My fantasy came true accidentally First Time

How being bored got me into trouble…

I found myself with a day off and no one home to spend it with. It was a warm day and I decided that I was going to strip naked and wonder about the place giving myself dears like answering the door without any clothes on. Anyway because nobody was at the door, I found myself in the front spare room with a handful of suit ties. I began to tie myself to the bed and leaving the one hand not tired but I’m holding the tie I have a large screwdr… Read more

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T-Mart Cherry First Time

Us usual - from my personal fantasy hard drive…

I was way up in Central NSW on a round robin of Client Visits. I had stopped by a tyre joint. The previous day, I had noticed some weird noises coming from the rear of the car. Vibrations that varied in frequency in line with the linear speed of my vehicle. I had pulled into the Volkswagen Dealership to get them to check it. They said it could be a slow leak due to a neat puncture; but they couldn’t find anything. Keep an eye on it, they sugges… Read more

Quick BJ in Port Macquarie First Time

An unexpected BJ in PMQ…

It was summer the beginning of 2019 and I was visiting Port Macquarie (where I now live). I was walking along Lighthouse beach, if you haven't been there you need to visit, it is magnificent. It was about 28 degrees, the sun shining, the surf was tiny and there was no one around. So being the show off that I am, I decided to strip and go for a swim. The water was so refreshing although once I got waist high my manhood (that I am very proud of) de… Read more

My ABF virginity broken First Time

The fantasy came true…

Funny how things become real when you dont look until something creates a spark!

I happened to come across a friend in another state who told me he was heavily into ABF/ANR, I asked what it was he told me and suggested to I join groups on here as well as look at video's.

One day after absolutely driving myself nuts watching vieo's and reading I had had enough, ok NSW is classified as the 'dry state" so my fried said but I thought I would gi… Read more

Back and forth First Time

Her to me/me to her…

From her......

I lay underneath you licking and sucking what you allow me to have. You push forward filling me to the brim with your lovely cock and I love the taste and feel of you. I look up begging you to let me free so that I can hold you but I can't say anything as you fill me fully. I can barely breathe and Im gagging you have shoved your cock in so far. Just as I feel like passing out you withdraw to slap me with your cock. I beg you t… Read more

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