16 Oct 2016

I've changed some of the names to ... protect the guilty


The phone rang at about 8.00 last night as I was about to settle in front of the TV with a beer, it was Ronda. "Hi Phil, I'm in the middle of new enterprise negotiations, and would like your help."

"No worries, I'd love to help if I can," I replied, "when would you like to discuss it, where do you want to meet?"

"We've already started, I'd like your help now if possible, here at my place?"

I had nothing exciting planned, just an evening of TV, so I accepted and hung up. I knew that Ronda was having a difficult time at work, her boss had been harassing her for many months, giving her all the crap shifts, menial duties and reducing her hours and allowances.

Whenever she complained about this, he always asked her to go to dinner with him where they could discuss her work arrangements in a more comfortable atmosphere, and who knows, maybe go back to her place for a drink afterwards.

Ronda had always refused his invitations, saying that he was a married man, and they could discuss their work issues in the office, so I was surprised to hear that she was in negotiations, I assumed with her boss, after hours, and at her place.

I hurried round, it was only a 10 minute drive, and Ronda let me in, "Before you ask, yes, Darren is here. He just wouldn't give up, always asking me out, giving me all the worst duties, reducing my hours, I just couldn't take any more of it, so this afternoon I accepted his offer, we've just been to dinner at Chez Francais, that fancy French place we like, I made sure I ordered the most expensive of everything. After the dinner, he said there was still a lot of planning for my future position he wanted to talk about, so we should come to my place.

"When we got here, he was all hands, I asked what this had to do with my position in the company, and he answered "everything", which confirmed what I already knew, I wouldn't get anywhere unless I slept with him.

"He's a pretty strong guy, and I knew that I couldn't fight him off by myself, so I told him that I needed the job, what did he have in mind. He said "let’s go in your room and get comfortable", he was already undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. I said "I think you might have heard rumours in the office, that I like things a bit kinky, I hope you don't mind," he answered "Great, I'm always looking to try something new and exciting.", "Okay, let me do that" I said as I unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and led him into my room.

"Phil, you should have seen the look on his face when he saw my 4 poster bed, the decorations, some of the contents of my toy box left out from the night before etc. I finished undressing him, then told him that my favourite thing was to have my man on my bed, legs and arms secured with soft restraints to the posts, I showed him the eye bolts for that purpose, and then slowly tease him all over, with feathers, my hands, my mouth, my breasts, my pussy, until he can take no more, and explodes in a massive climax.

"You should have seen the excitement in his eyes, he was like a little boy, and he jumped on the bed, arms and legs spread wide, and said "do it to me baby!"

"And so I did, he's in here."

She then led me into her bedroom, I hadn't been there before, and I was surprised to see the huge 4 poster bed in the middle of the room, she had dimmed the lights and lit candles around the room, and on the dresser she had a large box opened with an array of restraints, and sex toys scattered around. "That's my toy box'" she said when she saw me looking.

There were also a good quality digital camera and video camera running on a tripod in one corner of the room.

Then my gaze returned to the bed, there was her boss Darren spread eagled in the middle, with leather bands on his wrists and ankles, tied back to the corner posts. He was completely naked as I'd been told, a tall, pale, skinny man, with his thin penis standing straight up in the air. I had to fight hard to stop myself from laughing at this ridiculous sight, I have to say he looks a lot more dignified in his suit and tie.

He recognised me, we had met before when I had accompanied Ronda to work functions, we were not in a relationship, just good friends, and she sometimes asked me to accompany her if her date couldn't make it.

"What's he doing here?" asked Darren, "I thought you were calling your girlfriend to come over and play." I could see the worried look in his eyes.

"Shaz couldn't make it." replied Ronda, "You know Phil, I called him here to help negotiate my new employment conditions."

I nodded at him, and could see his dick deflate. Ronda noticed too, and said "We cant let that happen, you're here to have a good time, so that you can give me the job and benefits that I want, and that we know I deserve." With that she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek as she tickled his cock and balls until he was hard again.

She stood back to admire her work, there wasn't a lot to admire actually, I felt sorry for his poor wife, he was a pretty scrawny specimen, pale white with tufts of thick dark hair all over his body, apart from his balls and around his cock, which he must shave, it was not a good look.

His eyes brightened when Ronda said "Well boss, I'm about to make your day." and slowly started a strip tease, my eyes brightened too, and she winked at me.

She took her time, turning frequently to give us both a good look, running her hands along her legs, over her pink satin g-string, cupping her D sized breasts in a beautiful matching pink satin bra. She came over to me with a smile, and turning her back said "Sorry Boss, because you're tied up, Phil, can you please undo my bra, with one hand like you always do."

