10 Sep 2020

Just a fun story I have been working on. Hope you enjoy...

“This is not a good idea,” I complained to my husband Ric for the 5th time in as many minutes.

“For the last time, Shona, I think our guide knows where he’s going,” Ric said again.

The jungle was alive with pesky bugs, big ones that bite skin until you brush them away. There were spiders and all sorts of creepy insects crawling around. Our safari trip had been planned to celebrate our wedding anniversary, but right now I wished we were anywhere else, other than in the middle of this sweltering, rain drenched, jungle.

My summer clothes were completely soaked through. The sweat that dripped from my neck flowed like a river down between my breasts. I had my buttons opened halfway down my cotton top to get some relief.

Ric seemingly had picked the worst time of the year to spend in South Africa. The rainy season was alive and well. The torrential rain flooded the uneven roads, leaving them impassable. Our guide had us abandon our jeep and walk us through the tropical jungle toward the small village that eventually appeared through the mist.

I had liked our guide, Amare, ever since we first met him. Not only because of the ebony-coloured muscles on constant display in his tight, sleeveless shirts. He spoke excellent English, and he had always been especially considerate towards me.

Amare wasn’t completely innocent. I was sure that the ever-present bulge in his shorts had grown on a couple of occasions when I caught him surreptitiously eyeing my body. I was attracted to Amare myself and fascinated with his endowment. The bulge of his cock was quite obvious. What woman wouldn’t be curious about what he kept hidden in those khaki shorts?

We walked for a long while, Amare in front, me behind Amare, and Ric behind me. The air after the storm was hot and stifling. My legs were hurting, and my feet were sore. I wasn’t used to walking in heavy boots. I wore as little clothing as possible, just my shorts and a light summer cotton top, no bra.

We were now miles from anywhere in the jungle, and I was a bit scared, but happy when we finally reached the village. The villagers were very friendly, and it helped that Amare spoke their language. As for my husband and I, we couldn’t understand a single word.

After Amare talked to the natives, they sheltered us in a small room for our rainy stay. The shelter came with a (dry) dirt floor and a small lantern hanging on a rope. The only furniture was a single bed and a little bench. It was certainly nothing like the Sheraton.

Amare informed us that we should be able to return to our abandoned vehicle within a day or two, when the rain relented.

I was grateful and sure if I could live in their primitive conditions for that length of time.

But then Amare requested that we should observe the village customs, to which I had no idea of what they were, and to stay within the village confines while we were there. I was starting to feel like I was in the middle of a nightmare, rather than a pleasant anniversary getaway.

Kindly they brought us some food to eat. I didn’t dare ask what it was. I was hungry and I just ate. I drank some weird tasting juice from a coconut shell. Once fed and watered, Ric and I lay on the small bed together and fell asleep in exhaustion.

During our rest, I was dreaming weird dreams, quite erotic dreams, and I woke up with an intense sexual need. I had never felt anything quite like it before. My need for sex was overwhelming. I turned my body to Ric, my hand reaching inside his shorts. I woke him up with a deep passionate kiss. I slipped my hand deeper inside Ric’s shorts and started stroking him into hardness, only to be stopped by a sound at the door. Startled, I quickly pulled my hand out from my husband’s shorts.

“I see you’re awake now,” It was Amare’s deep voice. “It’s time to bathe.”

“Bathe?” I shot Amare a puzzled look as I pushed back from my husband and sat up on the bed. I glanced back at Ric. He looked like he was drifting off back to sleep.

“It’s a tribal custom. All of the tribe gathers at the water’s edge to wash at this time of day,” Amare explained. “The rain has stopped falling, and we’re late. Please hurry.”

“It doesn’t seem proper for us to be bathing with the villagers. We’re used to bathing in private,” I said to Amare. “You go ahead without us.”

“I understand your feelings, Miss,” Amare replied, taking a step further into the hut. “But this is not your homeland. I have already explained that there are many customs that must be observed, and we are all expected to follow them. Please, we must have no more discussion. I will lead the way.”

I was still feeling the warming bodily effects of my dreams, and my sexual needs were still tingling inside me. Amare had struck the submissive side of me when he stood there and ordered me to follow his lead. At that moment, I, like a silly schoolgirl, felt I wanted him to fuck me right there, even whilst lying next to my husband. Where were these crazy thoughts coming from?

There were at least thirty villagers, men and women, already washing when we reached the water’s edge. “Ric, they’re all naked,” I whispered.

