Written by largecock181

18 Aug 2010

i had met dave before, he was well built and very well hung, with a great 8inch cock, he asked if i had any objections to his friend being there next time we met, of course i said no problem, i turned up around 7.30 and met Rod also nice looking guy and very easy to talk to, well it didnt take me long to get undressed and start to play with thier cocks, Rod also had a nice 7 inch cock, that looked great, and felt good too, within minutes i had got them both in my mouth and worked on them both,

but my arse was crying out for a cock to be buried deep inside , so I turned to Dave for him to open my hot manhole with his cock, seeing as he had already fucked my tight arse before, with one hard trust his cock slid right home and hit rock bottom, soon his pace picked up and my arse was getting a well deserved fucking, mean while my mouth was going strong on rods cock, after 5 mins or so rod needed to fuck me too,, and with ease his cock slipped in, dave worked his way to my mouth and i sucked him hard, while rods cock worked its magic in me, they went on like this for around an hour or so, each going flat out fucking my now wet but still tight arse, tag teaming me,, but now i wanted more, so laying dave down i slide onto his cock and got rod behind me, his cock slipping in next to daves, filling me full, they took awhile but slowly got a rythem going,,being fit they kept a good pace going, both cocks worked well together, pumping my arse hard,,

in time we needed to move, so once on my back they took turns fuking me that way, all the time with one fucking my mouth while the other filled my arse, 2 hours went by and still we kept going, when they said about having a rest i got them to lay on thier backs with thier cocks together and legs over one anothers, and i slipped down taking them both once more in me mmmmmmmmm i rode them like this for a good 10 mins, until Dave once more said ,,, on your knees,, with this he took control again while i again sucked Rod, another 30 mins went by,, but now Dave soon started making the sounds of a guy enjoying the build up of cum in his balls, with one big push and a nice hot feeling inside me he let loose, rod was in my mouth and nearly blew, but held back, soon switching with dave, and not long i felt his cock stiffen and blow in me too, , they were as they said wel and truly fucked, and we lay talking for awhile, arranging to meet the following week,

we did meet a few more times and each time got better as we started to know one anothers bodies better and how to get the best out of each other, after one meet I had to come home and sit in my pool , around midnight in may, to cool my red hot arse down, as it was still twicthing some 60 mins or so after they had finnished fucking me,

sorry to say like all things, it came to an end when they moved away,

but i still look back and laugh each time i think of the cooling pool mmmmmmmmmm