First Time
11 Aug 2019

I was way up in Central NSW on a round robin of Client Visits. I had stopped by a tyre joint. The previous day, I had noticed some weird noises coming from the rear of the car. Vibrations that varied in frequency in line with the linear speed of my vehicle. I had pulled into the Volkswagen Dealership to get them to check it. They said it could be a slow leak due to a neat puncture; but they couldn’t find anything. Keep an eye on it, they suggested.

Seven hours later, I was pulling into Bathurst. The car had constantly told me the tyre was losing pressure. It had gone down to 18 psi. I pulled into the car park and headed for the office. There was a small queue. A guy and a girl were serving. The guy was in shop overalls. The girl in a business suit. She had very sexy black rimmed glasses and was hot, hot, hot; late twenties. I struggled not to stare. She gave me nothing at all. The guy served me. “That white Golf out there. It has a slow leak in the rear right.” “No worries mate. It will be a couple of hours.” “That’s ok. I’ll set up in here and work.” “$38 please.” I paid and went to the car to get my work bag.

I set up at a table with line of sight to the serving counter. She was highly attentive to her duties. I set up my lap top etc… and started to work, all the time watching her. Not once over the next hour, did she glance in my direction. She would head out to the Shop; issue instructions; serve customers back inside and work behind the computer. She was a machine. Impressive indeed. This was going to take all my moves and then some. I contemplated strategy. She was alone behind the computer working. I went over. “Excuse me.” She waited a few moments then looked up as if seeing me for the first time. “Yes?” “Would you kindly advise me where to get good coffee around here?” “About half a k up that road, there’s a bakery that sells Italian espresso.” “Cheers. Would you like one?” I got a full body from her. Yep! “That would be lovely, thank you.” “How do you have it?” “Skinny Latte. Two sugars.” I headed.

Indeed, she was correct. The coffee was so good, you could almost stand a spoon up in it. When I arrived back, she was in the shop. I put the coffees down and worked again. Not long later she returned to her computer. I took the coffees over and handed hers to her. “Why thank you sir.” She gave me a smile. Such beautiful teeth and full lips. I imagined my cock in her throat. She had shoulder length dark hair; very clean and shiny. It was held back in a pigtail with a green ribbon that matched her suit. Her eyes where light brown, with hazel features and small black pupils, that gave her an elfish complexion. So beautiful. She had piercings in her nose and upper lip. This gave her a “bad girl” layer that added to the intrigue.

“Fuck it’s cold here; I’m not used to it.” “Really, where are you from?” “Victoria. I’m here overnight on business.” “Oh. What do you do?” “I’m a Professional Engineer and Scientist. I’m selling Hi-Technology to Local Governments and Private Industry.” That got her attention. We talked shop while she worked. She was into high-performance motor sport. Not surprising given her location. “Does your partner also work with cars?” “Oh, I’m single.” “What. A knock-out like you; single? I find that hard to believe. You are shitting me?” “No. I’m not. I just haven’t come across the right guy yet. The guys here are cowboys with utes. They drink too much. They see woman as sex objects. What about you? I see no rings.” Wow. She had looked for a ring!! Another tell-tale sign. “Twenty year marriage. I have three grown independent children. I’ve been divorced for fifteen years. Had a few relationships; but nothing worked. So, these days, I Rock and Roll through life and live every day like it’s my last.

This gives her pause for thought. “I guess I am the same; although I’ve never thought about it like that.” At that point, she had given me the full body a few times. Being young, she probably hadn’t yet learnt the language of reading people. Well if she did, she would have worked me out long ago. If she had indeed worked me out, she was still chatting; so that couldn’t be a bad thing. I decided to plunge. “Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? It would be awesome to keep chatting like this.”

There it was; the moment of truth. She showed no surprise. “What have you got in mind?” “Restaurant. Fine dining. A few excellent wines; above all, good conversation. I rarely get that when I’m on the road; and you seem to be lacking it.” “Ok. That would be lovely. Where and when?” “I have no idea. Let me get settled into my room and I’ll sort it, then call you.” We swapped numbers. My car was done, in the car park. I found the mechanic. He handed me a screw. “It was on the inside of the tyre which is why no-one could find it. You are good to go.”

