Written by willingtopleazeu

23 Feb 2011

the drive had been a long one. new roads never travelled before created an excitement i hadnt felt in a long time.. i had pushed thru the barrier of fatigue but knew i needed to succumb once i hit the next unknown township.. and besides it wasnt that late. Thinking of taking a room at the local hotel was wot kept me going... i knew the town was only a few kilometers away. i finally pulled the car in to the parking lot and opened my door, slowly unfolded my legs out onto the asphalt i stood slowly stretching my spine and then when i leaned against the cardoor i released my long hair from its bondage and let it fall loose all around me. i fumbled momentarily with a black leather jacket i pulled from my bag, straightened my knee length dress, slipped on my snakeskin mules, locked my car and headed for the large wooden door of the country bar. i was surprised as i entered that there were only a small handful of locals at the bar. i made enquiries for a room paid the bar attendant and then ordered a bottle of white wine and took my place near the beer garden entrance allowing me to lite up a cigarette and enjoy it in peace.

there was the soft hummm of the local television programme in the background and i could hear the men chatting about the days events. i dont kno when he arrived but i hadnt seen him until he walked passed me to take up a cue and wait for his friend to start the game of pool. he was handsome. 5'11 and muscular, well dressed and a connossieur of excellent aftershave. i felt instant attraction. i felt my body react to his presence on its own. walking to the bar to collect my key, i could feel him looking at me and as i turned he had placed his beer glass on my table and was standing with pool cue in hand looking directly at me as i walked back. he introduced himself to me and offered his hand. as i placed my hand in his he leaned in and kissed it. his hand fell to the small of my back as he guided me around him to my chair. my hair became entangled in his fingers. he completed his game and his friend excused himself for the nite as he started his shift early the following morning. my luck was that this new friend had 2 days off. he walked over to where i was sitting and sat down. we larfed and chatted and swapped some of our lifes adventures. he told me he was there as part of a way of promotion within his chosen field. he was a professional but it was his sense of humor and quick wit that i found most attractive. i knew i wanted him.

i found myself imagining how it would be to kiss his sensuous lips. to hav his hands touching my skin. to press against his body that was so toned and fit. i couldnt resist. i could feel the attraction. i needed more.

as i leaned across the table i took his hand and placed one of his fingers to my lips and gently sucked it. i noted the instant reaction from him, so i repeated it on the next finger. he let out the slightest moan. i stood and asked him to come with me and led him into the beer garden. it was empty and except for the filtered moonlite it was dark. as we walked to a table i noticed he was very close behind me and i startled him when i turned and faced him. i placed both hands on his face and reached up and kissed him fully on his mouth. he responded immediately and our tongues entwined in a long and lingering kiss. his arms wrapped around me pulling my body into his as i draped my arms around his neck. the kiss lasted wot seemed like forever and my body was hot and i felt as tho i were on fire at his touch. i whispered to him that i needed him. he responded the same. my hands searched his chest, under his tshirt and when i dragged my nails down his skin, he sighed at my touch. i lifted his shirt and when i saw his exposed perfect chest, i felt my stomach flip. i kissed down his chest and flicked at his nipples with my tongue, gently sucking them as his hardness grew. i could feel his body desiring me and i could feel my wetness drenching my lace panties. i grabbed at his belt and undid it and the button to his jeans. i knew i needed to feel him take me. his hands were exploring my body thru the material of my dress and as my hand started to release him from his jeans. i realised he had noticed the wet lace and moved his hands expertly to my thighs and started slowly rubbing me. i could barely stand as i begged him to take me.

his hands slid down to my butt and as i released his throbbing cock he effortlessly lifted my onto it. i was so wet and he so hard that we meshed immediately and began fking hard and strong. he was deep inside me and pushing for more. i could his balls slapping against me. his moans were driving me to ecstacy. he laid me back onto the table and with my thighs wrapped firmly around his waist he bought me to climax more than i had ever climaxed before. his hands exploring my body over and over, his mouth hot on mine, running his fingers thru my hair, discovering my breasts, lapping up my wetness, tasting the salty sweat on my skin, driving me hard with his amazing cock. our breathing was laboured and heavy and we fucked each other until our bodies were both exhausted. he finally was ready to giv me his white juice and so i took him into my mouth, tasting my own sweetness on him as i bought him to orgasm. i took it all and swallowed his cum to the last drop as he almost collapsed onto the chair. he was an amazing and attentative lover for those 2 days as we allowed ourselves to please each others physical needs over and over again.