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We finally meet....

The anticipation of our first meeting.


4 minute read

We've been talking and messaging for so long now, I cannot wait any longer, you need to come over now... I'm going to be dressed like the sweet innocent woman I am... you'll open the door & rip off my dress in frustration.... I'll be left standing there in my lingerie...  waiting for you to devour every inch of my body.... You turn me around, so my back is against your chest, my breathe heavy with anticipation of what you'll do with me... You grab my throat with one hand & my breast with your other hand... You breathe heavily into my ear and turn my chin to face you and you kiss me passionately for the first time... Your other hand slides down into by bra and you grab the flesh of my breast.... I start to get wet wondering what you'll do next... Your hand moves to my kitty and you feel her warm to touch, your fingers move inside to my fleshy kitty... She's dripping now, all over your fingers... You start to circle your fingers around my pulsing clit, while you continue to kiss me firmly... my legs start to go weak and shake... you stop.... You see the leather couch beside me, you move me towards it whilst pulling my hips into you... I can feel your beautiful big cock waiting eagerly in your pants to meet me... You force me over the couch, my beautiful big ass is in the air, waiting for you to play... my lingerie exposes my dripping kitty and my pretty pink asshole... You force my back down and my legs apart... my kitty is swollen and egar for you to touch her... You crouch down behind me and open the kitty up, you see her begging for you... your tongue reaches out and you lick my pretty pink ass... I moan waiting for you... You flick the clit with your tongue... your tongue moves into her and tastes her for the first time, she tastes better than you even imagined, you push your face closer towards her and your tongue goes deep inside her, you can't help but lick her up and down furiously, tasting every part of her... her juices are flowing into your mouth and you're loving every fucking minute of owning her pleasure... She's about to climax... and you stop... You hold my back in place while you pull down your pants, your cock is throbbing... You pull my arm back and place my hand on your gorgeous big fat throbbing cock, my hands feel him for the first time, I can't see him and it's killing me... I want him so bad... You grab your cock and rub him along my kitty, teasing me... I want to turn around, put him in my mouth and swallow him, but you won't let me see... You keep running him against me, you ever so slowly start entering my kitty, you take your time... feeling every inch of my kitty swallowing him... I start to moan and shudder... I'm hungry, so hungry for him... You slowly pull him out and you see my creamy juices all over him.... this time your force him inside me so deep that it takes my breath away... You repeat it again and again until you can't wait any longer... You start pounding my kitty so hard, it's feels so fucking good... your cock is ready to explode, but you don't want this feeling to end, you don't let it end... You slap my beautiful ass... I scream in pleasure... You grab my hips and fuck me while I scream.... You pull out to stop yourself from releasing... You unfasten my bra and then take me by the hand and walk us around the other side of the couch... You see my gorgeous big breasts for the first time... my pretty pink nipples are firm... You lay me down on the couch and start playing with my swollen breasts... You look into my blue eyes... and enter me again... rocking back and forth inside me... feeling our breathe getting heavier... We can't wait any longer... we're feeding on each other's energy, we're so fucking horny and loving being this close, smelling, tasting each other... no more wondering about each other... just pleasuring each other... we cum together... my juices all over your cock... your cum leaking out of my kitty... We fall into each other's arms and smile at each other thinking about how this is just the beginning of our naughty adventures

Tags: affair, anticipation, arousal, breasts, couch

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