15 Sep 2020

After the Chief had eventually finished with me, finished pumping his never ending gallons of seed into me, he left. Then after I was able to pick myself up, Adah softly helped me up and we quietly walked me back to my hut, Adah was so sweet.

Ric was not inside when we got there. I thought that he might have awakened from his drunken state and gone for a walk to clear his head. Adah led me to the small bed, settled me in, gave me a soft kiss on the lips, then she left. I laid there and thought about how the Chief had taken me over and over, using me like a fucking sex toy, and how I had responded like a total slut, certainly his slut. He had fucked me so thoroughly that just thinking about him made me horny again. My pussy was so sore, but it was that delicious soreness that

all women know, following a heavy night of wantan sex.

Being a white woman, I had often wondered what it would be like having sex with black men, and now I knew, holy fuck I knew. I wondered still, could it be even better with Amare? Deep down inside, I knew it already would be. Amare was young and virile. He proved that by shooting his cum halfway across the room in our hut when he jerked off watching me fucking my husband the first night. Then he proved it again down at the river when he shot his cum down my throat. And adding to my wifely shame, I longed to have Amare’s beautiful cock inside me.

For a moment, I considered getting myself off again, but what if Ric suddenly returned to the hut, how would I explain? I crashed on our bed. It must have been around midday, judging by the way the sun was streaming in when I awoke. I looked about, where was my husband? If he went for a walk to clear his head, he should have been back by now. That brought another thought to my mind. In many ways, last night had been Ric’s fault. If he hadn’t drunk so much and passed out, I wouldn’t have spent the night with the Chief.

I stretched my hammered body out on the bed and attempted to put my thoughts into some order. I felt some guilt, rightly so, but it wasn’t consuming me the way it should have. What I did was wrong in every way, but it was all-together worth it.

If the roads were passable, there was a good chance we would be leaving the village today. We would start that long walk back to our abandoned vehicle and then drive back to our hotel. Within a couple of days, we would be home again. Back to civilization, back to our everyday routines. Everything that happened would be my secret, one that I would keep forever. So, why shouldn’t I indulge myself during the rest of my stay? Women I knew back home who been with black men raved about their sexual experiences. Now I knew why. This opportunity would never repeat itself. Maybe I could persuade the Chief to fuck me again. It would be my farewell gift to him and myself.

The pitcher of "Zoumi Tis" sitting on the table still had some in it. I didn’t bother pouring some into one of the coconut shells. I drank it straight from the pitcher, every last drop, and equivalent to four coconut shells filled to the brim. Was I nuts? Yes, nuts enough to rub it all over my breasts and inside my pussy. “Whooooahhh!” I screamed aloud as the juice seeped into my bloodstream and set my body on fire!

No sandals, just the loincloth covering me with nothing underneath, I headed out of the hut and found my way to the river. There was still no sign of Ric or Amare for that matter. Something didn’t feel right, but I was too taken by my overwhelming excitement to dwell on it. Along my way to the river, every native man I passed was looking at me, admiring my near-naked white body and blond hair. I was a novelty to them. Without exception, they all stopped what they were doing to stare at me. They mumbled between themselves in huddled whispers, pointing fingers at me, and even though I couldn’t understand a word of their language, it was clear that I was the subject of the day. In the small village, I was sure word got around quickly about me spending the night with the Chief inside his hut. And they probably heard my screams throughout the night. It just made me all the more desirable.

I stood a little taller and arched my body as I walked with swaying hips and my breasts bouncing with every step I took on the uneven path. I made a point of occasionally running a hand through my brown hair as I walked. Every man there wanted me. I saw it in their eyes. I looked over my shoulder and saw several tall, black native men following me down the path. A few of them were naked and shamelessly sporting erections. It sparked off a further dose of arousal in my loins.