“Let’s strip to our underwear,” Ric suggested, checking with Amare. “A quick dip, and then we can get out of here.”

Our muscular guide firmly shook his head and said, “No,” as he made a show of stripping to his waist. The dark nature of his skin was sexy and very tantalising to my eyes. I couldn’t help but look at his taught form.

“But why?” Ric asked.

“I have already explained. To deviate from their traditions would be seen as in insult. There is no embarrassment amongst villagers, and until we leave, we should all consider ourselves as villagers of the tribe.”

Then Amare turned facing toward me as his hands went to his khaki shorts. When he dropped them to the ground, I couldn’t contain my gasp. I had imagined his cock would be impressive, but nothing quite prepared me for the size of the beast that hung between his legs. The sight of his cock did nothing to calm the sexual heat that was percolating within my body.

Even so, it took a real effort of will for me to undress under Amare’s gaze and then with my husband standing there looking on as well. While Ric was stripping out of his clothes, Amare had that look on his face, the one I had seen before, an almost superior glare that made me tingle to my core.

Amare made no pretence of keeping his eyes anywhere but on my pale white body as I removed my clothes. The contrast in our skin colour was almost as exciting to me as the sight of his monstrous cock. I soon realised by the time I had stripped naked that Amare wasn’t my only admirer. Every man and woman around us were closely watching me as I stood vulnerably naked. The thought that they all wanted to stare at me created an intense thrill, and it was almost a disappointment when Ric protectively took my hand and led me into the water.

The water wasn’t as cold as I thought it might be. I glanced at my husband’s cock as he handed me the soap. I certainly never had cause to complain, but Ric’s manhood looked pale and so puny compared to the black monster that hung between Amare’s legs. It was impossible not to glance at Amare as he also began to wash. Amare caught me looking, and he purposefully soaped his cock, moving his fisted hand slowly back and forth, causing his cock to gently lengthen as he looked at me and smiled.

The sight of Amare’s soapy black cock was stirring my juices. I told myself to look away, but, how could I not stare? I really wanted to know how big it could grow.

“Shona! What the fuck are you doing?” I heard Ric ask. My guilty stare immediately reverted to my husband, who was standing there with his hands on his hips. “Are you deliberately soaping your breasts like that? So many people are watching you!” He said, his voice little more than a low growl.

I gave a quick look around. Every single gaze was on me. Suds were sliding down my breasts, and my nipples were hard. Had I been in such a trance as to be unaware of what I was doing? A shiver ran through me. Should I have been this aroused? There was something strange going on within me. I couldn’t avoid the horny aching within my loins and the dirty thoughts that kept creeping into my mind had my mind racing. I had no idea what was coming over me. Ric took my hand and practically dragged me through the water to the bank. “Come on, they’ve all had a show, let’s get dressed and get out of here.” he said.

Ric was frustrated with me, but his demeanour wasn’t to last long. As soon as we returned to the hut, I threw myself at Ric. I couldn’t help myself, pushing him down on the small bed with a frantic desperation that surprised us both. Quickly reefing down his shorts. Evening around us was closing in, except for the bright shaft of light that speared down onto the bed through the small round opening of the roof, and the way it spotlighted on Ric’s cock was surreal. I felt myself going crazy inside and desperate for some serious penetration.

“What the…” The words were still in my husband’s throat as I dropped my head and wrapped my wet lips around his illuminated cock. Somehow, sluttily devouring my husband’s cock in our current surroundings, a mud hut in the middle of the jungle, added to the eroticism to the moment.

My mind was strangely drifting though. I should have been intent on my Ric but my mind was wandering. I was having thoughts of Amare while my husband was lying back, enjoying the pleasures of my mouth, and as I sucked Ric, I wondered how Amare’s cock might feel and taste in my mouth. A throaty moan from Ric brought me out of my insanely dirty thoughts. I had been on autopilot, sucking eagerly on my husband’s cock while my mind was venturing off to other naughty places.

I moved to making myself comfortable on the floor and this brought another moan from Ric. I traced my tongue up and down along his length, then drooling saliva on his cock before taking him back into my mouth. I fully returned my focus to Ric now, sucking him slowly and purposefully, running my lips up and down his throbbing cock before smoothly taking him back into my throat. I sat up, holding Ric’s shaft tight in my fist, and working my fingers along his saliva-covered length.