As I checked in to the Hotel, I asked “Can you recommend a good restaurant? The best one in town?” “That would be the Hacienda. Around the corner on Beck Parade.” “Can you book for me please. A secluded candle lit table for two. With my own waiter.” “Will do sir. What time?” “7.30.”

I had booked the best room in the hotel. It was massive. King poster bed. Separate lounge with a sunken entertaining area. Huge bathroom with a spa. Velvet furnishings in stylish color. I got out my phone to call her. It was nearly 7. Fuck! I had not got her name. What an idiot I was. When we swapped numbers, I had put in the business name of the tyre joint. Hmmm. Being the researcher that I am, I got out my lappy and found their website. There she was. General Manager. Tina Richards. I updated her contact details and called her.

“Hi Adrian. I thought you were standing me up.” “No chance Tina. It took me a while to arrange things. I’ll pick you up. When will you be ready?” “I’ve been ready for the last half hour waiting for you!” “Ok. What’s your address?” She lived in a nice up market apartment. I knocked. She opened the door immediately. Oh, my,… fucking,… God!!!!! She was in a skin tight, mid-thigh black silk dress. Off the shoulder both sides. Her hair was in a Japanese Geisha bun with needles. Subtle make up. Egyptian liner; clear lippy; a little foundation and a hint of color around the eyes. So perfect. Gold necklace. Black leather hand bag with gold trim. Black shiny stilettos. I stood and stared. “What’s wrong?” “Oh nothing. Let’s go.”

On arriving at the restaurant, I was expecting a comment from her. Nothing. This chick had style. Our table was exactly as I had ordered. Pierre, our waiter, got us settled. “Would Sir and Madam like a drink to start?” I looked at her. She nodded. “Mango daiquiris please.” We started chatting like old life long friends. A lovely connection. We shared all the food, feeding each other. We shared a French cab sav. Then the conversation turned to past lovers. “I’ve done very little in that area. Just a few pecks. I’ve had a few boyfriends; but they didn’t last very long.” What! “Really. Are you saying that you haven’t experienced…”? “Yes. I am a virgin.” Holy Shit! I took a huge back pedal. What was I doing?? I didn’t want the responsibility. Fuck; she was only three years older than my daughter. I immediately got a mental soft-on and changed the subject; trying to regain my composure.

We ate desert and washed it down with a nice Brown Brothers Spatlese Lexia. Then coffee and vintage port. It was 10 pm; time to go. “I’ll take you home in an Uber. I can’t drive.” “Oh.” She seemed disappointed. “I thought you were going to show me the spa you were raving about earlier?” I dropped my head and looked at my hands. “Ade. What’s wrong?” I paused, gathering my thoughts. I took both her hands in mine. “I don’t trust myself. I might seduce you.” “You already have Ade. You started at work this afternoon. I loved it. Every minute of it. I want you. I trust you. You are experienced. You are exactly what I have dreamed about. Please?”

The walk to the room was tranquil. She was happy after a few drinks; but not too pissy. I was in a contemplative mood. I was thinking about how to approach the situation. This was a first for me. I let us into the room. “Wow, Ade. This is so fantastic”. She took her stills off and got on the bed; jumping up and down. This only served to remind me about the age difference. I went into the bathroom and started filling the spa. At least we could enjoy that. I really wasn’t sure I wanted to have sex with her. Don’t get me wrong. I am very young physically and emotionally. Just not mentally. My brain was constantly alerting me. BE CAREFUL!!!!

I went back to the main room. She had stopped jumping and was sitting on the bed waiting; seemingly not sure what to do. I opened champagne and handed her a glass. We saluted and had a drink. “Let me show you how to do the strawberry.” I took hers and placed it in her mouth. “Now suck it; don’t bite it.” I took my mouth and placed my lips on hers; sucking the strawberry into my mouth. She got it immediately; sucking the strawberry back. We fucked that strawberry with our mouths until it started breaking down. We swallowed and embraced, into a proper kiss. Her body was reacting to mine as if it was a separate entity. I kissed her forehead. Then her eyes and nose. I moved to her left ear and explored with my tongue. Then down her neck, kissing and using my tongue. Her body was stiffening in delight.