They knew I was going to the river to bathe. I thought of the village men taking advantage of me, one after another. I was dripping wet when I finally reached the river. When I made it to the river’s edge, I undid my loincloth and let it drop to the ground with my arse facing my spectators. I walked deeper into the beautiful clear water, making my way to the waterfall. The water felt uplifting as it cascaded down over my body. I could see a half-dozen men watching me and talking to one another. Why not give them a show? After all, that’s what they followed me down to the river for. They wanted to watch me bathe. I could hear their voices pick up in sound when I faced them and soaped up my breasts and elongated nipples. After a few moments, I slid my right hand down my belly to the juncture between my legs. When my fingers brushed my clit, the sudden jolt of pleasure nearly had me lose my balance.

The "Zoumi Tis" was having a positive effect on me. I was wishing the men who were watching me would come and join me and let me stroke their cocks, and every one of them was hard. My eyes narrowed as I rubbed my pussy beneath the clear water. If they approached me, I told myself, I’d find it impossible to contain myself. I’d have to let them fuck me. Maybe they would gang bang me. I’ve never been gang banged before. The breathtaking thought was instantly too much. I arched my back as I came, breasts out, nipples popping-hard, rolling my head back as I cried up to the blue sky.

None of the men attempted to take advantage of me. They just watched me. A couple of men were stroking their cocks. I watched them ejaculate, spouting their semen out on the water. What a waste, I thought, while licking my lips. Ric was still missing when I returned to the hut. I would have fucked him on the spot if he was here. I was crazy out of my mind. I shouldn’t have drunk all of that "Zoumi Tis". It turned me into a hot bitch in heat, with an overwhelming craving for cock. I ripped off my loincloth and laid on the bed with one hand between my legs and the other caressing my breasts as I went to town on myself.

I was working up a good lather between my legs when, suddenly, the door opened with Amare’s muscular frame stepping into the hut. Stunned to see him there, I pulled my hand from between my legs and closed my thighs, but not quickly enough to disguise what I’d been doing. The smile that appeared on his face coincided with the blush that instantly spread across my body. “It is nearly time,” he told me.

“Time for what?” I asked.

“For the formal ceremony welcoming you to the tribe.” Amare responded.

I stared up at him, my embarrassment fading as I tried to make sense of his words. He was talking in riddles again. “Welcomed? I don’t understand, Amare. What do you mean? And where is Ric? I’ve been looking for him all morning.” “I took your husband back to the vehicle we abandoned,” he eventually told me. “He should be back at your hotel now. ”Disbelief creased my face. “No, that’s not possible. Ric wouldn’t have abandoned me here,” I countered. “I told him he must make the journey himself first,” Amare added when he saw my concern. “It was necessary to make sure the roads are passable and safe?”

“But, shouldn’t that be your job?” I said as I was trying to wrap my mind around it. “I would have done it, but I must be here to translate to you during the ceremony.”

It started to make sense to me. Then another thought occurred to me. That meant I would be here for the rest of the day by myself. Maybe even tonight? I glanced at Amare again. His toned body made me feel weak at the knees. So did his rich black skin that wrapped his rippling muscles. Oh, I wanted to fuck him so bad!

Amare read my expression and smiled again. He approached me and cupped my chin, tilting my head upward so that he could stare directly into my eyes. “You don’t need your husband,” he told me, releasing his loincloth as he spoke. “I know what you need, Miss.”

I gasped at his magnificent nudity. He reached out to take my hand and pulled it to his black shaft. He instantly began to grow as I wrapped my fingers around his warm rounded flesh. Fiery wetness formed between my thighs and my grip tightened as if I was never going to let him go. My dreamy eyes looked up into his and then back down to the majestic black cock I held in my hand.

I ran the fingers of one hand up and down his enormous shaft and cupped his large, hairy balls with the other. He was quickly erect and began to move his hips back and forth in time with my strokes. Then his hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head forward. I didn’t resist. How could I refuse his meaty offering? The last time I sucked his cock I remembered how he flooded my belly with cum. I looked up at his eyes and he nodded. I licked my lips provocatively and opened my mouth and slowly took the head of his cock through my lips and deep into my mouth.

It was happening. Amare’s salty cock was turning into the sweetest meat I had ever tasted.

