My first anal experience Gay

Young Indian boy takes older white cock in ass…

This is a story about the time I had my first anal experience.

I was 19 at the time, and had just finished one week long training session where we stayed in bunks, so no jerking off. When we left to go home on Friday, I was extremely horny, having been unable to cum for 6 days.

So as I was travelling back home on the bus, I browsed Craigslist. There was an ad for an older gentleman looking for someone to fuck. I've never had great luck on… Read more

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My first time sucking cock Gay

First time I ever sucked another cock…

This is a story about my first time ever sucking cock.

I was 18 years old, and had just finished high school, waiting for uni to start. I had a lot of free time in my hands, so visited this website with cam models. And I was watching them and jerking off. And then eventually, I started being on camera, stroking myself and just chatting and having fun.

So one day, I was chatting with this guy and he was showering me with compliments. Nothin… Read more

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Dump trucks 3 Gay

Still a dump…

Andy was texting lots and getting replies.
"Ok bring your cummy asscunt and dump mouth around into my trailer. A few blokes I know are gonna use you in there."
He got me in the trailer and had me bent over a box so my asscunt and mouth were useable. He shoved all his half hard cock in my mouth n throat as he fingered more of his cum out of my creamed asshole and fed it to me.
Knock knock on the big rear door and Andy said "Come in" and "he… Read more

Dump trucks 2 Gay

Double loads…

" I'm ere Baz!"
"got ya mate. The dump be there in a min."
"Rippa champ! I gotta unload it all!
"No worries Andy yea upload it deep n good."
Baz said I could stop licking his balls as he gave my slippery asshole a last fingerfuck. "Ok cumdump walk over to that black semi and get in the passenger door. Andy will take ya now."
I climbed into the truck door and Andy was stroking his hard 8 inch and said "Get in the back cab and show me … Read more

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Dum trucks Gay

Long haul big loads…

No-one was at the dogging park. I was there for over an hour and gave up hope and started driving home to play with my ass and cock alone.
Yes my bomb car overheated 5mins later and
I pull onto the shoulder behind a big long truck. I was about to check the radiator etc when a voice behind me said "nice bum" and I turned to see an older guy smiling. " I could see your car steaming as you pulled in behind me so let's ava look at!
Baz the tru… Read more

His first Gay


Craigslist is now gone but it provided a few adventures. One afternoon I was horny and placed an add. I didn’t really specify who I was looking for and waited for replies. I posted a pic of my large 8.5” cock and quickly got a few replies. Most I rejected but one caught my eye. A young 18yo student had just moved to town away from his normal life and wanted to experiment a bit. He said he had never tried a cock and since he had just arrived i… Read more

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My first time Gay

My first time with a guy was about 15 years ago when I was 32. I had always craved it since i was 14, nearly had sex with an old pedo when I was 15 (regret I didn’t) and finally had access to gaydar on computer at work so started talking to guys. I was too scared to meet until I finally had enough and desire outweighed fear. The guy said he was 95kg in his stats but when he opened the door he was 145kg!! I was there and committed and didn’t c… Read more

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first time topped Gay

I'm not much on writing but this is what happened.

I've been on various sites just thinking about it looking for opportunities to try something new.
My first encounter with another guy was oral and really enjoyed it ,i even swallowed the cum, yum.
A couple days ago i was on the computer looking around for new experience and a guy offered to meet and see how we got on.So a meeting was arranged and we did hit it off so we went to his place … Read more

First time with a cock Gay

First time…

Id had always had a curious thought in the back of my mind and it always came out when i was looking at porn wanking. Id become increasingly more turned on by the idea of trying a cock. Inside my hand mouth and arse and to feel and see it cum.