I stood and stripped my shirt and shorts from my body. Ric stared up at me, his gaze full of hunger. It was the same look that I was getting when I had stripped in front of the village people down by the water, my brown hair, and white skin being a rare attraction to them. I climbed on the bed and crawled over my husband, I was like a tigress eyeing her prey. “I need you to fuck me, Ric, please fuck me” I said as I moved higher, letting his shaft drag through my cleavage. “If you don’t fuck me, I’ll fucking go crazy.”

When our lips met, I swallowed his aroused groan with a hard kiss and then turned from him to settle myself onto his cock, reverse cowgirl style. I shot Ric a look over my shoulder as I rolled the tip of his cock between the wet, swollen lips of my pussy. When his eyes closed, I gave a long, throaty groan and rocked forward, sinking his cock deep inside me. The feeling was suddenly too much. With my head thrown back, mouth half-open, body arched, I stretched my arms out like wings as I began to rock on him.

It was my husband inside me, and this was our anniversary fuck. Ric was the only man I loved. He was all I had ever wanted or needed, after all. This lust that I felt for Amare was something new and strange to me. I tried to ignore it as my hips and arse rotated in tight circles. I raised my hands over my head and moved on Ric’s erection like a professional lap dancer, teasing him with each sexy grind of my body.

Ric’s fingers dug into my arse flesh as his hands found my hips. He thrust up into me when I was on my way down. He wanted to take control. I had no intention of letting him. With a backward glance, I slammed down on him again and again. Clutching my breasts, I pulled on my aching nipples and I fucking bounced like a woman possessed on my husband’s cock.

In my lusty haze a movement caught my eye. I glanced at the doorway of the hut. It was open, and I could see the silhouette of a man standing there. Even in the semi-darkness, I easily recognised Amare’s huge frame. I saw that he was massaging his cock. I suspected he’d been watching us for some time. Why show himself now? Was he that confident I wasn’t going to scream out at the sight of him invading a private moment with Ric?

I knew that Ric couldn’t see Amare. His view was blocked by my writhing body. As shameful as it was, I felt unashamed as I pulled my hands back behind my head, arched my body backward, and thrust my pale breasts out in Amare’s direction. I couldn’t quite make out Amare’s expression, but the way his hand moved faster suggested that he approved of my slutty move. I held my brown hair high on top of my head as I gyrated on my husband’s cock. My breasts bouncing on my chest. Ric was deep up inside me, but an illicit thought occurred, that Ric was nothing like as deep as Amare’s monster cock could be. My movements became more urgent as I put on a show for my dark voyeur. The two men came first, Ric exploding inside me, such delicious hot spunk, and at almost the same precise moment Amare launched long streams of spunk across the room. Each of Amare’s heavy shots arched into the air like a firework, diminishing in intensity as they fired but impressing me nonetheless.

I closed my eyes in orgasm as our black guide’s orgasm triggered mine. When my eyes opened, Amare was gone. I turned to Ric and fell onto his chest; he had seen nothing of our voyeur in the doorway. We both had a swig of the "Zoumi Tis" and we fell asleep. I slept deeply that night. The dreams did not leave me though, I was dreaming again, more of the same dreams. Highly sexual, and even more vivid than before. It was becoming difficult to differentiate fantasy from reality.

The village looked entirely different when Ric and I ventured outside the following morning. The women were cooking on fires between the huts, indicating it must have been close to breakfast. I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten since the meal they fed us yesterday. My mouth was so dry. Someone had left drinks for us in those little coconut cups when we had returned from bathing and we had drunk them after the terrific sex. Ric’s drink was a different colour than mine, but I didn’t think much of it.

I noticed today all of the village people were wearing small loincloths. A smile appeared on Ric’s face when he checked out some of the more attractive women. They were checking him out too, giggling to themselves when they pointed towards him. “Maybe they think you’re a movie star,” I teased.

“I don’t think they have ever seen a movie,” Ric laughed, nodding, and smiling at each woman we passed as we walked down a narrow path. Then his smile faded, and he asked, “Why is it I get the feeling that every native man here would like to fuck you?” His eyes widened as he nodded over my shoulder. “especially this one,” he softly muttered under his breath.

When I turned my head around to follow the direction of my husband’s gaze, my heart began to beat faster. Amare was walking toward us. He had changed from his regular city clothes to a loincloth, like the other villagers. With his muscles rippling under the sun, he looked like a black Adonis. I was immediately overcome by those strange intense sexual sensations again.