I took her head gently into my hands and looked into her eyes. I whispered, “Are you sure you want this”? “Yes, yes, yes” “Ok, Stand up”. I slid her dress over her head. I removed her bra. I laid her on the bed, putting two pillows behind her head. Her knickers had a huge wet spot. She went to remove my shirt. “No. Not yet. This is about you”. I knelt between her legs, which she had instinctively opened. I placed my hands on her boobs and carefully rubbed and rotated her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. They were bone hard and protruding. I let my elbows take my weight and positioned myself in dry fuck. My cock was steel hard and very close to her. I kissed her. This time, passionately. Our tongues found each other. Her reflex action got her hips moving. “OOOOooooohhhhhh….. Ade” She came. Lovely. Just lovely. “Fuck me please”. Oh god; did I want to do that. But I had a responsibility. “Patience sweetheart”. I moved down her body. I slid her knickers off. She had perfectly manicured pubic hair. For a virgin; I found that interesting. But only for a few seconds … lol. Now it was time for me to really get her going. I love eating pussy. I would say of all the sex acts I like; this is the number one; even more than sucking cock.

I knelt between her legs. I slid my arms under her and wrapped them around her, so I had full control of her body. My hands found her breasts. My fingers found her nipples. My mouth found her vagina. My tongue found her clitoris. I started. Slowly at first. I was conscious that she may well have not experienced this before. Judging by her body’s reaction; I would say this is correct. She came straight away. “FUCK ME PLEASE!!” I ignored her and increased the pace. I was sucking the entire of the upper half of her labia. My tongue was working her clitoris; up and down; left and right; round and round. Wonderful orgasms. She grabbed my head; pulling me closer; using me as a sex toy. “ADE. FUCK ME PLEASE!!!”

Even I am not able to resist such an invitation. I got off her. She was out of breath and panting; wanting me. I got my gear off. She watched my every move. When I took my jocks off, she stared. “How are you going to fit that in me”? “Nature always finds a way darling”. I went to the bathroom. “Where are you going”? I ignored her; got the lube and returned. I covered her with it. Didn’t really need it, as she was sopping wet. Now. To do this. New experience for me. I had got her perfectly prepared. Her labia and clitoris were engorged with blood. She was begging for it. I positioned my cock against the opening of her vagina. Ah ha. I had a thought.

“Touch yourself”. “What do you mean”? “Don’t you masturbate”? “Yes”. “Do it”. So, she places three fingers on her clit and starts. Perfect. I push a little. The head penetrates. “Ooww… it hurts”. “Let the pain go sweetheart. It won’t be there for long”. She keeps wanking. I push a little more and get half way. I hold and wait for her vagina to adjust. She is not looking fearful anymore. The look on her face is wondrous. I go further. Nearly there. She rubs harder. Then the turning point. Her hips start moving. I feel her vagina welcome me. I start slow thrusting. I get on my elbows and knees and kiss her. We start to fuck properly. She loses it. “OOOooooohhhh Ade…” Huge orgasms. Chain orgasms. Eruptic orgasms.

I slow. I want to savor it. “Why have you stopped”? I say nothing; just fucked slowly, but with precision. Like a steam locomotive, starting from nothing; I picked up speed. My cock is really hard now. I can feel her cervix slipping past, as I thrust. She grips my back with her hands; digging her finger nails into me; screaming her joy. Her legs are crushing my body as I destroy her pussy. My climax was an explosion that rocked the entire room.

We lay in each other’s arms. “Ade”. “Yes”. “That was better than my wildest dreams. Thank you”. I held her close and kissed her. Skin on skin. Sex juices and smells. She had her legs wrapped around me. "When do you have to leave Ade"? "I've got a 10 am in Cowra tomorrow". "I want you to show me everything. I know I can't have you for long". Situations like this can often cause me to compromise my work. My cock can easily take over my decisions. "I'll re-schedule and keep the room for another night". She hugged me tight and kissed me. "Thank you"!

I arose and poured us more champagne. "Come with me". She followed. I topped up the spa with hot water and flicked on the air pump. The water started to foam and bubble; matching our champagne. The temperature was perfect and invigorating. Just what we needed. There is something incredibly sexy about a spa. Something to do with having the nakedness hidden below the water; but accessible to touch. You can eyeball each other's face as your bodies explore themselves below. "How much sex have you had"? Fuck. How do I answer that? "What do you mean? Quantity? Quality? Variation"? "All of the above". "Ten years ago, I made a list of all the things I wanted to try, to explore my sexuality. I've done them all. I know what I like and what I don't like". She thinks on this. "Wow. We are opposites. I watch videos sometimes. I can't tell what is real and what is make believe". "Ask me anything". "Ok. I've seen it when the guy fucks the woman in her arse. Is that photo shopped"? "No. It is real". Her jaw drops. "Now YOU are shitting ME". "No. Believe me. It is a wonderful feeling. But it is something you don't dive into. It takes time to get there".