I got onto craigslist after a few drinks and put the idea out to someone in the same frame of mind. I was after an outdoor setting at night, not interested in kissing just the cock.
After a few guys ha… Read more

Spit roasted in a public toilet ! Gay

So first time writing a story here but I have one that just needs to be shared
I consider myself a bi guy, I’m fit young and I’ve been told I have a pretty nice cock, one day after a few drinks on my own I started to feel pretty horny so I payed in be playing with myself while looking through the internet for some blokes in the area, I started talking to one guy about 20 years older than me who was also looking for Some fun, he was an averag… Read more

Take me home 2 Gay

No sooner had I swallowed his chunky cum, Rick grabbed me by the throat and lifted me to my feet. We were still in the entry of his house where I had been made forcefully to suck him off, I was confused and wasn't sure if we were role playing or not or if he was just a monster!
He then pushed me across his living room, now strongly holding my neck and pushed me through a door way into a room which turned out to be his bedroom, he had large kings… Read more

Take me home Gay

I had broken up with my wife and was spending time finding myself in my new single lifestyle - I had always had casual sex with guys on the side.
I wasn't sure about who I wanted to date, males or females at this stage of my life. I had been talking to a nice guy on gaydar for years but never met, and while scanning through the sites and previous messages one night had found a message with his phone number on it. What the hell I thought and deci… Read more

More than i was expecting Gay

My wife was away for the weekend and i was aching to play with a new friend. I went on gaydar and chatted to a few guys and then received a message from Scott. He sent me his phone number and we started texting. It was Saturday morning and he told me he was part of a long time gay couple who liked to play, and they actually had a few guys coming over that afternoon for some fun in the spa as Scott put it, and I was invited to come.
I couldn't … Read more

Great tenant Gay

I spent time working as a property manager a few years ago, and we would do quarterly inspections on all of the properties to check on maintenance, cleanliness, etc.
My job was to do the inspections and do a report for the landlords, was an interesting job meeting all kinds of people, different races and religions, families, single people, and different sexual orientations.
I am married in a great relationship with my best friend, my wife, bu… Read more

My first time Gay

I recently came out to my partner of 12 years, before we got together I had experimented with my sexuality. I remember first watching porn and being just as turned on by the sight of a nice hard cock as I was by a wet pussy or a girl's arse. I'm not attracted to the male body at all, this caused much confusion to a young man, especially brought up in a catholic household but I wanted to suck and be fucked by cock. It wasn't until I was 18 and in … Read more

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Melbourne gym 3 Twist Gay

Wow what a day that was! I must say while heading home all l could think about were those 11 cocks and all that cum! Like l said earlier I'm 45 and in good Nic! There's not much of me only being 5ft 3 and weighting 53 kilo. So u can now picture my small frame those 2 huge cocks Deep in my arse! I'm fully tanned and smooth a petite bubble arse and small little waist. My young instructor almost had both hands around my waist while he pounded me wit… Read more

Melbourne gym 2 Gay

I'd now been in the bedroom of my young African instructors for an hour and half I was still horny but feeling exhausted! I hadn't seen him since he fucked me and fed me his thick hot cum abit over an hour ago but since then I've had 3 other big African cocks up me and there cum in my mouth! One at a time they came in fucked me and left! I'm not even sure how many are here! 2 guys entered the room they told me get on my knees! OMG infront of me … Read more

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Melbourne Gym Gay

I had finished my workout and was in the change room drying myself after my shower! I'm 45 and in good nic! It was on closing time and a young instructor came in to see if any one was still in the gym! To my surprise this young guy walked over to me and locked his lips with mine and tongue kissed me for I would say 5 minutes! His lips were so soft his tongue so long and wet! By now he had his clothes off he was so muscular ! He pressed his smoot… Read more

Just Right at King Steam on Oxford Street Gay

I had been to King Steam a few times back in the 90's. The excitement of getting a giving head and hand jobs was a real turn on. But this time I wanted to see what it felt like to be a bottom.