He wanted me to take him all the way, and I eagerly did, managing at times to take him down my throat before he rewarded me with a river of cum that I had to swallow several times to get it all down. Amare was still semi-hard when he pushed me back onto the bed and proceeded to mount me. But then, the sudden sound of drums had brought our encounter to an abrupt halt. “Put your loincloth on. Hurry!” Amare barked.

Amare immediately hurried me back at the scene of last night’s festivities. The long table that was there last night was now missing. Only a chair sat in the middle of the clearing, and it was occupied by the Chief. The entire male tribe was present, standing in a broad circle around us, their faces and bodies painted in war paint, and all of them had an eight-foot spear in their hand. I was the only woman present, and I was hoping that none of those spears were meant for me. The drums were silenced, no one spoke a word, and everyone’s eyes were on me. Something about this didn’t feel right. “W-what is happening right now, Amare?”

“Listen to me, Miss,” Amare said when he sensed my nervousness. “This is your final initiation into the tribe. You must follow everything I tell you without question. Start by walking around the Chief three times, and then face him and bow. Do it now.”

I stared at Amare for a few seconds. I was trying to understand everything he had told me, but right now, my brain was clouded, still feeling the effects of the "Zoumi Tis". But I understood enough to obey Amare’s instructions. Besides, the sooner I get this stupid initiation thing over with, the sooner I can get Amare back to my hut to finish what we started. My need for him was overwhelming.

With just the loincloth covering me, I shuffled my bare feet through the dirt and walked around the Chief three times. The Chief nodded in satisfaction as I completed my task. His gaze flickered across my creamy white breasts, and I suspected from the expression on his face he was thinking about last night.

It occurred to me that maybe the Chief was going to fuck me again. A bolt of excitement shot through me. The Chief was a hot fuck, but I could handle him, and then I could let Amare fuck me afterward. “Kneel and face the Chief,” Amare said as he returned to my side. “Rest your hands on his thighs.”

I hesitated, but Amare’s hand was on my neck, pushing me down. I had a feeling that I was going to have to suck the Chief’s cock in front of the entire male tribe. The thought sent a wave of arousal shuddering through me. On my knees, I glanced up at the Chief’s eyes. His face was impassive. But when I lowered my gaze again, I could see that his cock was growing under his loincloth. I wondered how he would react if I beat him to the punch and pull his loincloth back and take him into my mouth. However, I knew that tribal respect dictated that I had to wait.

I felt the cool night air hit my exposed arse as Amare pulled my loincloth up to my waist. I had gone without panties again and bent over in a provocative position, revealing my naked arse to all the tribal members. I had no inhibitions about showing any part of me as my exposure had me dripping with need. The drums started beating again with an increased tempo. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the men of the tribe forming a line to the left of the Chief. Amare’s soothing voice whispered in my ear, “Don’t be afraid. And don’t move.”

The first man had already taken his place behind me. He lifted his loincloth as he crouched. When he ran his cock between my legs and along the wet furrow of my exposed sex, I whimpered. He was erect and as excited about the moment as I was. The Chief lifted his loincloth. His cock was fully erect. Amare instructed me to lean forward to suck the Chief’s cock. As I did, the first painted warrior slipped his cock into my wet cunt and started fucking me. My sucking lips had devoured the first leakage of precum from the Chief’s cock, which lubricated my mouth and slickened the slide of his cock between my tongue and lips. It was the first time I ever had a cock in my mouth and inside my cunt at the same time. It was quite a thrilling experience. I didn’t have to move my head that much since the thrusts of the man buried in behind, was moving my whole body for me. My attention and tongue returned to the big cockhead in my mouth, and I licked all around the crown to tease more precum from him. I must have been getting to him because he gripped my hair more tightly and began to really fuck my mouth. I gagged for a second but quickly adjusted.

