molesting my wife. and Shona clearly loved all of his lurid behaviour and attention. "Oh, yes!" Shona squealed, as she pushed her swollen breasts into Edward's mouth. "You are so hard baby, mmmmmm" my wife purred, her hand firmly grasping his erection. "Please fuck me! I'm begging you! I need you to fuck me!" Shona was really begging for cock. My wife looked so alluring, so sultry, and so sexy, in the arms of this older man. Rising up, Edward grasped Shona behind her knees, pushing her thighs wide open, not an ounce of resistance. I was mesmerised, watching Edward then line himself up and press forward penetrating my wife, Filling her juicy pussy with his solid erection, Edward slid completely balls-deep into my wet girl, one stroke. Shona arched her back and groaned as he bottomed out. Edward began to piston his engorged organ inside my wife's open, soaking wet pussy. My girl was getting laid, right in front of me. And she was loving it; my loving wife wanted another man to bury his cock deep. Right now, Shona acted as such a horny wife. The idea of being married to a flirty, slutty wife is hot! It turns me on so much for my Shona to be cheap and easy screw. My wife and Ed were humping furiously. Fast and fucking nasty, my baby fucked and bucked hard onto his rigid erection, impaling herself. My cock was in my hand, wet pre-cum juices were slicking up all over my own hard cock, I continued to beat-off and watch my slutty wife in action. The sight of Ed screwing Shona thrilled me. Watching another guy enter my sweet wife's pussy, to fill her pussy with a big cock reinforces the beauty of her sexuality. I get to see my wife from a unique perspective. Edward's big balls slapped hard against my wife's bare arse. Shona fucked back onto Edward's big cock, right in front of me. Then suddenly and wide eyed, Shona turned her head toward me. `"Edward's cock is fucking me senseless!" Shona said breathlessly. Edward never missed a beat, he did not give a fuck, he continued to pound her open, slutty, wet pussy. "That's it baby," my wife continued to me. "Let me watch you beat your meat off to me, show me your cock!" Hot doesn't begin to describe the sleazy scene before me. I masturbated my eight-inch organ as Shona begged Edward to fuck her brains out. "Ohhhhh....fuck me....fuck me....Edward baby yes! Fuck yes! Drive me full of cock, give it to me!" my wife begged, urged, him to fuck her really hard. My slick moist ball sack began to tighten as I worked my big bone hard. I would be blowing a thick load myself soon. My wife wanted every mm of Edward's big demanding cock, inside her pussy. I began to ejaculate all over Shona's breasts. Thick strands of my semen shot across her stomach and chest. Grunting and moaning, I continued to beat off. Finally, all of my load had pulsed out. My wife seemed so whore-ish as she moaned under Edward, covered in cum. To see another man fuck into her as my cum was between them is an ultimate horny turn-on. Edward's big, hairy balls slapped my baby's hot arse. Their bodies slick with my semen. My wife wanted Edward to screw her brains out and he sure was doing that! "Ohhhh, ohh, oh, oh, ohhhh, I'm gonnna cum...I'm gonna cummmm!" Shona squealed out breathlessly. My wife looked me directly in the eyes and gasped out as she began to orgasm on Edward's cock. "Fuck me, yes, fuck me, yes....ooooohhhhhhh yes....fuck me!" My wife ground down, groaned in pleasure and was breathing hard. Shona had given herself and her orgasm was her sweet reward. Shona begged Edward to cum inside her as she orgasmed. Edward lost control and groaned loudly as he began to pump cum deep inside her. My sweetheart's open, horny pussy took in every throbbing drop of his hot steamy delivery. The sexy man emptied his huge balls, deep inside my wife. Shona moaned, clutching and groping Edward in, as tightly as possible, as he pumped his cum, hard and deep. Edward's full creamy load was now splashed inside my screwed wife. The couple were like animals, fused together. Edward's huge dick was still deep up inside my Shona's creamed vagina. "You are such a hot fuck," Shona purred. Ed smiled at her. Then slowly, Edward pulled his semi-hard cock from Shona's well-screwed cunt. A long thick strand of semen hung suspended between my wife's fucked pussy and Edward's big dick. Shona spread her nude body about and towards me. Pulling her knees up to her chest, she beckoned me over. "Come here, baby," my Shona said. "You