First Time
6 Apr 2020

It had been months since we had been together our erotic experiences limited to the stories I had sent to you. Each one getting more outrageous was I though more and more about you and how much I wanted you. For this day I had organized an apartment and as usual I had picked you up from your car and driven into the apartment blocks car park. Today you had on a skirt and your high boots and had placed your hand on my cock as we drove just that short distance massaging me as I drove. The parking space was on a lower floor against a wall in a corner and I reversed the car into the parking space. I reached over behind me

To grab a bag with the wine and toys I had brought for us for the day. Buy the time I had turned you had exited the car and opened my door for me. I didn’t know what to think as the door now opened against the wall effectively blocking the view of that side of the car. You take the bag place it on the ground and kneel unleashing my cock as you do. You look up at me and then take me In your mouth, your teeth gently sliding up and down my cock as you take it in and out of your mouth. What a sensation and I am

So hard. You stand and tell me you want me to fuck you right there in the car park. but first you want me to lick you, I kneel you spread your feet apart and lift your skirt revealing your red lace knickers. I pull then to one side and push my tongue into your folds, your so wet. my hands are behind you pulling your arse cheeks towards me so I can get me tongue deeper into you. Put a finger in my arse you say and I comply by licking my fingers and slipping one finger then two into your arse my tongue now back into your pussy folds. You moan and then tell

Me to open wide arching you back again you send a stream of pee into my mouth. I am surprised and caught off guard, my mouth over the mound or your pubic area to catch each drop so I don’t get covered in your juices. I am now so horny, something so intimate has just happened my cock yearns for you. You finish and I feel like an animal caged and about to be freed. Take me in my arse you say. You place your hands on the roof of the car and wiggle your arse at me. I lift your skirt and pull you nickers to one side and push my cock deep inside you. You push back against me as I fuck you so hard your arse hole clenching my cock as if not to wanting to release it. I pound you and get carried away biting the back of you neck and then I feel your muscles in your arse tighten as you orgasm bringing on mine as I push one last time deep inside you pulling you back against me. Your panting your arsehole contracting in orgasm, I stand still buried inside you enjoying my cock being milked by your muscles as you orgasm. You finally stop and I pull out of you. I tell you that was amazing and you you tell me you have always wanted to do so many kinky things with me that you have never done and would never do with anyone but me. I can wait I say, to the hotel room you say. Your nails digging gently into my cock.

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