First Time
16 Apr 2020

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I have a lover that I met and found out that he was a Dom. This intrigued me and on our first date I found myself offering him some power over choices. Hair up or down? He loved it down and so I wore it like that just for him. I also wore some very sexy black lingerie he chose. When he arrived on his bike, he won me immediately with his smile and cheeky twinkle of mischief in his eyes. That night he took me and utterly ravished me in the most primal way, claiming the first fuck with me as his and cumming hard and deep into my wanting pussy. I was left needing more, so took the option to go home with him and we lost most of the night enjoying each others bodies. I remember with clarity his joy when he realised I loved anal as much as he did. He claimed my ass, cumming in it hard. I tried ever so hard not to be smitten, but I was under some kind of spell. I found myself wanting to see more of him and our time together by complete chance became extended and our bond grew as lovers and friends. My Dom friend wasn't yet my Sir and I had yet to choose to submit. I was a total BDSM virgin so he gently introduced me to some things and I had watched him in awe as he did his thing with girls in the dungeon. It stirred up something lustful inside me watching him dominate them so completely.

Then came the fateful day of the surprise first spanking.....

I was at his place and a couple came over to play. After awhile I found myself excluded and bored so I disengaged and then left the room. I came back a short while later to everyone laying on the mattress on the floor relaxing. I don't know what came over me, but I saw my Dom friend's ass and slapped it! Both cheeks! LOUDLY......

His head whipped around and his eyes looked wild for a moment, and I was like OMFG what did I just do! He was shocked and then said there would be retribution for the slaps. He went upstairs for his bag of tricks and a cane, making it clear he was going to cane me. I lay down with my head on the mattress as directed. I couldn't see. He whipped the cane around so I could hear it. My anxiety growing as he drew it across my ass and I thought fuck! he's really going to do it. I prepared myself mentally for the sting as I heard the cane slice through the air and then .... Thud! thud thud thud the contact of a leather lash. I swore at him and refrained from hitting him like I wanted to. The bait and switch! I burst into tears as my soul opened up and began to purge. Eventually I stopped long enough to say to him this .... "get up and sit in the chair". He looked at me confused ... I tell him again and that wish to be spanked. He asks if I am sure and I was. He'd been very openly fantasising all morning about spanking my gorgeous ass. Saying he wanted to bend me over his knee in public. In this moment he had my perfect trust and I was giving him the audience I knew he deserved.

I presented myself naked across his fully exposed lap, his bare chest enveloping me in his manly post-sex smell. I could feel he was surprised and pleased as he gave me my number. FIVE. That meant five for each ass cheek and a total of ten spanks. He made sure I was still ok with this and I nodded. I counted down from 5,4,3,2,1 WHACK! tears sprang from my eyes with the firm force of his hand. As it had been a surprise, I hadn't been instructed. A voice in his audience says "you're supposed to thank him!" I managed to mumble a thank you between sobs. Then in a firm measured tone he says "Thank you what?" I am confused, not knowing what to say. I tell him I don't know what I'm to call him. A voice in his audience yells out "SIR! You are supposed to call him Sir!" So I repeat my thank you Sir correctly each time until I reached the last spank. I went limp in his lap sobbing as he asked if I was ok. I nodded yes but needed a moment. Then we lay and talked as I purged some innermost secrets and fears. We bonded so closely in that moment, I have never felt anything like it. And now he wants me to have his collar and be his sub and I'm learning what that means. Someday soon I will be. It's a journey that shouldn't be rushed.

Next story in series: For the Dom Who Wishes to Collar Me

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