Written by captainhero

19 Jun 2013

I woke up that morning horny as and craving cock. I’d not seen my fuck-buddy since he changed jobs, so it had been a while since I’d been satisfied. When he was on the road we could meet up anywhere for fun but now he was off his run and I was in need.

Not having much luck finding a willing cock on the cams here, I decided to try Aarows instead. A few guys were wandering in and out of the change area when I arrived and I watched them as I stripped off. I started at the bottom – shoes, socks, trousers and underpants, showing brief glimpses of my cock from under my shirt before I removed it as well. I hit the shower first, feeling strangely relaxed as I stood fully naked under the water and in full view of whoever happened to pass by. Drying myself off a little I flung the towel over my shoulder and made the short walk to the empty spa. I stepped in and sat down where I would have a view of the whole wet /change area. The warm bubbling water felt amazing against my bare skin as I stretched out.

Soon after I was joined by two other guys. One sat opposite and the other on my side, one seat between us. The guy opposite was quiet but the one on my side immediately struck up conversation with me, wanting to know what I liked. He moved seats next to me as we talked and reached under the water to play with my cock which hardened quickly. After stroking me underwater for a little while he asked if I wanted to go somewhere else so he could suck me off. I immediately felt the cum rise in me and moved his hand away from my cock before it was too late. I still wanted to look around and so declined the invitation but told him to look for me later. Standing up to get out I turned toward him to give a view of the still hard cock he’d just been stroking and stepped out before grabbing my towel and heading out.

Upstairs was quiet, only a few guys walking around and no action to speak of so I headed to the sauna. Siting by the door, I looked the cock on display – only another two but nice ones nonetheless. One of the other guys left shortly after leaving just myself and one other across the room from me. Now that he had that side of the room to himself, he lay flat out on his back and it wasn’t long before his hand strayed to between his legs and he was hard. This got my attention and I opened my legs toward him and began to play with myself also. Meanwhile a couple more guys came and left leaving just myself and my hard companion. Even though he had looked over to me a few times he didn’t speak. Finally he got up to leave and I thought to myself, ‘next time’. Stopping by the door he stopped though and reached down between my legs.

“Nice cock” he said.

“Thanks. You too”. “I was enjoying watching you play with yourself”, I added.

His fingers still lightly stroking my cock I blurted “I really want to suck you”.

Without waiting for a reply I pulled him to me and took him in my mouth. I was too horny to take my time and sucked greedily as he moaned in appreciation. It didn’t take long before he announced “If you keep that up I’m going to cum”.

I took his cock from my mouth only long enough to reply “Cum on my face” before I began licking his shaft and balls. That was all it took. With a loud groan he spurted over my cheeks and lips and after four very big spurts I took him back in my mouth to catch the last drops.

Most satisfied, he thanked me and left and I followed soon after, his cum still running down my face. Sucking his cock had only made me want more and so I headed upstairs to the gloryholes. It wasn’t long before someone came by who took my fancy and I followed him in. I’d not sucked at a gloryhole before so it was strange at first to have a disembodied cock appear before me. I immediately went to work, taking this second cock all the way in my mouth. He yelled, more than moaned, loud enough I’m sure for the entire floor to hear his pleasure. Anxious for more cum I began to jerk him off as I flicked my tongue over his cock head.

“Yes. Yes. Now. Now. Now” he yelled and I took him back I my mouth to receive my second load for that day. It was a smaller load than the first and I swallowed the lot easily.

A couple more guys were standing around as I came out of the stall. Smiling to them I went straight to another stall across the room and waited. It wasn’t long before I was greeted by the now familiar sight of a cock poking through a hole. Having had two cocks already I was finally I able to take my time as I relished sucking this third cock slowly.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my leg. I’d left the curtain to the stall open so others could watch but hadn’t expected this. Looking around I saw it was my first encounter from the spa downstairs. I guess he’d found me after all. I let my towel drop to the ground and turned slightly to give him room. I resumed sucking the cock in my hand as my spa friend took me in his mouth. God, was I in heaven! A cock in my mouth and my cock in someone else's. I knew I’d cum pretty soon and so quickened my pace on the cock I was sucking. Without warning I soon tasted his load. This was all I need as I took him from my mouth to announce my own impending orgasm. Not missing a beat my spa friend continued to suck me as I blasted my load into his mouth and down his throat.

Completely and utterly satisfied I went back down and showered before heading home. Telling my fuck buddy about my

encounters later that night he made me promise to take him with me next time I go.