First Time
29 Nov 2019

hello every one here i want to explain my real life incident. It was happened in december 2018 when my mother's friend Miss Eva comes to our home. Eva is a 35 yr old women with long blonde hairs blue eyes , i was 22 at that time. My mom is a designer and she design outfits for her , she is a very rich lady always on trip. Once she take a dress and come to my room at the time she was unware that i m in the room she started removing dress My 8 inches of thick black cock become hard and my veins r hard too. I wisper eva eva moved back and shocked she was naked and i was standing my cock in my hand.

we bot were quite and i removed my hand from cock at the time Eva shouted "OH MY GOD" MONSTORR"".. I WAS Feeling hot at the time she also seduced i lay on bed she jumbped on cock and start loving me

my mom shouted from outside EVA EVA but eva was quite busy at the time on my big cock she was tottaly enjoying and moaning and saying "i want you " and sying that my husband did nt ever dream that m fucking from a big black hulk cock.

she make me cumm inside her we both cummed at the same time now she used to come daily

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