Written by Anonymous

First Time
16 Aug 2019

I found myself with a day off and no one home to spend it with. It was a warm day and I decided that I was going to strip naked and wonder about the place giving myself dears like answering the door without any clothes on. Anyway because nobody was at the door, I found myself in the front spare room with a handful of suit ties. I began to tie myself to the bed and leaving the one hand not tired but I’m holding the tie I have a large screwdriver handle up my ass.

Dreaming of being tied down by a group of men and gang banged it wasn’t long before a knock came on the door I quickly got up and untied myself and removed the screwdriver and went to answer the door I thought I should maybe put something on but of course the dear from before still stood and so I open the door the fly wire was closed but it was not locked I noticed and they were three guys they had been going around checking the rubbish put on the verge and they had stopped outside my house and noticed something going on in this room because the blinds were open so they asked is there something going on that they could help me with. I said no I’m just acting out a fantasy of being gang banged by a group of guys and at that the man in the front said we can help you with that he reach forward and open the fly screen and my heart began to beat fast. They stepped up grabbing my ass and pinching my nipples and they took me back into the room I was in and tied me down to the bed, no sooner had my hands Tied, I felt this large cock into my mouth and he pushed it right in as it slipped down the back of my throat I gagged.

Wasn’t long before my ass was filled with cock and they were both banging away at me it felt electrifying it felt really sexual and I was turned on by it I heard somebody else on the mobile phone calling some other guys along and it wasn’t long before they were eight of them my neighbor from across the road happen to be home early that day and seeing the goings on just walked in and came down to the room and joined in the other guys had all sprayed me with their sperm or made swallow it they all had At least two turns at me and changing my position to something more comfortable I began to get sore but for some reason I was enjoying it but The guys had to go and this left just my neighbor from across the road who got onto his phone and called a couple of his mates over I prayed that they would not leave me tied up so that when my wife got home she wouldn’t know what was going on but unfortunately they did and I was left in this dirty condition that’s another story.