Written by Horny_couple29

1 Aug 2012

At nine o’clock, I drop the kids off to school, and return to my car to begin the drive south to Wollongong. I feel nervous and excited at the same time, and the 45 minute drive passes in a blur of anticipation of the day’s activities.

As I pull the car up to the kerb outside your house, I start to feel the butterflies in my stomach. You come out to meet me and together we walk to your motorbike. As this is the first time I’ve been a passenger on a motorbike, you help me up… and as your hand grabs my arse to lift me, my skirt moves slightly to reveal that I’m not wearing panties. You pretend not to notice and make sure I’m comfortable and in position. You help me put on my helmet, then put your own on, and climb onto your bike. I grip you tightly around your waist and we start the ride up towards Appin Road.

After 20 minutes, we come to the entrance to Cataract Dam and slowly we drive through, towards the public picnic area. We notice that there are no other visitors and it appears we have the whole area to ourselves. We park the bike and find somewhere nearby to sit and chat for a while, then we decide to take a walk down to the dam. We hold hands and I keep looking up at you. You recognise the look on my face. It’s the look of a girl who is desperate for a good hard fuck.

About half way down the hill towards the dam, I notice a nice flat area in amongst some trees, off to the side of the road. I pull you by the hand in the direction of the clearing and we carefully step over fallen logs and scrub until we are standing in the spot. I sit down and reach up to pull you down with me. I lean towards you and start kissing you… just teasing, soft kisses at first. As I become more turned on, the kisses get harder and deeper. I stop every so often to run my lips down your neck, before biting hard. I know how much you love feeling my lips softly nibbling at your neck, and then the sharp sting as I sink my teeth into your soft flesh. I stop for a moment to kneel in front of you, so I can reach down and unzip your jeans. Your cock is already hard and dripping precum. I bend down to lick the precum off, and then I push you onto your back and lift my skirt. You now understand why I hadn’t decided to wear panties. I straddle you and you feel my wet pussy start to grind against the underside of your hard cock. I reach down and grab your cock, and then slowly ease my pussy down onto it. I hear you groan as you feel your cock buried deep in my warm, tight wetness.

You grab my hips and pull me hard onto you and I start rocking back and forth. The fucking is fast and urgent, as we’re both aware that someone could walk past at any moment and see us. After a few moments, I feel you tense up, grab my hips tightly and shoot your hot cum up inside my pussy. As I don’t have any tissues or knickers, I roll off your cock, lay on my back and tell you to lick my pussy clean of your cum, as it begins to dribble out of me.

We hold each other and lie together in the sunshine for a while. After a few minutes, I ask you to roll over onto your stomach so I can give you a massage to relax you for the ride home. You comply and lay flat on your front, with your head gentle resting to the side. You close your eyes as you feel my fingertips gentle running up and down the length of your back. You listen to the birds singing in the branches, and the breeze gently rustling the leaves. You begin to doze in the warm sunshine until you are startled by the massage stopping abruptly. You feel me grab both of your hands and pull them forward, away from your head. You don’t panic, as you think I’m stretching your arms, and this is all part of the massage. You then feel something rough and tight pulling your wrists together. You look up to see me twisting a length of rope around your hands. Once your wrists are knotted together, I then wrap the ends of the rope around a small tree trunk directly in front of you. You’re surprised you hadn’t noticed it earlier, and wonder if perhaps my choice of position was all part of a bigger plan. You aren’t worried, as you know that despite your current restrained position, you are much stronger than me and you know I am just having a bit of harmless role playing fun, with you as the victim.

You feel me again begin to run my fingertips down the length of your back, except this time, they reach the small of your back and continue on. You try to anticipate my next move as you feel me grip your buttocks and spread them slowly apart. Before you realise what’s happening, you feel my warm tongue begin lapping at your asshole. You tense up as you’ve never had someone rim you before, and it is a startling and new experience. The tip of my tongue traces gentle circles around the rim of your arse and as you relax you feel a finger gentle ease inside you. As you moan you feel my finger working in and out of your arse. You wish your wrists were free, so you could move onto your side and take your cock in your hands while I rim you. You know the precum will be making small, wet patches on the ground under you.

You feel me remove my finger and feel disappointed that the fun has ended so soon. You then feel something else pushing insistently at your arsehole. Before you can do anything, you feel the tip of a cock ease into you, and then in one strong, hard thrust, bury itself deep inside you. You gasp in shock at the pain, but the cock doesn’t move. Instead, the owner begins to fuck your arse in fast, hard motions. You are powerless to get away and cannot turn around to see who this person is who is using you for their own sexual gratification. Just as you think you cannot bear the pain anymore, you feel the person thrust into you hard one last time and groan as a load of hot cum spurts into you.

You sigh with relief that it’s over and rest your head on the ground, but suddenly you feel hands grab your head and lift it until you meet their gaze. I’ve positioned myself in front of you, between your head and the tree trunk, with my legs spread wide, either side of your head. I tell you to start licking like a good boy, and then push my pussy into your face. All you can taste and smell is my dripping wet pussy and you do as you’re told.

As you take long, deep licks up and down my pussy and suck my clit hard, you feel another cock push your arse cheeks apart and slide into you. It slides in easier this time, as the cum that still fills your arse slippery and well lubricated. This cock also feels slightly smaller and not as thick as the last. As the person begins to fuck you, you start to moan with pleasure, enjoying the sensation this time. You can feel your balls tighten and a pulsating sensation begin to rise up the length of your cock. Just as you hear the man behind you groan and shoot his load into you, you feel your own cum spurt out between your stomach and the ground beneath you.

You feel weak and exhausted as you feel the cock pull out of your arse and the rope holding your wrists loosened and removed. You open your eyes and see me sitting cross legged in front of you with my arms open. You slowly move up to kneeling and practically fall into my arms, with your head resting against my chest. After a few moments of lying there, wondering if this was all a dream, you come to your senses and look around to see who else had been there. You see no one. You look back at me and see me smiling holding a finger to my pursed lips. “Shhhhhhh, this is our little secret”……