I don't know where that came from, I had never seen her in a bra, not to mention undoing one for her, but I was happy to play along, and quickly unsnapped the catch. She held the bra in place, Darren's gaze was fixed on her, so was mine, I'd never seen Ronda undressed before, she has a very attractive figure, beautiful smooth olive skin, curved hips and bum, perfect D size breasts, and a cheerful smile and laugh.

"Do you want me to remove my bra?" she asked, we both nodded, so she slowly exposed firstly one breast, and the nipple last, then the other, and stood in front of us with arms wide apart and jiggled them, her nipples were amazing, a dark brown with prominent areolas, and the nipples themselves stood out nearly 1/2 an inch, I just wanted them in my mouth. And in my hands.

"Anything else I can do for you gentlemen?" she asked, we were both speechless, but I'm sure she could feel the weight of our gaze directed at her G-string. "Oh, this little thing?" she said "well, there's hardly any of it, I don’t know why I even bother wearing it." She turned her back on us, we could see her beautiful round bum, then she slowly bent down, her legs slightly apart, and she ran her finger along the patch of satin, we could clearly see the dampness of her slit through the material.

She then stood up and while looking at Darren and hooking her fingers under the sides of the g-string she said "I'm going to have the best job in the company tomorrow." She then held one hand in front of her as she removed the g-string and held it in front of Darren's face. He eagerly sniffed it, I could see his cock twitch, so it must have been good. With a smile she offered it to me as well, I smiled and had a sniff too, she has a wonderful scent. I stuck my tongue out and she let it rest there for a few seconds.

She looked down and saw her hand still covering her pussy, "Oh silly me, I forgot this, have a peek Lucky, what do you think?" she asked as she removed her hand, turning slightly so only I could see. I gasped in amazement, she had to have the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen, she also shaved or waxed (waxed she told me later), her smooth lips were the same olive complexion as ther rest of her body, slightly darker, just the right size, plump and inviting. I could clearly see the slit in between, with the pink hood of her clit peeking through, and the darker tips of her inner lips visible below.

She covered herself with her hand again, slipping her middle finger inside, then withdrew it and offered it to me again, firstly for an appreciative sniff, then as I held out my tongue she let me taste the tip, and suck the whole length in my mouth. She was so wet, and her juices so sweet, I silently thanked her for asking for my industrial relations advice.

I could see Darren craning for a look as well, I'm sure he saw the enormous smile on my face. Ronda replaced her hand, and turning to Darren said "Am I going to get better shifts from tomorrow, and that pay rise I've been asking for, and all the allowances I've been missing out on?"

I thought Darren's head was going to fall off he nodded so enthusiastically. Ronda whooped in joy, clapping her hands together, then playfully looked down at her exposed vagina, "whoops" she said with a laugh.

"Now it's time to celebrate, let’s really have some fun. Lucky, can you please check the video is focussed properly, I want to keep these memories for a long time." She pulled a pair of latex gloves from a box beside the bed, putting them on with a snap of the wrist for effect.

I checked the video, made a few adjustments so there was a perfectly clear picture, then turned back to the bed. Ronda was at the foot of the bed, between Darren's legs, and I saw her remove a dark cord I hadn’t noticed before secured to one of the posts. As she pulled on the cord I could see that it went up to a pulley in the canopy of the bed, then back down to a ring in a black metal rod about a meter long which was separating Darren's ankles with leather straps, they were not tied to the bed post as I had first thought.

As she pulled the cord Darren's legs lifted in the air, still spread apart by the bar. When she was satisfied she secured the cord again, and stood back to admire her work. Darren's cock was still hard, leaning up against his stomach, with his balls in their dark little bag standing out, waiting for Ronda to ....

Reach out and give them a squeeze.

"Where's my toybox?" said Ronda looking at me, I took it from the dresser, pushing some of the implements from the top into the box before bringing it to her. She rummaged in if for a while, then brought out a large tube of lubricating gel "I always get the large size, I seem to go through so much of this stuff" she said as she squeezed some on her fingers and spread it liberally over Darren's testicles, then down towards his anus, making sure there was a good thick layer there.

"Now where is it I wonder" she said as she rummaged in the box again, finally bringing out what looked like a pair of panties with a large black cock shaped dildo, complete with rubber balls, "My strap on, I haven’t used this for so long."

As she secured the straps in place she asked me to get the video and film by hand, I should get some better angles like that. As she stood, I had to stop to admire her, such a beautiful, sexy woman, with a huge black cock standing out so proud from her vagina. She smiled as she took another handful of gel and rubbed it into her cock, "Now I know why guys love to wank so much, it feels so good!"

I could see that Darren was starting to have second thoughts, his eyes were like saucers, but he couldn’t move from the restraints. He just stared at Ronda, without saying a word, I guess he knew that it would be useless.

