18 Aug 2015

I started this story as you can see back in 2013 and well got side tracked. But now to continue......

If you haven't read the first part I was at a hotel in Sydney and met a couple of people who were there for work themselves - John and Lisa. Both married but of course not to each other. Read the story is the easiest.

Well after work the next day I was sitting in a quiet part of the bar enjoying a drink and relaxing after what had been a big day of handling my clients requests. They were one of those clients that demanded a lot of time and effort with only a modest return for the company but the main contact was worth it if you get my meaning (another story). I noticed out of the corner of my eye John and Lisa walk into the bar with some other people. I quickly realised it must have been some of the local staff and their client. Greasing the wheel a bit with some after hours entertainment. It was interesting sitting watching John and Lisa. They were deliberately keeping a distance from each other but knowing what had gone on I could eye the lust in their eyes as they met.

After about 20 minutes John noticed me in the corner of the bar and nodded. I saw him say something to Lisa and her head snapped around with a huge grin on her face. I nodded and she turned back to a conversation with a guy who was about 60 and bald with a bit of a front and back porch - obviously The Client.

A couple of people I knew from around the hotel came and went over the next 90 mins but my mind kept looking towards John and Lisa and it became apparent that theirs was targeted to me with several glances and smiles my way. Anyway after about 2 hours their party broke up and I could see John and Lisa talking to the local staff and ushering them out the door. Five minutes later they came not quite running back into the bar and straight over to me. This time they sat basically on top of each other with huge smiles.

I asked how they had been since I last spoke to them and Lisa just started to giggle. John turned and said a huge thank you. They went on to tell me how after they left me they spent the next 5 hours fucking each other stupid. No talk of love just pure lust. They spent some time talking during this time about the things they had missed in their sex life and fantasies.

At this Lisa got a smile on her face and looked straight at me. I said "Have you got something to say?" "Yes definitely!!" she said. "One of my fantasies has always been to have multiple men at once and John and I think you are the one that should join us. After yesterday in the pool when I brushed your cock as I got out I have been thinking how big you are. What do you say?"

I tried to act very cool and keep my face straight but in my pants they could see my reaction immediately. Lisa looked at John and they both looked at my groin and John said " I think we can take that as a BIG yes". Lisa slid inbetween where John and I were sitting and placed her hands on both a cocks at the same time and started to rub. She said it had all she had been thinking all day while negotiating the contract.

I suggested that we make our way back to my room as I had negotiated with the hotel a junior suite due to all the money my company spent there.

The door closed and Lisa was onto my pants like she was a starving animal and the only food was in my pants. Well 20 seconds later she was down infront of me as a lay back on the bed. She had a expert style and my cock was throbbing as it disappeared deep into her mouth. I watched John get undressed slowly as he watched and appeared to enjoy the site. Soon he had his cock which was about 7" in his hand slowly wanking himself. I motioned him to sit next to me so Lisa could take him as well. The words "I am in heaven" slipped from her mouth as she swapped across to Johns cock. I took the opportunity to remove the rest of my clothes and catch my breathe. I moved around behind Lisa and bent down to see her pussy for the first time.

WOW it looked so tight and completely shaved down with just a small droplet of juice starting to appear from her lips. Rubbing my finger down from her arse I could feel her push back and once my finger slide into her pussy a groan came from her and my finger was soaked. I need to taste her so I lifted her arse and told her to roll onto the bed. John's cock came free but only for the amount of time for her to move onto the bed and then she inhaled again much to Johns lust. I moved around and planted my head between her thighs. They where great for a woman of her age nice and toned and as I suspected she tasted like sweet nector. As soon as my tongue started to touch her clit she started moving her hips into me. After awhile her legs wrapped themselves around my head and she came hard with her whole body shaking. When I came up John's cock was still planted in her mouth and her hands wrapped around his arse. I realised that she had at least one finger up his arse. John looked at me and smiled and held up 3 fingers to indicate how many she was fucking him with. Another side of John had come out. A little nod between us confirmed my suspicions.

All of a sudden John's face tensed up and he yelled hard. Lisa came up with a huge load of cum in and around her mouth. It looked so hot as she took her time swallowing every drop.

I could not help myself and said Lisa I need to fuck you so bad right now. A wicked smile came over her face and said "well what are you waiting for..... fuck this little slut!!". My 7 1/2" slotted straight in her tight little pussy and I could feel it grab me. I began nice and slow wanting to enjoy her for as long as possible. Lisa's legs slowly came up over my shoulders and I started to build a little speed. This sent Lisa over the edge again with her begging me not to stop. Seeing this had encouraged John back to life. Lisa reached out and started stroking John slowly. While this was happening I reached down and began slowly rubbing pussy juice near Lisa's arse. I then slipped my pointer finger into her which she took without a whimper. Taking my queue another finger joined in and this time I got a bit of a reaction but still nothing saying stop so number three went in and this time rockets. Lisa looked at me and then to John and said" both of you please. I really want to feel those two cocks fucking me hard at the same time".

I flipped Lisa over and she mounts me cowboy style while John moved behind her. My prep work had her ready to have John slip in her arse. I could feel John through the thin skin and oh my god it felt so good. We soon got into a rhythm and Lisa was cumming again and again. I could tell I was getting close to cumming myself as I felt my body tightening up so I buried myself deep inside Lisa and unloaded this pushed Lisa and John over the edge as well. We all collapsed on the bed and as my cock popped out of Lisa I could see John looking at it.

Now I am not normally Bi but I could see Lisa looking at the scene as well. I said to John you should taste Lisa's cum. John leapt forward and took my cock slurping Lisa's juices off it with another effect as well. Soon John was sucking me hard and he was good. Lisa lay there rubbing her pussy and playing with her breasts. She moved slightly with me thinking she wanted a better view but she reached down inserting two fingers straight up my arse. It felt good and soon pushed me over the edge again with John taking a full load.

As we lay there recovering they let me know that in their conversations the night before they had planned all of this to thank me for bringing them together.

I have caught up with them from time to time when our work paths have crossed. Their personal lives have not changed and their work partnership has only got stronger. In fact their company is sending them overseas shortly to give a keynote speech on how their great working partnership works. Love to hear that speech.