First Time
6 Aug 2019

It was summer the beginning of 2019 and I was visiting Port Macquarie (where I now live). I was walking along Lighthouse beach, if you haven't been there you need to visit, it is magnificent. It was about 28 degrees, the sun shining, the surf was tiny and there was no one around. So being the show off that I am, I decided to strip and go for a swim. The water was so refreshing although once I got waist high my manhood (that I am very proud of) decided to retreat - which is totally understandable.

I swam uninhibited for about half an hour and then all of a sudden there was another person coming from behind the dunes, in fact there were two, a male and a female. As they approached the water they too stripped and entered the water about 20 mtrs from me. I acknowledged their presence and continued on.

About 5 mins later I decided it was time to get out. By this time my "friends" were a little closer and I had to walk past them, "not good for the ego is it" he said as I walked past. "Sorry" I replied even though I think I knew what he was talking about. "your cock, its gone into hiding". "Yep, well as you know, it happens" I replied as I left the water and headed towards my gear.

After a few minutes lying in the sun, they walked towards me. They would of been 30-40, attractive people, not super models but nice looking. To my surprise they sat next to me, and started small talk.

"Your not from around here are you she said." "No I am not I replied, I am just visiting, in fact I am wondering if it a place I can relocate to". After some small talk and banter, she said," its nice to see your cock has come out of hiding and then leaned over to grab it". I was blown away as this was not what I was expecting. She started to stroke my cock which stood to attention straight away. Her partner said, "go on honey, warm it up for our new friend". She repositioned herself and start to suck my cock so slowly whilst looking at me with those massive blue eyes.

I looked at her partner/friend and he said, "good hey?" I just nodded and leaned back. He then came over to help her and they took turns in licking, stroking and swallowing my now massive erection. It was amazing to have these two people sucking my cock in broad daylight with no one around, we that I could see anyway.

It wasn't long before I was ready to blow and they could tell from my moaning. She took control, grabbed the base of my shaft and squeezed to build up a heap of pressure, then let go - and she took the lot - every single bit.

I have gone back often but have never seen them or anyone there but I would love to see them again.