It seemed I got this way every time I drank that damn juice. Amare looking all sexy jungle-like wasn’t helping in any way. I thought again about his voyeuristic episode last night and as he approached us I wondered whether what I had seen last night was a dream or something real.

“The tribal Chief has invited you to meet with him,” Amare solemnly said, looking at each of us in turn. “It is a great honour to be invited to meet with the Chief. You understand that we must remain in the village until the roads are passable. The Chief will make that decision on your travel when he sees you.” “Decision?” Ric questioned. “They might throw us out?”

“It depends on the Chief,” Amare explained. “If we stay, we do so by his invitation, not by right. The Chief must and will be treated with great respect. Should he allow you to stay, you must obey every custom and every request the Chief may make of you. It is essential that you fully understand my words. Yes Ric? Yes Shona?" Ric hesitated for a moment before he nodded.

Then Amare turned to me. “Miss?” I nodded instantly. “Yes. If I could bathe naked with the villagers, the rest of our stay will be a walk in the park.”

Amare laughed and said, “The Chief calls you now. Please follow with me.”

The Chief’s hut, the largest shelter in the village, was located in the centre square. A young, pretty village woman sat outside the door. Amare explained in hushed tones that, in keeping with tribal tradition, the young woman had been chosen to serve the Chief. When the Chief emerged from the door of his hut, the first thing I noticed was his smile and his long hair was pulled back into a ponytail. As he smiled, his teeth were bright white. His skin was very dark, very beautiful. He slowly sauntered over to us, gesturing with his hand every so often while turning to Amare. He was an exceptionally large man, with huge broad shoulders. He paid particular attention to me, broadly smiling, and tapping his chest as he circled me. When I glanced nervously at Amare, his eyes told me to remain silent and still.

Eventually, the strange inspection was over, the Chief turned to Amare again. He spoke quickly. Amare listened mostly, but occasionally responded calmly. The conversation in their native tongue lasted a couple of minutes, and then, with a final nod towards me, the chief walked back into his hut. Amare had a wry look on his face when he turned to us and made us wait before he spoke.

“Well, what did he say to you, Amare?” Ric asked impatiently.

“It is simple,” Amare began. “The Chief is happy that you have graced his village with your presence and believes your pale skin will bring good fortune to the tribe. As such, he intends to throw a celebration in your honour this evening.” “Well, that is certainly nice of him,” I said to Amare.

“There’s more. The Chief insists on you dressing like the rest of his tribe. I convinced him that this was purely from ignorance of his custom. He said he will overlook your city clothing, provided you must change immediately.”

At Amare’s instruction in their native tongue, the girl sitting outside the hut rose and walked to him. “Adah here will deliver loincloths and fresh drinks to your hut,” Amare informed us. The hard edge in his voice brooked no discussion or argument.

When Ric and I were alone in the hut, changing into the loincloths, Ric looked at me and said, “Bloody hell Shona, they are going to be staring at your breasts all night.” “What makes you say that Ric?”

“They’re so fucking white! They’re going to shine like pornographic headlights in the night.”

Ric was right. I had noticed all the looks I had received bathing down at the river. It had felt initially a little uncomfortable, but deep down inside, I was enjoying the attention, especially from Amare. “Well, Ric, we have no choice,” I encouraged him.

I drained the last of my juice from the coconut shell and could feel the warm, spicy liquid run into my veins. As with yesterday, the juice gave me a warm, comforting, fuzzy feeling throughout my body. I made a mental note of asking Amare what it was made from when I saw him next.

“Well, are you ready?” I asked Ric. I stood there with Ric admiring my naked breasts with only a little cloth covering my pubes. “Ready as I’ll ever be,” he answered. Ric looked pretty good himself in his loincloth and I gave his cock a quick squeeze.

Amare was waiting for us when we emerged from the hut. He nodded in appreciation, although from the direction of his eyes, it wasn’t clear whether his reaction was a result of our compliance with the dress code or the sight of my uncovered breasts. My nipples had hardened from being exposed to the air, and they stiffened more under his gaze. I was looking at him as much as he was looking at me.

“In return for complying with the Chief’s wishes,” Amare told us, “he has granted permission for Miss to bathe in a different, more private part of the river. It is restricted to women only.” Then he turned his head to speak directly to me. “If it pleases you, Miss, bring what you need, and I will show you the way now. And Ric, the Chief is expecting you to drink with him at his hut before the celebrations begin. I will make sure no harm comes to your wife.”

