Just thinking out loud First Time

Its time…

We are all here because we all love sex and every aspect that gives us pleasure according to our own individual tastes.
As a wise Lady once told me.
'No Sex messes with the brain'
She practiced what she preached.
Another wise lady once told me that.
'Repetitive pleasure numbs the senses'
Based on that it is a constant quest for more exciting experiences.
I have always been sexually aware from as far back as I can remember.
There is a psyc… Read more

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my mothers hot friend First Time

eva is so hot with slim body big boobs…

hello every one here i want to explain my real life incident. It was happened in december 2018 when my mother's friend Miss Eva came to our home. Eva is a 35 yr old women with long blonde hairs blue eyes , i was 22 at that time. My mom is a designer and she design outfits for her , she is a very rich lady always on trip. Once she take a dress and come to my room at the time she was unware that i m in the room she started removing dress My 8 inch… Read more

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First time, exploring lotions First Time

First orgasm in the shower exploring lotions in my uncle and aunts house…

Lotions have always had a special place for me, as my first orgasm was with bathroom lotions at my aunt and uncles place when I was visiting them on holiday. I had just had a shower and was fossicking around in their bathroom drawers to see what was there, and found some jars of hand creams. I opened one and used some to massage my cock and had an orgasm for the first time, resulting in cum everywhere. My legs buckled and I sank to the floor in c… Read more