Written by wombatt36

27 May 2012

One day I got a phone call from this guy and asked me to pick him up take him for a ride when he came down from his unit he was with another male (sister girl) and they both got in the car my friend took his shorts and undies off while I was driving. The sistag sat in the back and did the same and they started to play and when we got to a dark secluded spot we all got out of the car and they stripped me and started to paly and suck my cock.

I sucked the sistag and rimmed him as well while I was being fucked from behind lovely the friend behind me cum inside me and the sistg was still hard as anything and loving me licking and sucking him and i put my cock in side of him he loved it i cum inside of him but i still wanted his cock as he had a real nice cock and ass.

The sistg keeps asking for me as he wants to stay with me as he recons i did a reall good job on him made him cum more than once and he has nice sweet cum.