know you want me like this." And so I did, I eagerly obliged. I leant in between here thighs and immersed myself in her swollen and puffy pussy folds. Shona grabbed me by the hair and gently pushed my face, further into her creamed swollen pussy. Shona lewdly pressed, exciting me, wiping her pounded and soaking pussy, all over my face. Edward's hot salty ejaculation and Shona's pent up sweet excitement drained from her cunt and ran liquid into my mouth. I licked up the fresh mixed fluids out of my girl. I was in heaven as I drank in the thick semen and sweet fluids from Shona's body. Shona pushed me and rolled me onto my back, she mounted my face, riding teasingly across my face, delivering me her total contained warm, thick, cummy fluids, I was in thrille and I stroked my cock as I ate it all...Shona softly orgasmed once more... "You are so sexy, baby," I heard Edward say. "When I saw your curvy body and those wonderful large breasts at the theatre, I knew I had to have you!" Edward said. "Open your hot arse for me," I heard Edward say to my wife. "Take my cock in your sweet round bum." "Oh yes, I'd love you to fuck me in the arse. Please, baby!" My Shona reached again for Edward's dick meat. Edward obliged my sweetheart's lewd request. My wife moaned as she was pushed forward, I was able to continue to lay underneath her and continued my creamy treat, I knew Edward was pressing, entering her smooth, round sexy arse. Clearly, I watched his cock enter her and his big hairy balls slapped against my slut-wife bum cheeks. My wife took his cock, balls-deep up her tight arsehole. Shona grunted as she begged Edward to pound her arse, and he did! "Ohhhh please, " my wife pleaded to Ed. "Cum up my bum!" "Fuck me!" Edward gasped. "Fuck me good with that hot arse, baby girl," Edward panted, as he drilled my wife hard in her arse. "That's it, baby, I'm going to squirt my next load of cum up your dirty arse." Edward began to moan deeply. "Oohhhh yeah, sweetness! Here I cum!" Edward continued to grunt and pant. I watched from below, licked at Shona's clit, I watched Edward creaming Shona's sweet butthole, watched his cock swell and deliver. "Mmmmm yeah, baby, I'm cumming in your sweet arse," he said out loudly, I thought the same thing as I watched his cock swell and ream her tight sphincter. I was ready to ejaculate again myself. I knew, however, that I would hold onto cream for just a little longer yet. I almost blew my nuts as I watched. The ability to hold my second load was about to be tested. Shona said to me. "Edward came, all the way up inside your wife's horny bumhole!" OMG!" Ed pulled at Shona, "Get on your knees, baby," Edward instructed my wife. "clean my cock" Eagerly, my wife got onto her knees before Edward. Shona proceeded to pack her dick-hungry mouth full of Edward's hung, slick and creamy meat. My wife grunted and slurped all over her new man's cock. Enthusiastically, she gave him a horny blow job. My honey showed off her deep-throating skills by gagging Edward's dick down her throat. He pulled out and shoved his hairy balls into her slutty mouth. My baby rubbed his erection all over her face. Shona stroked Edward's cock as she licked his balls. "Put my cock back in your mouth," Edward commanded my wife. "I want to blow my load one last time, baby," Edward continued. He arched his back. Grabbing Shona by her hair, he began to really cum. Face fucking my wife, he blew his final creamy thick streams of seed down her throat. Shona devoured Edward's horse cock. Long gooey strands of his thick cum load hung from my wife's puffy lips as she gasped for air. Fuck he could blow a load! Looking at me with Edward's cock fluids covering her mouth, Shona said to me, "Stroke yourself, Baby! I want you to beat off your dick again, right into my face," my baby commanded me. "Spread your legs in front of me, show me your hard dick. stroke it for me!" Shona said, as she kissed me and knelt between my legs. My cock was so hard. I was so excited, pulling my meat, right in front of her face, I stretched it out for as long as I could hold it. I pulled at my engorged, edged up, organ, over and over until I felt my balls finally contract. I joyously began to ejaculate all over Shona's face. My orgasm was my reward, but Shona's creamy face was my absolute joy and I splashed her with so much cum. She smiled as I completed my delivery, wife well done!

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