Written by Younger guy, Older women

3 Sep 2011

We agree'd to meet after chatting on a dating site, she was in her 40s, a larger women, with large breasts, ample bottom and a nice fat pussy.

We met at my home and chatted for awhile, I couldn't help but stare at here, my member growing in my pants....

she smiled and saunterd over to me, pulling her tits out of her top as she went, she sat on my lap and braught my head to er nipples and i sucked, nibbles and bit them greedily.

I reached down into her panties and felt her wet, slightyl hairy mature pussy, easing a finger in, loving the feel of it as she softly moans

I squeeze her ass and she hops of and gets on all fours, i groan and the sight of her nice, big round ass. I drop too my knee and pull her panties the side and start licking, sucking and fingering her pussy like a madman.

Smiling i start toungeing her ass, being an ass man this drives me wild.

She smiles and tells me to get on all fours, i moan and get down, she eagerly starts licking my balls and eases a finger into my ass, i moand louder and louder.

eventuly she starts licking my ass, driving me wilder and wilder, she licks and fingers my ass for awhile, everynow and then ducking down to suck my cock.

Eventualy she decides its time for the main attraction, she pulls a 7 inch strap on out of her bag and covers it in lube and her spit.

after a quick lick and finger she eases the strap on into me, slowly at first she starts pumping, making me moan and groan.

Going faster and faster I yell im about to cum, she pulls out of me and sucks my cock into her mouth and swallows my load.

pulling off her strap on i slide my cock up her ass, fucking her hard and fast untill she cumes all over her thighs