My ABF virginity broken First Time

The fantasy came true…

Funny how things become real when you dont look until something creates a spark!

I happened to come across a friend in another state who told me he was heavily into ABF/ANR, I asked what it was he told me and suggested to I join groups on here as well as look at video's.

One day after absolutely driving myself nuts watching vieo's and reading I had had enough, ok NSW is classified as the 'dry state" so my fried said but I thought I would gi… Read more

Back and forth First Time

Her to me/me to her…

From her......

I lay underneath you licking and sucking what you allow me to have. You push forward filling me to the brim with your lovely cock and I love the taste and feel of you. I look up begging you to let me free so that I can hold you but I can't say anything as you fill me fully. I can barely breathe and Im gagging you have shoved your cock in so far. Just as I feel like passing out you withdraw to slap me with your cock. I beg you t… Read more

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