Written by Anonymous

1 Apr 2020

Andy was texting lots and getting replies.

"Ok bring your cummy asscunt and dump mouth around into my trailer. A few blokes I know are gonna use you in there."

He got me in the trailer and had me bent over a box so my asscunt and mouth were useable. He shoved all his half hard cock in my mouth n throat as he fingered more of his cum out of my creamed asshole and fed it to me.

Knock knock on the big rear door and Andy said "Come in" and "here use this" my asshole was facing the rear. "You were not wrong! Look at that juicy hole ready for using!" said a guy I couldn't see. I heard unzipping and felt a hard cock enter my wet hole and start fucking me with steady hard strokes and his balls hitting mine as he rammed it all in. He didn't feel very thick or long but my used dumphole was well stretched. "What a juicy loosened fuckhole! Take this too slut!" And I felt his fingers slide in my asscunt with his cock. Then his cock and fingers were both stuffing n stretching my hole at the same time and I loved it! The loud wet noises coming from my sloppy hole as he used it good were turning me on so much that I came. "Oh look at that! The fuckslut likes his hole stretched and just came. I got it!" And he scooped up my cum and wiped some on his cock to shove up my ass and had me lick the rest of his hand. Andy told me to "keep it in your mouth and open wide" and his now almost fully hard again cock started to ram the cum down my throat. As my throat got well stuffed and my asscunt was being cocked and fingered there was another knock on the door.

"Come in" said Andy.

I got both my holes hard fucked for at least an hour by the 3 guys. I took 2 more cum loads in my asscunt and 2 more down my throat. At the end they got me to squat and pushed cum out of my very well used loose sloppy asscunt and lick up n eat every yummy drop. Andy made me give him my phone number when the 2 other guys left and told me I would be used again as a cumdump him and as many other truckies and guys he could find. He took me to my car and gave me coolant so I could drive home. Before he left he got me to bend over and spread my cheeks and gape my used hole wide. He smacked my open loose dumphole good for a min before telling me to " Fuck off now cumdump! I'm gonna call you really soon!"