Each man of the tribe was invited to fuck me. I am pretty sure that none said no. Some came inside of me. Some chose to shoot their spunk into a large jug. I was too busy sucking off the Chief to watch them filling the jar, but it was incredible to feel so many loads pumped into my well used body. I was literally kneeling in a pool of warm spunk. When the Chief finally came, burst after burst of his hot jism drenched the back of my throat. I had taken every last drop, I never stopped sucking, licking and slurping until eventually he could take no more and lifted me away. The drums were still beating, my head was pounding, and in a sexual haze Amare pulled me to my feet, he showed me the jar. It was a stone jar filled to the brim with the pearly-white mixture of seminal fluids donated by every man in the tribe. He handed the jar to me and said, “It is for you”

All the men standing around were clattering in their native language. “What are they saying?” I asked Amare. “They want you to accept their offering,” Amare replied. “Their offering?” I questioned. “Yes, it is the tribal custom that every new woman brought into the tribe must be anointed from the warrior’s cup to bring the village luck, fertility and good fortune.” replied Amare. “That’s a load of crap. This is turning into a freak show. I’m not going to do it.” I said. Amare leaned in close to my ear and said, “If you don’t, they will tie you to that wooden cross over there and each man will take his turn to run his spear through your body.”

“You can’t be serious. That’s murder,” I said to him. “This is not New York, Miss. You must remember where you are.” Amare’s words frightened me. I looked at the jar of spunk that felt heavy in my hand. It had that familiar very strong male spunk scent. Three naked women then approached me, holding their outstretched cupped hands, urging me to fill their hands from the jug. I did so and the three women immediately began to paint me, smoothing their wet handfuls of spunk all over my body, anointing my skin with the seminal fluid of so many of the village men. The women’s soft attentive hands smeared and covered every inch of my body, missing nothing. My every nook and cranny was rubbed softly but enthusiastically with the spunky mixture. I was soon fully painted in semen, drenched in spunk from head to toe. I was certainly anointed and surprisingly, rather than being grose, strangely, I found the touching and the semen painting, highly erotic.

Amare came over to me as the women were finishing. He held my hair back for me until the girls actually finished draining the final contents of the jug, painting my stomach. I was in a warm trance with all of the attention. When I looked up, the Chief was gone, and so were all of his warriors. The drums had gone silent. I thanked the beautiful women, they left and Amare made to lead me away, but picked me up in his strong arms, he carried me from the clearing to a hut, but not the one that I shared with Ric. Once inside this hut, he wet a rag in a bowl of warm water and proceeded to gently wipe my lips, and then he poured us both some "Zoumi Tis" to drink. The juice brought me back to life. Amare laid me out on the bed and stripped off my loincloth. He ran his fingers over my white semen painted skin before he removed his own covering. Like the Centre Point Tower, his gorgeous black cock pointed proudly skyward. “Tell Amare what you want,” he told me, crawling over my body but holding himself above me. I hiked my left leg up, wrapping it around his broad back as I reached for his hard cock. “Fuck me,fuck me Amare” I desperately gasped.

Amare’s thick lips curled into a knowing smile. Then my mouth was glued to his as he thrust his cockhead easily into my wet pussy. The fucking he gave me that night is beyond my reach for words. His cock was so big and thick that it made a lump in my belly every time he thrust inwards. I had so many orgasms throughout that magical night. The best sex I ever had. He filled my belly with cum several times before he couldn’t go any longer. After we finished, we had a long talk.

Amare asked me to leave my husband and stay as his woman. The offer was tempting. If I stayed I could have this black Adonis anytime I wanted, day and night, along with all the "Zoumi Tis" I wanted to drink. It also meant that being the only white woman in the village I would have a high status as well. I knew myself that I could lay in his strong arms or lay myself between his muscular legs, nestling his long dark used cock on my neck and cheek. Worshipping his beautiful dark sexual organ against my white skin as I slept on any night I chose for the rest of my life.______________

But, no, there was only one man that I absolutely loved, the choice in the end was easy. The only hard part was confessing my rampant sexual misdemeanours to my husband.

Surprisingly, Ric blamed it on the "Zoumi Tis", and with love he drew me in close and hugged me, telling me how much he loved me. He said, coming to him, telling him what I had done was very brave and made him adore me even more.

Then the dirty bastard, he really surprised me. He asked me if I would like to do it again before we left, with him right there watching!

The very end...