30 Dec 2015

“I can’t believe you did that!” she whimpered as I pulled my still-throbbing cock out of her tight pussy. “You said you’d pull out of me - you promised!”

She was right, I had promised. I knew she wasn’t on birth control; I had just met her, last weekend. But that sweet cunt was so tight, so sweet, so inviting, that I just couldn’t do it. My cock wanted, no needed, to be in her tight cunt hole when I came, so as I felt my balls pushing me on, I pushed in real deep, grinding hard against her clit, she was now actually begging me to fuck her harder! I grabbed at her hips, driving my fat prick deep into her body, until I felt her stunning ripe pussy starting to spasm and squeeze around me. Knowing she was right on the verge of orgasm sent me over the edge, my thick cum pulsing up through and along the length of my cock, I didn’t bother pulling out. She was such a hot ride, she fucked too damn good to stop, so I drove my cock in deep, thrust hard, bottoming out in her wildly squeezing cunt, letting each orgasmic hot spurt, splash right up hard , all over the nub of her cervix. She squealed and squirmed, too lost in orgasm, to realise that the throbbing and pulsing she felt, was me blowing my heavy balls load, right up into her fertile sexy womb.

I can be such a cad!