I waited for her response. Another turning point. "I want you to show me. I trust you". "Not tonight honey. Lets pace this". I hold her close and kiss her passionately. She returns the kiss, squeezing me in her embrace. She was like a new born foal who had discovered the ability to walk and wanted to run. It was my role to show her, without falling. "Have you ever heard the term erogenous zone or G-spot"? "Yes. But I don't really know what it means". "The body has a nervous system, right"? "Yes". "The nerves are everywhere. But they are highly concentrated in certain places. Nature made us that way for a reason. Like the palm of the hand". I held her hand and gently touched her palm with my finger tips. "Oooohhhh". "Do you see"? "Yes".

I lightly touched the side of her neck. Then the side of her abdomen. Then behind her knees. Then inside her elbow. Then her inner thigh. "Ooohh Ade. How do you know these things"? "Years and years of research darling". "What else do you know"? "Oh. The available knowledge is endless. I am learning every day. I will learn new things being with you". "Like what"? "Don't know yet. But I know I will. Because my mind is completely open to new possibilities". She thinks on this. Her intellect was grasping the meaning of my message.

I can't spa for very long. My metabolism runs very hot. I have to be outside in the snow, to stay in a spa for more than 20 minutes. "Why are you getting out? It is lovely in here". "Too hot for me, babe. I need to cool down". I ran a warm shower and soaked. She remained in the spa, watching me. "How do you keep such a fit body at 53"? "Metabolism babe. I don't need to exercise much. My body responds rapidly. I eat healthy. I fast every day until mid afternoon. I do flex, core and some resistance most nights. It is about consistency. A little each day. A habit set". "Have you always been this disciplined"? "Fuck no. 15 years ago, I was 140 kg". "What! I can't imagine you being fat". "Believe me. I was. I was unhappy. I binged. The last 10 years have been a slow transformation for me". "I've heard it said age is only a number". "Absolutely".

I finished showering and dried off. She hopped out. I dried her with the same towel. I admired her young body. Not a mark. Perfect skin. No fat to speak of. Her natural smell was mesmerizing. I held her in my arms and took a deep smell of her neck through my nose. I kissed her there. She grasped my head and moved my mouth to hers. There was a renewed urgency in her movements. I lifted her into my arms. "Ade. So strong". I carried her to the bed and gently laid her down; admiring her delicious physique. She looked up into my eyes like I was a roman god; sent to please her. Hmmmm. This gave me an idea. "Have you ever done role play"? "In training, yes". "Good. Would you like to try it with me"? "I trust you. Show me". "Ok. Let's pretend I am a slave and a Gladiator. You are my owner. My Mistress. You get to do anything you want with me. I have to obey you, without question. You may punish me at your will". "Hmmmmmm. That will be interesting".

I grabbed the floor towel and wrapped it around my waist; tucking it in at the front; in the style of a Gladiator. I stood to attention, with my arms straight down; staring straight ahead; waiting for her orders. "Gladiator. What is your name"? "Mencius, my Lady". "Mencius. Kneel". I obey. She approaches me. "Lick my clitoris". I obey. She opens her legs and holds my head as I go to work on her bits. A different sensuality exuded from her; because she was in charge. "Stand up". I obeyed. She removed my loin cloth. I was bone hard. She got on her knees and took my cock into her hands. She bent him down to the horizontal and put her mouth over his head. Her tongue circled him. Her lips clamped him. She slid him deeper and started to face fuck. She placed her hands on my buttocks and squeezed; pulling more of my cock into her throat. She got to the gag point, then pulled out.

