13 Sep 2020

"Zoumi Tis" – Part Two

Under the willing aphrodisiac effects of the "Zoumi Tis", I had sex with the village Chief.

Walking back to the village, shivers of my desire passed through me as I thought back to my bathing encounter with Amare. The salty aftertaste of Amare’s semen lingered strongly in my mouth and throat. I had never cheated on my husband before, and yet, beyond the guilt, I regretted that Amare didn’t fuck me. How bad and randy a woman have I become?

When I got back to the hut, I found Ric inside. He was angry with me going to the river with Amare, although he certainly had no idea what a whore I had been down there. Before he could start to question me, I pushed him flat on the little bed and had him erect and inside me almost before he could react. I fucked my husband like a wild woman, driven by the burning needs built up inside my body and with the taste of Amare’s spunk in my mouth, I fucked the living shit out of my husband.

But it wasn’t my husband that I was thinking about as I fucked this cock. It was the sight and smell of Amare that filled my head. It was torturous to keep my mind off Amare and his humongous black cock, I was addicted to my black drug. There was something seriously wrong with me. I fucked my husband again, half an hour later, once he had recovered from my first fuck. And yet even after a second I still needed more. Ric was baffled by my behaviour; I was also confused. Amare’s words still troubled me. “You belong to the tribe and I now.” What did he mean by that?

I’m sure I was ready to pounce on Ric for a third time, but Amare came by the hut and told us it was time for the celebration to soon start. Maybe it was just the "Zoumi Tis" talking, but Amare showing up in his loincloth again didn’t help to ease the growing heat built up inside my body. My breath quickened at the sight of my black Adonis, whose cock I had previously sucked, and whose cum was still filling my belly.

I sent Amare a cheeky glance as we left the hut, and he returned me a smile that turned up my heat and made my pussy tingle. Amare had me under a witching spell, I wanted more of him, much more, and my husband was getting suspicious. The silence between the three of us was deafening as Amare escorted us across the village. I found it difficult to walk straight, the sexual tension within my body was tearing me apart. It was as if, by crossing the marital line with Amare, an aching sexual need had been awoken in me and it was driving me on and that hunger was intensely needing to be fully satisfied.

It was this dangerous intense need that now had me wearing my loincloth without my thong underneath, my pussy was simply too achy to cover. My current state of semi-nudeness felt wildly exhilarating. My nipples were aroused, my sex was moist, and I was needy for any eventuality.

When we reached the large space outside the Chief’s hut, we saw a long table erected with many benches. The Chief sat patiently at the centre of the table as if he were waiting for us. His hair fell onto his shoulders rather than the ponytail, and he was wearing only a loincloth. Amare said to us that Ric would sit on the Chief’s right, and I would take the seat on his immediate left. Amare warned us that we must follow his every direction in order not to displease the Chief. I took my place on the left of the Chief, as instructed, and nervously watched as Ric positioned himself on the right. I waited for Amare’s instruction to sit down. He had already told us that the celebration was in our honour. I was taking this very seriously, and the last thing I wanted to do was for either of us to fuck things up by making the wrong move or saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time.

Adah, the Chief’s servant girl that we met yesterday suddenly appeared. Ric’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when his gaze was drawn to her stunning breasts. I found myself wishing that Ric would find a native to fuck so that I would have the excuse to be fucking Amare. The thought dissipated when Amare signalled with a single nod for us to take our seats. The Chief nodded at Ric, and then he turned to me and smiled with his beautiful teeth. Then he clapped his hands, and everyone went silent. He rose to his feet and began to address the tribe in his native tongue. Amare leaned in next to me and began to translate. “The Chief welcomes you both and offers his gratitude to you for observing our tribal traditions.” I listened to Amare, but I was becoming more preoccupied with his sexy closeness. My eyes glanced down at his loincloth and I well knew what lay beneath, the sexy beast was tenting under his cloth. “You’re hardening,” I whispered to him.

“I get that way every time I touch your beautiful skin or I’m near you,” he said. Before I had a chance to respond, Amare went back to translating what the Chief was saying. “He says that you have been sent to us by the Gods. He believes you will bring great good fortune to the village.” “Why would he say that Ric and I would bring fortune to their village?” I modestly asked. “The Chief was not talking about your husband. He was only talking about you,” Amare answered. “Ric means nothing to the tribe. You are the favoured one.” The chief finished talking and raised his coconut shell. He drank the contents in one long gulp. “To Miss,” he told me, nodding at my drink. I still didn’t quite know what Amare was saying. Were they planning on having a parade for me? I followed Amare’s lead and drank down the remainder of the "Zoumi Tis" from my coconut shell. Instantly, Amare refilled the shell from the large pitcher beside him.

