First Time
16 Mar 2019

From her......

I lay underneath you licking and sucking what you allow me to have. You push forward filling me to the brim with your lovely cock and I love the taste and feel of you. I look up begging you to let me free so that I can hold you but I can't say anything as you fill me fully. I can barely breathe and Im gagging you have shoved your cock in so far. Just as I feel like passing out you withdraw to slap me with your cock. I beg you to let me go again, this time using words. You move down my body and I feel relieved but miss your cock.

You move lower and spread my legs. Using your hard shaft you rub along my pussy lips asking me what I want. "You" I say and you tell me I need to be more specific. "Your Cock, please. Fill me with your gorgeous cock" You don't waste any time in doing just that, filling me in one stroke. Im wet and feel like I could orgasm just from that one stroke it feels so good.

You pull out and put a pillow under me to give you even more access. When you re-enter it feels as if you are in further than anyone has ever gone. Pushing in firm hard strokes I feel my orgasm build again but just as I am about to come you pull out and turn me over. Taking me from behind. Your hands grip my ample hips as you angle yourself so that I can feel your balls slapping my clit. The steady rhythm and feel is building another orgasm but you stop before I can enjoy this one too. Feeling frustrated I ask you what you are doing. You slap my cheek and tell me to hop on top of you. Im determined this time to come and so I take my egg vibrator, climb on top of you and position it at my clit. I begin to rock against your shaft, leaning back to cup and play with your balls whilst you play with my tits. The toy is on high and Im so horny my juices are running down your balls. You are thrusting up into me as I grind and thrust back onto you. Im so horny I come squeezing you to the point that you come too. I collapse at your side and wait for the next round - your choice of course.

My reply.........

As you lay beside me, sweaty and used, the sexy sight of your full round tits moving up and down with short sharp breaths has my dick hard again within moments. I press my hand to your pussy and the combination of your cum and mine has made you slick and greasy. I firmly glide my fingers across your pussy lips as you open your thighs wider enticing my to play more. I guide your hand to my crotch and you take a strong handful of my rock hard meat. As you begin to stroke me I slide 2 fingers into your expecting wet hole. My fingers drive in with ease, I decide to up the ante and slowly force in a third and forth digit. As your pussy begins to tighten as does your grip on my cock. Leaving you on your back with legs wide spread, I sit up and take my place on all fours between your legs. The sight of my fingers in your wet pussy gets my blood racing, the look of nervous anticipation in your eyes thrills me even further. As I push harder at your pussy, you arch your back and surrender to me entirely. I begin to inch my thumb into your expecting cunt. The mere thought of fisting you has droplets of precum dripping from my tip. As you take a swallow breath and let out a cute whimper I manage my entire hand into you as your walls close tightly onto my wrist. I gently roll my hand back and forth as your eyes roll back like a sexual zombie. Your moaning gets louder as I begin to punch fuck you harder. You beg me to push harder and I do. I fist you deeply with my right hand whilst jerking my enormous hard cock with my left. You begin rubbing your clit as we work together, your moans have now intensified into louder screams of "fuck me, do it, own my pussy, it's yours"

As you begin to cum on every thrust of my hand, I can take no more. I unplug my hand from your sweetest of spots. Lift your legs high in the air, and fill you with my cock. Your tits begin to swing as I begin to heavily pound you. I stick 2 fingers into your mouth and you suck and bite them as we fuck hard and fast!

My balls are swinging as they tingle, I'm about to cum and I let you know. With both hand you grab my shaft, and stroke it roughly as it points at your face and ready opened mouth. "Oh my fucking God" is all I manage to blurt as blasting streams of white hot blow squirts onto you face, into your mouth and spills onto your tits. Every stroke unleashes more the the one before, you moan as I shower you with the rewards of our love making, you hungrily mouth my cock to be sure that every last drop has been drawn from my nuts. As we collapse for a second time, I lay there exhausted but still curious if there will be a third!!

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