"Just relax and think of Australia" she said as she took careful aim at his backside. "Now pay attention Lucky, this is how we women want to be fucked, nice and slow, isn’t it Boss." With that she pressed her knob against his well lubricated anus, I leaned in close so I could film the tip just breaking in, then she withdrew, leaving it pressing against his opening.

"And don’t forget the clit either Lucky," she said as she took his throbbing penis in her hand, giving it a few quick wanks. "Then in we go again, just a little deeper..." she said as I filmed her pressing her cock into him again, this time about an inch, and rocked there for a minute.

"I think her ovaries have dropped," she said as she took hold of his balls, I had the other camera in my hand and took some still photos of her examining Darren's "ovaries", and then trying to push them back in, but they kept slipping back down into their little sack.

A few more thrusts, each one a little deeper, and then she had her big black cock buried as deep as it would go. "And now we take our time, a gentle in and out motion, going all the way in, then pulling back slowly until I'm about to pop out, hold it here for a sec, don’t forget the clit," she said as she gave his dick a few more wanks.

Darren was enjoying this despite himself, arching his hips up to match her thrusts, his cock turning a deeper shade of purple, the head looked like it was about to explode, clear drops of pre cum showing on the slit in the tip. I was sure to keep filming, and got plenty of good close up shots as well.

"It's not a race," she said, "we just gradually pick up the pace, making sure the thrusts are unrushed, long and smooth, keeping close attention to her clit, and those sensitive ovaries too, adding more gel if things get a bit tight."

I could see from her flushed face and smile that Ronda was loving every second of fucking her boss, deliberately thrusting in long strokes, gripping both his cock and balls in each hand, "catch this Lucky," she said as she rubbed his cock faster, in time with her thrusts, and I saw him arch up to meet her, finally letting out a groan and shooting long thick streams of cum up his stomach and chest, some even landing on his face, I made sure I caught every second on video.

"Wow, a squirter," said Ronda with a smile as she pulled her still hard cock from his anus. "I haven’t cum yet though, see? I'm still hard, and sooo horny." she said as she knelt over his face, waving her cock over his mouth and nose, he couldn’t pull away no matter how hard he tried. She eased his mouth open, and eased her hard cock in until she was buried up to the hilt, then she started fucking his mouth. I was sure he'd throw up, I could see him gagging when she reached his throat, but he kept control.

"This isn’t working Lucky, maybe he'll do a better job on a real cock" she said, turning to me and unzipping my fly before I could do anything. I was so hard myself from all I'd seen that my dick just jumped out, Ronda wasted no time in removing the rest of my clothing with one hand, the other holding my still growing dick, until I was completely naked as well. She moved me until I was positioned over Darren's chest, my cock pointed towards his mouth.

I wasn’t sure of this, I'd never touched a man before, and now here I was, hard as a rock, about to slip my dick inside his mouth. "No teeth" I warned.

"Don’t worry about that Phil," said Ronda, "I've got his nuts in a death grip, he won’t try anything." I turned round, and sure enough Ronda was there between his legs with one hand gripping his balls, the other holding the camera, what a professional.

I felt a movement on my cock, and turned to see Darren's tongue tasting the tip, so I thought what the hell, and eased forward, he opened his mouth for me to slip in, I felt his tongue caress my shaft, his head rocking back and forth, then I felt Ronda's hand come from behind to hold my balls, softly squeezing till I was about to cum.

"Pull out," she whispered in my ear as she felt my balls tighten, "I want to get this on film, cover his mouth and face in your cum."

She held my cock, aiming the spurts of cum over his face, up his nose, into his still open mouth, I could hear the camera clicking away as she recorded everything, then when I was finished she gently wiped me with a warm towell and gave me a thick warm robe to put on. I noticed that she had removed her strap on and had put on a matching robe herself.

She then unbuckled the straps on Darren's arms and legs, he was too tired to resist. He was a mess, still naked, wet and sweaty, covered in cum, Ronda had not offered to clean him up. She had already bundled his clothes and shoes up, and handing them to me she took him by the cock in her still gloved hand and led him to the door, which fronted on the street.

It was after 10.00, but a warm evening, the street was well lit and we could see several groups of people passing as Ronda pushed him out the door, saying a bit louder than usual "Good night boss, I'll see you in the morning to go over my new work agreement." I threw his clothes out behind him, they scattered over the roadway and he had to scramble to pick everything up in front of the growing crowd.

We didn’t stay to watch, Ronda closed the door and turned with a smile, "Thank you for your assistance tonight, I don't think I'll be getting too much more trouble at work, how do you think I should thank you?"

I told her that I am always here to help a friend, and did not expect any thanks.

"Well, it's getting pretty late anyway, the least I can do is to offer you a drink and somewhere warm to spend the night." She took my hand and led me back to her bedroom where we collapsed on the bed in each other’s arms, the robes falling to the floor.