The Chief pointed at me, raising his voice a little to make whatever point he was making, and then he sat down. “What did he say?” I questioned Amare. “He said that tonight he will bless you and be blessed by you,” Amare said and further explained. “It is the traditional way of welcoming a new woman into our tribe.”I stared at him, wide-eyed. “Into your tribe? I don’t understand,” I whispered. “I’m only here for another day or so. And what did he mean by blessing me and being blessed by me?” No sooner had I finished my sentence that I was startled by the sound of loud drums. It was the signal for a half-dozen young women and men dressed in only their loincloths to bring plates of food on the table. There was rice and a roasted pig and a lot of "Zoumi Tis" to wash it down. Once we were all served, the three men and three women danced in front of the table, moving to the steady beat of the drums. It looked like a mating ceremony from the way they danced. The women’s breasts swayed as they gyrated.

I glanced at Amare, and he smiled knowingly at me. That beat, I’ve never heard it before, but it was having a strange erotic effect on me. “Eat,” Amare said. “Drink, enjoy the festivities. Everything is arranged for your honour tonight, Miss.”

An hour into the evening, my body was palpitating with overwhelming need, where was this sexual need coming from? Blood was turning hot, pulsing strongly in my veins. Even my heart felt like it was beating in rhythm with the drums. It all seemed so strange, erotic and eerie. The dancing had become way more sexual as the beat of the drums increased. Loincloths had soon disappeared. All of the men were sporting erections when they left the scene, and the women looked alive with hunger and need. I imagined there would be a lot of fucking going on tonight. Those lucky bastards! I glanced at Amare again and thought about sneaking my hand under his loincloth. I had drunk far too much of that "Zoumi Tis". I am sure I had never felt so horny in my life! Before I return to my hut with Ric, I would find an opportunity to be alone with Amare again. I hungered for his cock. I wanted to suck it and drink his copious delicious cum. But by goodness I really wanted to fuck him. I glanced at my husband only a few seats away. He had his hands touching Adah’s young body as he chatted with her. I could tell he was somewhat drunk. He was so far gone he’d forgotten she couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Suddenly, Ric, having too much to drink, fell forward with his head landing on the table in a loud plonk. I started to rise to attend to him, but Amare tugged me back into my seat and quickly made his way over to my husband. Amare checked his pulse, exchanged a couple of words with Adah, and then he spoke to the Chief. Then he returned to me. “Your husband has drunk too much and passed out,” Amare said as he leaned over me, the heat from his skin was beautiful. “I should attend to him,” I said and started to rise, but Amare put his hand on my shoulder and kept me from standing. “He needs sleep. I will carry him back to your hut.” “I’ll come with you.” I said. “No, he harshly interrupted. “To leave without the Chief’s blessing would be an insult.” He waved Adah over. “Adah will help prepare you. There is no need to go back to your hut. Do you understand, will you stay and let Adah attend to you?”

I nodded my confused head in response. Amare’s dark glare and his tone left no room for argument. I watched as Amare pulled my husband over his shoulder as if he were as light as me, and headed in the direction of our hut. Adah took my hand and pulled me to my feet.

Until now, I hadn’t realised how much the juice affected me. Adah snaked an arm around my waist to steady me as she guided me into the Chief’s hut. It hadn’t occurred to me to ask what I was to be doing there. My head was so fuzzy, Adah had me sit on the edge of the bed when we went inside. This hut was roomy inside, with a much larger bed, a couple of heavy chairs, and a large wooden table with a few of the coconut cups and two jugs sitting upon it. Adah stood in front of me, watching me closely. Then she turned and filled one of the shells with "Zoumi Tis".

Bringing it back to the bed, she knelt in front of me and dipped her fingers into the drink. I thought that was a bit strange. Then she surprised me when she rubbed the liquid on my nipples. Her touch was intimate, and my nipples instantly began to tingle and burn. Adah used the same two fingers to dip into the drink, but this time she slid them between my legs, causing me to gasp. It felt like a thousand volts of electricity were being pumped through me as Adah began to coat my slick wet vulva. I fell back helplessly onto my elbows as a powerful wave of warmth and pleasure washed through me. I wasn’t sure what she was doing to me, but the instantaneous orgasm bubbling up inside of me couldn’t be denied and I wanted her to do it again.

