Written by more gay than bi now

17 Jun 2011

I welcomed the call from Jim, one half of a male couple I meet, asking if i wanted to play friday night, of course i said yes, and 7 pm was fixed. on opening the door jim hugged me tight kissing my eager mouth, as he pulled me, i was told to go straight to the play room and get naked, not needing to be told I did, on the sling in the play room was a eye mask, with a note, put this on and get into sling, mmmmmm bit differnt to normall, but i obayed. I heared voices as the door was opened and sennced movement in the room, whispers fom differnt angles, my mind started going wild, as hands touched my body, 2 then 4 then 6 hands mmmm tonight was getting better, my cock was straining hard as I felt a warm mouth engulfing it, my mouth now filled by a unfarmiliar cock, which i happliy sucked in, then more hands, mmmm even better, now the voices got louder and i didnt recognise at least 2 if not 3 voices, my arse open and vunable was fingered first, then i felt the head of a cock starting inwards on its journey to heaven, boy it was nice, it felt big and thick, and soon the pace quickened to a point where my anal cums flowed, taking it seems a few of them by surprise, my mouth was soon rewarded with stream after stream of hot cum, the first I hoped of many, no sooner had i gulped the last drop down then my moth was ripped open by another cock, this one I knew, Jim was lapping up fresh cum on his cock, I knew he liked that, as another huge anal cum hit me the flood gates opened and my man pussy was filled with hot cum mmmmmm and did I love that feeling, as his cock slipped out a warm mouth went to work licking up the cum running out of my hole, soon replaced with another good cock, they all took turns fucking my mouth and pussy, until i was told to take my mask of and see them, I looked and said hi to them all, 3 extra guys and Jim and Pete, One cock was still standing very proud, and huge to, I looked and said "Have I had the plessure yet," he shook his head no, I moved out of the sling and got between his legs, sucking his cock right down, he started to get harder mmmmm so with that I swung around and impalled myslef firmly on his shaft, moving slowly at first but soon he picked me up by the hips and worked his cock in as deep as possible, my mouth was filled with a fresh cum soaked cock too, I told my fucker to lay down and I sat over him facing his legs as his cock entered me deep, and nodded to jim , his cock slipped in easy next to him, and they pounded my fuck hole hard, my face taking a hot load as they did, Jim I knew had blown at least one load, but his face told me I was going to receive one more tonight, he held of and soon both cocks gave of that extra feeling they do Just when the manseeds sprew from them, oh boy and did they, my huge guy must have held of for days to unload the amount he did, as I lifted of, cup after cup of cum run out of me, again Jim always one to lead the way ,went down and licked it all up I spun around and swollowed my big guys cock and sucked it dry, still it oozed cum at me, I was impressed, whilst i was on my knees , my hole was once more fucked hard by a randy onlooker who soon seeded me once more, they all made sure my hole was well looked after, and when i had killed them all of,, and bodies lay around,, I laughted and said you might need more next time Jim, with that hands attacked my hard cock and wanked me until i exploded over a couple of guys and watched Jim once more lick it all up, resting, I said to my new found fuck buddies, What time next week,,,,