Written by Dixon

24 Jun 2017

How crazy is it we say life's to short but yet I sit here waiting for you to deliver my mail , vibrator in hand waiting for that split second you stop to place the mail in the box fantasizing you knock on my door bend me over the back of my sofa lick my wet, throbbing pussy with so much excitement..here I am fucking myself yet again note to self order more eBay maybe a new toy he would deliver to my door I'd find the courage to tell him I want him inside me.. just maybe I'll do it this time..

did I catch u off guard? Was it too forward of me to ask you inside I wonder as he stands there shocked look on his face as I place his hand under my mini skirt , his finger slowly rubs my clit yes I noticed the wedding ring it turned me on even more have I fkd up does he not want me , our eyes meet and that awkward smile of yours tells me your unsure then you put your finger inside my pussy I moan to encourage you , I unzip your uniform pants and feel that sexy hard cock you pull your finger out and slowly suck it tasting my juices I rip your pants off I'm in so much of a hurry to get that cock in my mouth it's so fkn sexy licking every inch I want to taste you so bad you pull my hair why I suck you hard.. you whisper stop pull me up onto my feet turn me around against my sofa you begin to lick me from behind .. OMG finally and it's better then I imagined I cum on your face within seconds . You shove your hard throbbing cock into my dripping wet pussy and Fk me so hard pulling it out to lick me again I beg you to let me suck it but you put it back in and tell me you wanna Fk me so bad .. .. life's too short to wait for what you want..