Written by Melbknight

17 Dec 2010

Wonder Woman was lying in bed on her back, totally stark naked except for her superhero golden headband. Her knees were drawn up and she had her legs splayed wide open with her snatch exposed invitingly. She had her hands under her ass cheeks, spreading them open with abandon.

Her head was held back and she was making small panting noises as she slid a finger frantically in and out of her tight little asshole. She raised her feet into the air, her hips squirming as the climax was building up inside her.

Superman, her boyfriend, had flown over from his place and was hovering outside the open window of her 9th floor apartment. He was getting turned on spying on his girlfriend masturbating.

"Damn", he thought, "I want a piece of that". But he couldn't. He and Wonder Woman had had a row the week before about him leaving the toilet seat up when he came over visiting. She was giving him the silent treatment and still wasn't talking to him.

But inspiration came to him. "I'm Superman", he thought. "I'll use my superhero powers. I can be in and out so quick, she won't know a thing!".

He flew in with super speed, gave her a real super quickie, and flew out again. It was so quick that a sonic boom was created that was heard for miles, shaking the entire apartment block.

"What was that??" cried Wonder Woman.

"No idea", said the Invisible Man. "But Jeez, my fucking ass is killing me!"