Written by kirraboatie

16 Sep 2013

I am staying at a nice hotel in the northern suburbs of Sydney and have finished work a little early. I haven't had any exercise today so decide to go for a swim.

I search out the pool area. Not bad a big outdoor pool with spa in the corner and an old swim up bar not used anymore. It is showering and the weather is not that warm so touching the water in the pool I realise it is not for me. Looking into the corner though I spot the indoor pool area. It is designed like a little groto (not as flash as the Playboy one I am sure). I enter and see steam rising off the water. This looks more inviting and in touching the water my suspisions are confirmed. Nicely at about 28 degrees. I strip off my shirt, shoes and jump in. It feels so good strectching out a few laps in the short pool.

A little while after I heard some voices coming towards the pool. It was a stunning looking lady who was about 34 years old with shoulder length brunette hair and olive skin. Later I noticed her piecing dark brown eyes. the man with her was about 38 and from a straight mans perspective not bad looking with short blonde hair and a nice tan. They headed for the outdoor pool but quickly put that out of their heads. They too noticed the indoor pool and headed in. I finished a lap just near where they walked in and said Hi. Lets call them John and Lisa. John asked what it was like and I said heaven - Nice and warm. They looked a bit nervous so I said jump in and enjoy. I started another lap so as to give them some time to hop in. As I finished and turn to com back Lisa was removing her dress. She was wearing a low/ high cut black bikini that joined in the middle. She was stunning with probably a c/d cup. As she slipped into the water John joined her and they di a few laps themselves.

After 10 minutes we all called a stop and found ourselves perched on the steps going down into the pool enjoying the warmth. We began chatting and I found that they were work colleagues who were in Sydney for the week visiting a client. they had worked together for about 18 months. As we talked I got the impression looking at them that they were close friends. The work they did had them keeping odd hours and travelling. Both said they were happily married and missed their partners. We laughed about how one of the perks of travelling for business was the welcome home! Both agreed but I also noticed a look between them which got me thinking.

I quietly kept dropping a few racy comments into the conversation about work romances I had heard about and they joined in mentioning some they had heard of. This gave me the opening I had been looking look for. I looked at them both for a long time and eventually John asked what I was loooking at. I said "Look I am going to ask you both a question and cna you give me and the other person a honest answer? Promise?" They looked at each other and then back at me and eventually Lisa said she would which caused John to say yes as well. Good i said.

I looked at Lisa first and said "I have been watching you both and I reckon you are keen on John and if you weren't married you you pursue him.... Correct? Remember honest answer!" Lisa looked at me and then at John... she was bright red. I said this is just between us. Lisa looked at John again and then nodded. I looked to John and asked the same question... John being a bit more prepared looked at Lisa and said yes. He looked at me and said but we are work colleagues and both married. I looked at them both and asked do you love your partners?? Both said yes. Do you both get enough Sex... not loving sex?? Remember there is a difference. You can love your partner but have sex with anyone. Once again John answered first saying he did not. Lisa stopped for a minute and then sighed and said No ... I love sex.

The flood doors opened. The conversation quickly moved to sexual fantasies. But either mentioned each other strangely. I said to them what about each other. Have you ever looked across the office John as Lisa bent over and thought what you would like to do? Or Lisa have you ever looked at John as he lifted something and noticed his biceps or his tight pants? Both just nodded.

"John give Lisa a kiss". John moved closer to Lisa and slowly lent in grabbing Lisas shoulder. They stayed together for about a minute before coming up for air. As the pool was desserted I suggested that Lisa feel Johns shorts to see if shw could feel what she had been imagining. Beneath the water I could see her hand move over quickly. No second thoughts now in her mind. John reached for Lisa's breasts moving his hand quickly. There was no stopping them now. It was like I ws not there. I mearly sat there with such a rock hard cock it was not funny. I did manage a few strokes while they enjoyed each other. After awhile Lisa had John's cock out stroking it and John had Lisa's right breast out. It was about then they realised where they were. Both looked at me and smiled. I said I was glad to help. Lisa came over and gave me a big kiss on the lips and her hand brushed past my hard cock. She stopped and looked at me for a second. I looked at John and told him to get this fine woman back to his room and fuck each other silly. They stood up and adjusted themselves. they turned and thanked me again and promised they would catch up later.

But that is another story.......