Written by psolis

22 Mar 2013

Friday night I decided to go down to nth adelaide swimming center to do some laps. After I finished I decided to go to pulteny sauna, so I went for a shower & to change. As I walked into the shower there was only one other guy showering, a mid 20's asian guy.

Minding my own business as I showered , i noticed this guy having a sneaky look . Now I am no adonis, far from it , but I do like asian guys , so if i have one looking at me I am not going to let an opportunity pass. I turned to face him as I discreatly lathered my cock. We passed looks & I noticed him getting excited. Being fully aware that there are other people in the change room & more importantly children, I gestured to him that we need to be discreet & that I am going to get dressed.

He followed, I quickly dried off , got dressed - shorts(no undies) tank top & thongs. I was dressed & noticed he was still drying him self. I left the change room & went & waited in the foyer, hoping to arrange something. If not I would head off to the sauna.

After 5 min he emerged & he was 1/2 suprised I was there. We approached each other & agreed to go to the car park & talk. Leaning against my car we started to discuss what we like. He likes larger, thicker, cocks than your average asian cock while i like asian cocks. I reached out & started rubbing his dick through his pants, he was hard & ready. After a few minutes he invited me to his place, only a couple of minutes away at croydon. We headed off, me following him, knowing that I was in for some fun tonite, one thing struck me as a bit odd- he asked me if I like women.... yes I am BI.

We arrived at his , where he said to give him a few minutes, "i will turn the outside light on when ready".

the light came on , so i went to the front door, where in the dark i saw a woman waiting for me. When I got into the light I noticed it was my guy dressed as a woman, short skirt,stockings, highheels bikini top & red red lipstick. I am as hard as anything. He grabbed my hand pulled me in & wispered in my ear "tonight I am your slut".

She (yes she wanted me to refer to him as a she) pulled my shorts down & had those lusiouse red lips around my cock. After a minute she pushed me down on to the couch & cotinued to suck my dick till I blew my load into her mouth..... Yum she gobbled it all up. She then stood up, hitched up her skirt & pulled her dick out from her G string.Waving it in my face, 6inches long & hard I put it in my mouth & sucked away. Able to get her whole dick & balls into my mouth at once she was excited & talking in chineese as she pumped my face. Before long she blew her whole load down the back of my throat.

After a minute to recompose ourselves , & still straddling me, she impaled herself on my rock hard dick , she started to bounce on my dick. With every downward thrust of hers I thrust up her tight ass. A few minutes of this while I was also wanking her We both exploded again, she all over my chest And I up her beautiful tight bum.

She locked her lips on to mine(i don't usually kiss guys but this was no ordinary Guy) After a few minutes of pashing she turned me over & proceeded to fuck my ass. She pounded my ass like a jack hammer & it wasn't long before she was again cumming, this time up my ass, mmmmmmm.

We showered together, & continued to fuck & suck for a couple of hours. Don't know how many times we cum but we had a great night & fucked each other in the morning b4 i had to go to work.

A great night had by both YUM YUM YUM....better than the sauna.