“Shona?” Ric said with concern in his voice. “Go, darling. I’ll be fine with Amare,” I assured Ric.

During our initial short time on our safari, Amare always walked in front of us. Today, heading down to the river, he chose to walk beside me. It felt like this was a more intimate gesture, as if we were two close friends whose relationship was blossoming. “Our relationship?” Was I going out of my mind, where were these thoughts coming from?

Maybe I was going jungle crazy. Why else would I be imagining that Amare was tossing off in my doorway last night while watching me fucking my husband? He watched us fuck, and I watched him masturbate. The image of his cum launching from his thick black cock made my heart jump into my mouth. But I still wasn’t sure if the images in my mind were real or just my imagination in overload.

I glanced at Amare out of the corner of my eye as we walked along the closed in path. No, this wasn’t a feeling of being with a close friend. You don’t walk with your best friend with your breasts on display. The feelings I was experiencing were, without a doubt, very sexual. I thought of how Ric glared at me when I agreed to go along with Amare. It was plain to me that Ric didn’t trust Amare’s intentions at all.

My eyes drifted down to Amare’s loincloth. I thought of how he had stroked his cock down at the river yesterday and then again at my hut’s door last night. The images in my thoughts of his cock had rarely left my mind. Was that why I agreed to go with Amare to bathe? Was it subconsciously an opportunity for me to be alone with him? I wanted to ask him about last night, but I didn’t know how to broach the subject, especially if it had been my mind that was playing tricks. What kind of message would that send out? Why was I seemingly so confused? It seemed to overtake me, after every time I drank that strange juice.

We were well out of sight of the village now. Our hips occasionally touched as the path narrowed, and each touch gave me a girly thrill. Amare could do anything he wanted with me out here, and I probably wouldn’t do a thing to stop him. But no sooner had the deliciously self-indulgent thought begun to develop in my head, that we came to a sunny clearing.

The sight that confronted us was stunning, simply stunning. A small, oval pool of clear blue water, and behind it, a waterfall. It was practical, as well as beautiful. I could shower as well as bathe, it was just so perfect!

I gazed at the beautiful scene before me. I then turned to Amare, but even as I opened my mouth to speak, I froze. Amare had removed his loincloth and he was standing naked in front of me. I found myself mesmerised by his hard-muscular body, and especially the black beast that hung between his legs. Even flaccid, it was such a gorgeous sight to behold.

“We will bathe together,” he told me when I eventually dragged my eyes upwards from his cock to his eyes. I hesitated, embarrassed and I tried to compose myself. “We wash now,” Amare repeated, taking the soap we brought along and stepping into the clear water. “Come follow me, Miss.”

My trembling hands went to my modest loincloth, I dropped to my feet, leaving me dressed in only the skimpy black thong that I wore beneath it. Blood hotly rushed through my veins at the thought of displaying my full nudity to him again.

As a modesty gesture, I turned around as I pulled the thong down my legs and then walked into the water. I couldn’t trust myself to look at him. Not when he was so beautifully naked.

“That drink in the coconut shell,” I said to him, trying to start a conversation to defuse the sexual tension I was feeling. “What is in it?” I asked. “It comes from the Hepa plant” he said. The villagers commonly call it "Zoumi Tis" because it has special qualities. It only comes from the rare Hepa plant that grows high in the mountains.”

“Special qualities?” I questioned.

“It brings about a feeling of very well-being, Miss. It is a drink that enlivens the blood and opens desires of the mind. The villagers here find the drink exhilarating, but for each person the drink has a different effect. You had a long journey here and needed to relax your body and mind. Hepa does that.” Amare moved close behind me as he spoke, so close that I felt his cock lightly brush against my bare arse. I stood frozen, wondering what he was doing. He spoke again, “I hope the effects of the drink heighten your desires”

“It is my duty to look after you, Miss,” he told me as he placed his large hands gently on my shoulders. He turned me around to face him as he spoke. His eyes found mine and held my gaze as he took the soap and began soaping my arms and then his dark hands were across my belly, the sight and feel of his exotic hands caressing me was just so intoxicating. “Does that include bathing me?” I asked as I felt shivers running down my spine. “You like it when I touch you, don’t you?” He correctly asked.