"Lay down". I obeyed. She straddled me in cowboy; guiding my cock to her pussy, who was dripping with sex juices. This time, he slid in with ease. She let her weight force him all the way in; then she started to grind. She grasped my hands and placed them on her boobs. "Work my nipples slave". I obeyed. She started to hump me; harder, faster, further. "Yyyyeessss". Her orgasms started. This initiated an itch in me. My second orgasm is usually a whopper. This was going to be no different. I started to match her thrusts in the opposite direction. My cock was ramming her so hard, I could feel him pushing against the fleshy wall of her uterus - another G-Spot. Sweat was starting to run down her chest between her boobs. My balls clamped. A white hot sear gripped my crotch. I was pumping her so hard, she was almost flying off me with each stroke. My ejaculation hit, like a hurricane. I pumped her full of sperm. This caused her to scream her final orgasm. She collapsed in my arms; falling out of roll. "Ade...Ade...Ade".


I awoke many hours later. The lights were still on. We were laying naked in the exact same position, where we last fucked. Her on her tummy. Arm draped around me. She was snoring. I carefully slid her arm off me; hopped out and pulled the dooner up over her. It was 7.30 am. No idea what time we finished last night; but it must have been at least 2 or 3. I felt really good. I went and had a nice hot shower. Shaved all over and did my cock exercises. Still naked; in the lounge, on the carpet; I commenced my flex work. It was primarily based on Yoga. Then my core. 150 push ups without stopping. The burn in my arms felt awesome. "How can you do that, after so little sleep"? I looked across. Tina was standing at the door. She was wearing one of the room gowns. Her hair was all over the shop. She looked so so sexy. "Don't need much sleep. Quality, not quantity". I stood up and stretched again; keeping my legs together and palming the floor. I heard the shower. I finished my exercise and went to the room service brochure to eyeball the options. I don't eat much during the day. Mainly coffee.

I ordered croissants, a fruit platter and Italian coffee from the bakery. She came out of the bathroom wearing the gown and drying her hair. "I need to pop home and get some clothes for today. What are we doing"? "What would you like to do"? "Have you ever seen Mount Panorama"? "No".

I drank coffee, while she devoured two croissants and some fruit. "Wow. Sex is good exercise". "You bet it is. You can burn real calories; fucking for a few hours". "Tell me about it". After she finished eating, she dressed in her cocktail gown from last night. We headed for her place. I unloaded all my camping gear into her garage. I wanted to give the Golf a crack around the track. See what she could do. "Do they let you drive fast around the track"? "No. It's a public road usually. But people do it. Mainly at night. They use spotters, because the cops patrol it all the time". Bugger. Oh well. I'll check it out. We headed for the track.

"Drive down there. See that long shed. That's the pits. That's pit straight. Go past it and follow the road".

I did a few laps sitting on 60 km/hr. Wow. It was so tempting to hit the accelerator. There was no-one around. Not a soul. No wind. Beautiful day. Do I? Fuck it. "Where's the starting line"? "Keep going; I'll show you". "There". I pulled up. "Get your phone out. Time me". She did that. "Tell me when". "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO"! I floored. The Golf took off. Through the S's. I hit Conrod Straight and went for it. I was cruising at 170 at the first slow bend. Slowed; through; then up again. On the main straight, I hit 235. Whizzed through Brock's Skyline. Hit 245 up Mountain Straight. "Go to the pits". I did that. OH FUCK. A Police Patrol car was there waiting for us. Their lights were off; no siren. A guy and a girl copper. Waiting, watching. FUCK!!!

I drove up to them conservatively. Grabbed my wallet and got out; walking up to them. I was dressed in my work uniform. Tina stayed in the Golf. He (driver) wound down his window. "Nice day for a drive, mate". I handed him my license. He ran it through the computer. She looked bored. I got the impression I wasn't the only customer they'd had today. I waited, not saying anything. "Righto; what's your story?" "Sir. My friend was showing me the track. It is my first time here. I did two laps at 60 km/hr; but I couldn't help myself. I did one fast lap just now". "We know. We watched you the whole time". What a dumb fuck was I? Of course they would have CCTV cameras everywhere. Didn't think of that, did I? Fucking IDIOT!!!

"Do you know what the lap record is"? "No idea". "Do you know what your lap time was just then"? "No, Sir". "What is your reasoning as to why I shouldn't book you now"? I gathered my thoughts. Fuck it; just tell the truth.