There was no holding back when the girl’s pleasuring fingers found my clit. My climax exploded, spreading through my body like wildfire, and I realised the screams of pleasure ringing in my ears were my very own. My first orgasm turned into a second as Adah continued, Adah had the whole of my body shaking uncontrollably. It was only when I eventually recovered, and the clarity started to return, that I realised we were no longer alone. The Chief was standing in the doorway with a satisfied smile. He had been watching me climax in, right there in front of him. I felt a wave of embarrassment. Adah had removed my loincloth when she juiced my pussy, and I had nothing to cover myself. She smiled at me when she got to her feet. Then she walked over to the Chief and removed his loincloth. When it dropped to the ground, I felt my body react. The man was old, unattractive, and had no virtues to recommend him other than being the Chief of the tribe… Except for his cock. It was every bit as big as Amare’s.

Adah reached for the shell and poured some of the "Zoumi Tis" she used on me over the Chief’s manhood. When she began to rub it in with both hands, it rose majestically like a giant tower. My breath caught in my throat. Despite being a fat old man with rotten teeth and a ring in his nose, the Chief’s cock was magnificent. It was at that moment I realised this was what Amare had meant by the Chief blessing me as he was preparing to fuck me. I couldn’t let him, but even as the thought of running entered my head, there was no denying the sexual heat emanating from between my thighs. The jungle beat of the drums outside was growing louder, wilder, echoing in my head, increasing the pace of my heart. I felt my blood turning hot running through my veins as the Chief moved toward me, his glistening manhood bouncing onto his luscious tight black belly.

When he reached the bed, he roughly grabbed my ankles and pulled them so that I fell backward. It was apparent he didn’t believe in the domesticated act of foreplay. Not that it mattered. I was so excitedly wet that I was sure I was dripping on his bed. If I had any sanity left in me, I should have tried to push him away when he mounted me. Not only did I make no effort to resist him, but I also found myself raising my hips to provide a better angle as he pushed his big black mamba against my opening.

My hands grabbed hold of his oversized love-handles and pulled him to me. Despite his girth, his monster cock slid inside me with graceful ease. Any rational thoughts of what I was doing was swept away by the needs of my body. My cunt was on fire, and I needed his big black cock to put out the flames. I hooked my legs around his plump black body.

When I pushed my feet against the top of his arse, I forced his rock-hard cock deeper inside me. He hadn’t even really started to fuck me, and yet involuntarilly my hips were rising and falling. I was literally growling, consumed in my need, offering myself. He simply held his position, staring down into my eyes, letting me use his cock to pleasure my heated cunt. I came, groaning in orgasmic relief, before he started moving. His cock stretched me out as he pushed up deeper inside my body.

He took me slowly at first, letting me get used to his length and girth, but I was soon begging him to fuck me faster. When he obliged, I found myself screaming again. The Chief, although older, was hitting places deep inside me that I never knew I had. The Chief had the stamina of an ox, and I lost all sense of time, whimpering under his thrusts. I had a countless number of orgasms before the Chief eventually succumbed to the inevitable and reached his climax. When he finally blessed me with his seed, it brought another orgasm rushing through my body. His cock pulled from my well-fucked pussy cocoon, and he stood up while I continued to lay on the bed, I was full of spunk and fuckingly exhausted.

Adah came over a moment later and gave me more "Zoumi Tis" to drink. She winked and smiled at me, I realised she had been standing there the whole time watching the Chief fuck me. She seemed to like what she saw. Then Adah poured more "Zoumi Tis" on the Chief’s spent manhood. Almost immediately, miraculously, as she rubbed him with the fluid, washing up and down his flaccid cock, the Chief’s cock regrew back into a full erection in front of my eyes. Whatever was in that "Zoumi Tis" was better than Viagra! As the Chief turned back to me, his eyes gazed across my naked white body. My body shivered under the roughness of his hands as he reached down and mashed my breasts. He then flipped me over onto my stomach. Arousal again flared within me. The open gash of my pussy already leaking his seed was quickly in dire need of his cock again. When he settled into a rhythm behind me, I pushed my arse upwards on his instroke, so he could ram his hard black meat hard back inside me.

I made no pretense of holding back my groans and moans as he pounded me. He had one hand gripping my brown mane, yanking my head back quite roughly. The other hand was on my hip, holding me steady. My husband had never fucked me like this and the chief made me cum so many times. Despite my aching limbs, burning lungs, heaving chest, and the sweat covering my body, I continued to give back as good a fucking as I got, pumping back hard in response to every hard deep thrust.

The night for the chief and I continued on after various breaks, but there was no end to his wonderful pounding. Each time he pumped his cum into me, after a small break, Adah would have me drink more "Zoumi Tis" and then smear more "Zoumi Tis" onto his cock and he would fuck me again. By the time light started to filter into the hut, the Chief had taken me in every position I knew and a couple I had never even dreamed of. I remembered being on top of him at one point, my arms stretched above my head, bouncing on him while he toyed with my breasts. But after that, the images were blurry in my head. And I had long ago lost count of the orgasms he’d given me.

My adventure was far from over. More to come...