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First Time
14 Apr 2019

Funny how things become real when you dont look until something creates a spark!

I happened to come across a friend in another state who told me he was heavily into ABF/ANR, I asked what it was he told me and suggested to I join groups on here as well as look at video's.

One day after absolutely driving myself nuts watching vieo's and reading I had had enough, ok NSW is classified as the 'dry state" so my fried said but I thought I would give Craiglist ago (before they took away the relationship section).

I posted with anon name for obvious reasons and a new email address but entered the surrounding areas. I saved it reviewed it and crossed my fingers.

Anyway about 4 days later I got an email (that long ago I forget her name) but we did email ping pong with the usual questions etc about baggage at home/hosting/alt playing space etc etc

For once I actually gave a mobile number out in trust as I didnt get one back, she asked what she would like me to wear, I told her as it was my first time I didnt have a clue, she sent me pictures of tops and bra's for me to choose, I did.

She then mentioned she loved dry suckling as it made her cum (something I had learnt in a video).

fast forward to the meeting day, was VERY hot but there was the car to pick me up and inside was this short woman with a bust that I have never seen so huge before.. she didnt have a bra on and asked if I liked what I saw.. I looked, swalloed and nodded (smiled too Im sure).

The plan was as we could not go anywhere we were going to a local reserve. Firstly I was taken aback at what she informed me,that if we clicked she would make sure we met when it would suit us both as she lived in a BDSM household and was the Domme in the family-her hubby couldnt make her happy with ABF

I explained my situation which she understood and told her I too was a dominant, at that point we both looked at each other with a "so what" look.

We got to the reserve, nice shaded area and no cars or kids etc, she sat back on the bench seat which she had put a blanket on and told me to come lay on her lap. I did just like a little boy (which I felt very much like at the time, I was comfortable too), she popped out this massive boob and said to not leave marks for obvious reasons (discreation).

Strangely enough I was latched onto one boob for a good hour, so much so I fell asleep! I felt her pull me towards her, opened my eyes looking at this huge boob to see her look over the top with a smile, she said it turned her on so much she came.. something she had missed for so long.

WE both were happy, content and in our own world, it was warm and inviting (still latched I may add) but she said we had best go due to the time and she had errands to run, she thanked me and dropped me off at my place which was nice of her due to the heat.

I must say I was glowing from that time with her and I slept VERY well that night, probably the best sleep Ive had in 20 ish years.

Unfortunately have not heard from her since so I am guessing she just needed release, I am ok with that as it was an awesome experience for me, something Ill never forget.. the first time syndrome :)

That leaves me with the next hurdle, where do I find someone like her in the area I live in??? sigh I feel like Im being tested... yet again/still.

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