"It was a poor judgement call on my behalf. I checked the track twice. I felt the risk to be low. My car is brand new. I know it intimately because I drive 2000 km/week in my job in Sales Engineering. Without my license, I won't work. My life will be virtually over". "Go back to your car and wait, please". I did that. "What's happening"? "I don't know. I think he is considering letting me off. Something about my lap time". We waited a good 5 minutes. Then he started his car and drove off. No words. Not even a glance. I waited another 5 minutes. They didn't come back. I sighed with relief. "Fuck, that was a close one". "Ade". "What?" "Your time was 2 minutes 32". "So, what does that mean"? "It means a shitload". Whatever; I was just happy to still be driving.


We went sight seeing. Tina showed me Bathurst. Where she grew up. Her first family home. We had coffee at the bakery again for lunch at 2 pm. She ate a Spanish toasted sandwich. I had a fruit bowl with strawberry yogurt. "Is there any live music in this town"? "Yes. But tonight, I'm not sure". She got out her phone and started surfing. There was a country band playing at one of the locals. Perfect.

We arrived at the pub at 8 pm. This time, she was dressed in jeans, a corduroy shirt, knee length boots and a leather jacket. Hot; as usual. She had allowed her hair to rest natural. No make up at all. I was also in jeans, with Cubans, a collared blue shirt and an oil skin coat; with an Akubra hat. My goatee added the look I needed. We sat at the bar. I ordered the largest craft beers they had. The band was to start at 9.

They weren't bad. Five piece. Bass, drums, two guitars and vocalist. No keys. They played some good stuff to start with. Good harmonies. Eagles. I was impressed. I took Tina onto the dance floor and moved with her to Tequila Sunrise. So romantic. We were the power couple in the room. People were watching us. "Do you know anyone here"? "Shit yes. I know everyone". That gave me food for thought. I was in her domain. She had this older guy, with her. They must be intrigued. I decided to let it go. Let her drive and just relax.

At the end of the first set, I went back stage to meet the band. Tina was talking to friends. "Hey man". The bass player engaged me. "Hey you. Nice playing. I loved your work in that Lionel Ritchie song". "Thanks man". "Want a tote"? He handed me. I partook. "So, what's your story"? I am a Jazz piano player mainly. But I play guitar and sing". "Is that right? Here" He hands me an acoustic. I play and sing Billy Joel's "Rosalinda's Eyes". By the way. That is a really hard song. ... The whole room stopped, while I played and sang. The lead vocalist stepped over. "You are up next with us Ade". He handed me a semi-acoustic, steel string.

We entered the stage. Vocalist announces "Ladies and Gentleman. We are fortunate to have a very accomplished musician in our midst". He waves at me. "This is Adrian; from Melbourne". I bow and take up my position behind the extra mic their Rodies had set up. I had no idea what they were going to play. They started. James Taylor. "How sweet it is, to be loved by you". Thank Christ I knew the chords and the lyrics. It was in C concert. I joined. It was cool. I started the vocals. They harmonized. It was like we were a band that had been together for yonks. So cool. We did 8 tunes; then stopped for a break. "I'm done guys. I've got to find my Lady". "Cheers Ade". I exited.

Couldn't see her anywhere. Fuck! I can get a jealous thing sometimes. Even with a girl I have only just met. I searched the building. Couldn't find her. SHIT! I must have scared her off. Oh well. I resigned myself to getting back to work. It had been fun. I had really enjoyed her; but I had to start working again. I left. Got a taxi; and back to my room.

Her smell was in the bed. I missed her. I wondered where she was. It was only 11 pm. We had agreed to spend this night together. I had booked the room again. What to do? I called her. No answer. Straight to message bank. She must have met a younger guy. That made me feel good for her actually. I hoped my tuition may have given her energy and skill. On the other hand; I was wanting to see her again. Fuck this! What do I do? Nothing. I had to leave her to her own stuff. I hopped into bed and tried to sleep.

I didn't sleep. I laid there for ages; contemplating. Then a knock on the door. It was her.

"You ok"? "Yes. I went to a party". "Come in". She entered. "Want to tell me about it"? "Not really".

I opened champagne. "I loved your singing". "Thanks. I love singing".

Things between us had changed. The sexual tension was not there anymore.

"Why did you come back to my room"? "Because my stuff is here. I have to collect it".

"What about tonight? Weren't we gonna spend it together"? "I don't think so".

I collected her things. She left. I went to sleep.

That is how things rock sometimes readers.