30 Apr 2015

I had heard about a great hookup place in Toowoomba through the day which was located at a park toilet block. I was always keen and wanted to try the random thrill of a hookup, and as my job spends a lot of time driving around town I often dropped into the toilets to relieve myself and see if any activity was happening.

I had been going their over many months and no one was ever about which was disappointing but I always had a rush of excitement when entering just in case someone was there.

Last week I noticed two cars parked down near the toilets and thought my luck will just be a couple of straights having a leak. When I entered the block I noticed the disabled toilet door closed and a guy was obviously in there. I made noise so he knew I was there, and had a pee while trying to work out if he was there for the same reason as me.

I was so randy, and thought bugger it, I would open the door and if it was somebody legit I would just say I was concerned that they were ok. I heard funny noises coming from the cubicle anyway so with heaps of nerves I pushed back the door, which to my surprise was unlocked.

To my surprise there wasn't one guy but two, one sitting down and the other with his knees on the floor giving the other guy a fantastic blowjob, his head bobbing up and down the thick shaft. My cock hardened instantly, the guy being sucked looked at me and smiled and winked and waved me over. I pushed the door closed behind me and bent down, pushing the guy who was sucking this engorged cock aside and I wrapped my lips around and started working the shaft with my mouth.

The guy beside me put his hand down my pants and grabbed my hard shaft, I moved sideways to give him better access and he loosened my pants and soon was sucking on my bulging cock.

I couldn't believe my luck that I had found these two and I made my so randy, the guy sucking me moved his hand around to my ass and inserted his finger.

The guy I was sucking moaned and I felt his shaft grow and his balls tense and his load exploded, I held his shaft out and it sprayed across the cubicle, all over the guy who was sucking and fingering me.

No sooner had he come he stood up and pulled his pants up and left.

I now had three fingers in me and was being beautifully sucked by the remaining guy. 'Have you got a condom' I asked and he pulled one out of his pocket.

'I need you to fuck me' I said, and he pulled down his pants to reveal a thin but longish cut cock. Mmmmm, I thought, long and thin will get in!

I leaned over the toilet and he pounded me from behind, never speaking but breathing very heavily. Within a minute I felt him release and his junket exploded into the condom deep inside me.

I moaned with delight, and before I knew it he was up and gone.

I sat back on the toilet thinking about the unanticipated fun I had just had and masterbated until I exploded all over the cubicle. I quickly cleaned up and left.

I never realised how much fun it would have been and have since regretted not saying to both guys before they left same time next week!

I have been again this week but it was all quiet. Hope I meet them again some time soon.