Written by bi guy

18 Apr 2013

I hadn’t been to the men’s club for some time, and was feeling horny, on a wet Saturday afternoon, so I prepared myself for some fun and set of, as usual you are given a towel to wear when walking around, mine was thrown over my shoulder as I walked to the dark room to see how things were going, no sooner had I walked in then a pair of hands gripped my arse, I swung around and grabbed his cock, going down to suck him, things warmed up quickly, as another set of hands pulled my butt up and a tongue found my hole, soon followed by a hard cock, as the day began, I played in there for some time, allowing the guys to use my butt for their pleasure, before leading one guy to the mirror room, I knelt down his cock going back quickly into m cum filled butt, as I looked at the different angles to see him use my body, this turns me on, as another guy joined us, face fucking me, before his man seed filled my mouth, all to soon my butt to was seeded once more as another cock took over, I now had a few guys to choose from as I wanted more, asking who was up to dp me, hands went up as 2 cocks filled my butt, and other my mouth, with so many guys it was hard to see but several times I could look back and see mainly in the mirrors on the roof, the guys dp’ing me, what a lovely sight, as once more cum flowed freely,

Once more I took over and went to the sling room, lifting myself up with the help of several guys who quickly took turns fucking me, word I have found gets around, and the room filled with more and more guys, some just looking other’s taking turns when they could, I remembered one guy, it had been awhile but who forgets a good fuck, he smiled and moved in, his cock finding my hole as welcoming as it had been before, I loved the way he fucked me, he has a good stiff hard cock that finds my g spot and send me over the top very quickly, as my anal orgasms began to rip though me, then his fingers went in, followed by his fist mmmmmmmm he hadn’t forgotten, he’s good, my cock leaking pre cum as he works me to new height’s, I was now a sticky cummy mess as guys fucked my mouth and blew over my face, my hole now wide enough to drive a bus into was still being fisted hard, then his cock went in too, oh boy I love that as he works me hard, before rewarding my hole with his cum,

To say I was horny was wrong, I was super horny, taking guy after guy and wearing them out, several using my body more than once before leaving, I left around 10 pm, with some guys asking when I was due back, I said as soon as possible I need more of that