I had done the usual shower and then into the dark sauna. The feeling of unknown hands on me and feeling hard and throbbing anonymous cocks is always a thrill. But time to walk the maze. It didn't take long until I saw a middle eastern guy about 5'… Read more

Meet the mother, fancy the son! Gay

Shelley is an older woman with whom I had been having an off-again, on-again affair for about twenty years. She was a divorced mother of two, a chef by occupation and enjoyed just a little bit of kinky sex here and there. Whilst not particularly good looking, she was at least interesting in and out of bed. I learned early on that she was not really very good at kissing because her tongue was actually quite flat and large and she had a tende… Read more

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My first time Gay

It starts like this, I grew up in a small town playing football and cricket and always had girlfriends, losing my virginity at 14 to a 16yr old, I thought I had it made. I was now 19 and a new guy turned up at the cricket club, he seemed friendly enough, one night after a game we were all having a few beers when I was talking to him and all of a sudden got rock hard ,I don't know what it was, but he seemed to be emitting something that made me wa… Read more

Dogging in Toowoomba Gay

I had heard about a great hookup place in Toowoomba through the day which was located at a park toilet block. I was always keen and wanted to try the random thrill of a hookup, and as my job spends a lot of time driving around town I often dropped into the toilets to relieve myself and see if any activity was happening.
I had been going their over many months and no one was ever about which was disappointing but I always had a rush of excitement… Read more


I was lured to the plush motel room under false pretenses. This wasn't the meeting I was expecting.
"So you're a football star" he said mockingly. "I know who you play for and how much you earn", he continued. I looked down on him with disdain, he was half my weight and barely looked 18 years old.
"What's your game runt" I replied with anger.
"I've got film and photos of you with a certain Transsexual escort, got you fucking her, kissing and… Read more

Gay massage accidently organised by my wife (continued) Gay

'I hope this is our secret' I gasped.
'What happens within these walls stays within these walls' Derek replied.
With that he tolde to lay back and relax, and started massaging me again, starting at my shoulders and working his way down to my hips, then moving to my feet and working my legs. My cock was so hard it felt like my skin was going to rip, my thoughts were 'what is he doing, is he just going to leave it and pretend it hasn't happened?'… Read more

Gay massage accidently organised by wife! Gay

I have been secretly bisexual all my life, and had met a few guys since 2003 when I finally gave into my urges and started having secret hookups with other guys.

I was training hard for triathlons in 2006, and had a few niggling injuries which wouldn't go away. My wife suggested I go to a massage with a friend of ours, Derek, who we had known for a few years. When we first met Derek he was an overweight, shy, fat man married with two children … Read more

My First Gay Time Gay

I had known since I was 14 I had a large sexual appetite for not just females but males as well. Growing up in the 70's & 80's in the environment I was in, meant I pushed aside the gay feelings and went down the normal path of dating girls, having great sex and enventually get married and having a family as most guys in my situation did.
When I was 14 one day I was playing Cowboys and Indians with friends, and I got caught as an Indian, they ti… Read more

Meeting Bi guys for Sex Gay

David and andrew here we live on ten acres in the middle of a pine forrest. Having one neighbour and living on a no through rd into the forrest seems scary for some people, but for us it was a no brainer.
Discrete sex with guys from a 300km radius is the fun we have.
Sometimes we have fun here or in adelaide, maslins beach is great for sucking cock, fuk the last guy there he was amazing his cock was so thick that i had stretch marks like dolly… Read more

Truck stop blow Gay

Have a habit of driving with my cock out and keeping myself semi hard, love driving slowly past trucks and giving the drivers a look, very rarely does anything happen, but this particular time one of the trucks I flashed stopped at a roadside stop I was at.

I made my way into the toilets and sat down and started wanking, there was a big opening where the door hinged and it was easy to see me sitting there with and exposed cock, this truckie li… Read more

meeting my mate again Gay

I had met Andy a few times, he was younger, very fit, doing push bike riding as a fitness regime, stocky with a good tan and he enjoyed meeting me. his 8 inch cock always felt good, he loved to fuck my nice tight butt and always wanted to finish with me, riding him and taking his cum deep inside my arse, which was good with me. That way he could watch it all run out onto his balls and stomach.

Then one night I turned up, his mate Rod was ther… Read more

steam room fun Gay

It had been awhile since last going to the steam rooms, but today I had time and was horny as too, like the other guys I stripped of but hung the towel over my shoulder, I'm there to get fucked so I like guys to see my butt, I walked around checking out the rooms, then went back to the porno room and sat on the edge of the seating there, cock in hand lube on butt, it didnt take long,
A few guys looked on, one going down sucking my cock, while a… Read more

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