Written by Anonymous

First Time
11 Jan 2020

We are all here because we all love sex and every aspect that gives us pleasure according to our own individual tastes.

As a wise Lady once told me.

'No Sex messes with the brain'

She practiced what she preached.

Another wise lady once told me that.

'Repetitive pleasure numbs the senses'

Based on that it is a constant quest for more exciting experiences.

I have always been sexually aware from as far back as I can remember.

There is a psychology to this I'm told.

Out of respect for my partners, I do not discuss our exploits publically.

Suffice to say that like most on this site I have had sex in many places.

In the ocean, a swimming pool, standing in the forest, on the grass, in and out of bed, on the kitchen bench.

In fact if the mood strikes its all go anywhere.

Be it

5 minutes.

5 hours.

5 days.

It's all good and healthy.

There is nothing like a warm caring loving active naked Lady beside me.

I've never gone down the Bi road even though I have wondered about it at times.

I guess most of us who have never ventured there have if we are totally honest with ourselves.

Above all, I need special Female energy and all the delights that come with it.

Its time to return to the fray and taste the delights of the flesh.