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First Time
6 Jul 2020

Not much fun on South Coast SA then again....

Finding a stranger online that likes being dominated


2 minute read

Being a amateur photographer I am always looking for something to shoot. Being an ageing male, also looking for some casual fun. Being on the south coast of South Australia there is a lot to photo, but alas finding adult fun is impossible.. at least that is what I thought. Finding a lady on a dating site, we chatted for some time and then she seemed keen on getting some nice photos of her. She made it clear nothing else, just photos. This was fine. We arranged to meet at a local secluded park, I knew, which was great for photography. We arranged to meet, and thinking like all other arranged meets she would be a no show, I went and waited and alas nothing. So as I was leaving, I passed a car and low and behold it was hear arriving. After a quick greeting and a short walk the backdrop was perfect for some photo. She ad a strapless dress, with casual shoes. The shoes were first to go, as I took a number of artistic shots. As I positioned the different poses, I said it might be good to have some of her tits, as i pulled you dress down. Shy at first, it did not take long for her to relax into a model again and the photos were great. Pushing the limits I, posed her bent over and lifted her dress and dropped you panties. Again initial shyness was soon replaced with someone keen for photos, Before long I had her totally naked. Pointing out that her nipples were not hard enough, I started sucking on them to get them hard. A few more photos. Then I pointed out here pussy was not wet, so started to rub her clit..... then a few more photos. This is where I pulled my cock out and started wanking as I took some photos. A bit shocked she asked what was I doing. Taking your photos, I replied but I need a hand, come over here. So moved closer, I took her hand and placed it on my cock as I too even more photos. This is where I put the camera down, pushed to her knees and started to fuck her face. She stopped and said she should not be doing this. Really I said, but before I could continue she was wrapping her lips around my cock again. Feeling her pump my cock with her mouth. Grabbing her head and making my cock go deep into her mouth till she gagged. It was so hot, her on her knees naked, sucking on me. before long my load exploded into her mouth. As I held her head tight, she took every bit and swallowed totally not spilling a drop. As we parted we arranged for another photoshoot.... stay tuned.

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