His caressing touch felt wonderful, but I knew this was a step too far. I told myself I had to stop him from going any further, but instead, I found myself saying, “yes” I answered weakly, my mind whirling. For such a huge man, he was unbelievably gentle. His large black hands spread the soap suds across my shoulders, drawing inward around my neck, and then down the top of my cleavage. When his hands found my breasts, I closed my eyes and softly moaned as I soaked up the pleasure of his roaming touch.

“Last night when your husband fucked you,” he continued, “did you think about me?” I opened my mouth to answer, but all that came out was a moan. Amare was openly kneading my breasts now. When his thumbs flicked over my nipples, I gasped, another throaty moan escaped my lips. “I came to see you last night,” he added. “As I stood in your doorway, I saw how you were looking at me as you fucked your husband, and in your eyes, I knew you were thinking about fucking me.” He took my right hand in his and placed it on his hard cock. “Feel how hard my cock is for you now, I know you want me." Amare was so thick that I couldn’t wrap my fingers entirely around his girth. The feeling of him, warm and rock hard in my palm, was intoxicating. And the contrast in colour between my small white hand and his magnificent black cock was exhilarating. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this. Everything about it was so wrong. I was cheating on my husband, which, for some insane reason, made it all the more exciting.

For a while, I lost myself to the sensation of his pulsing manhood that I had my fingers wrapped around. I used my left hand to cup his large black testicles, weighing them in the palm of my hand. I could tell by his subtle groans that I was getting to him. One of his large hands went through my brown hair. As soon as I felt the slight downward press, I knew what he had in mind for me. I wanted it too. The pressure of his downward push increased. I went with it, sinking to my knees in the shallow water. The male pheromones oozing from his sweating pores, mixing in with the sound of his heavy breathing, was an intoxicating aphrodisiac to my excited senses. So was the long thick cock that rose majestically from his black bushy pubes, demanding me worship it. It no longer mattered that this was wrong. I needed him like a drug. I wondered if he thought me a white skinned sex hungry devil woman.

My fingers shook with excitement as I stretched them around his girth. Pulling back the foreskin, my mouth went to work on his cock. The first, tangy, salty taste of his foreskin fuelled my hunger. I provocatively licked my lips, savouring the sweaty manly flavour, and then my tongue captured the first drop of precum that oozed from his head. The taste was absolutely delicious and I teased for more. My tongue returned to the massive head, licking the most sensitive area to draw more and more of his tasty seed onto my tongue. I’ve always loved sucking cock, but I am sure my body and mind had never felt quite as aroused as his cock had me.

“Your mouth gives me great pleasure,” he praised. Then gripping my hair more tightly, he began to push back and forth with his hips, fucking my mouth. I gagged for the first second but quickly adjusted.

I reached my hand around his hips and gripped his tight arse. My other hand continued to stroke the base of his shaft while I was taking half his length through my lips. It was all I could fit in my mouth, but I wanted more, no, needed more. Could I possibly take it all down my throat? My lips formed a tight seal around the thick ebony shaft. His hips pumped back and forth a little faster. His grip in my hair tightened.

Saliva oozed from my lips as I bobbed my head back and forth. He was close. I could feel it. I remembered how he launched his load across the floor of the hut last night, and I longed for the horny thrill of taking his creamy load in my mouth and having it blast heavy on my tongue. Through my excitement and anticipation, I felt my own orgasm stirring up inside me. I reached down between my legs and rubbed my aching clit as I devoured Amare’s throbbing cock. Seconds later, I was moaning against his cock as my orgasm released and flooded my body in rolling waves of pleasure.

All of my concentration and needs were returned to me and I focused on what was about to happen in my mouth. Amare swelled in size and let loose; he launched mighty pulsing ribbons of hot spunk that splashed heavy coating my tongue and even firing right to the back of my throat. I thought I was ready for him, but he had so much cum in his heavy balls that I couldn’t possibly take it all, and heaps of his thick cum dripped from my lips and landed on my jiggling breasts.

I hungrily persevered on his cock and swallowed as much of his hot fluid as I could, until this black Adonis had finished screwing my face. He pulled his diminishing manhood from between my sucking lips and pulled me to my feet, staring deep into my eyes. I felt to myself that to my sexy Adonis standing before I was performing like a slutty version of his love Aphrodite, his queen of pleasure. That sexy thought inflamed the needing wetness that had already built between my legs. I thought he would fuck me but he pulled me up and spoke to me instead.

“You will belong to the tribe and I now…” was all he said.

In the next part of this story, I experience the delicious discovery of what belonging to the tribe actually means...

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