Written by happy cum slut

15 Jun 2011

monday nights are often the best at the club, ,more guys and more fun, so around 7.30 I arrived and striped of, slipping the towel around me, and took a walk around, it was still early and not to many guys, but one did take my eye, and soon we were in the mirror room and my cock was getting a good sucking from him, I moved around so I to could get some cock and slipped his meat betwen my lips and working it up nice and hard, I was happy my first choice was fairly well hung and uncut,

soon I needed more, and I lay him on his back and slipped that beauty into my waiting hole, i rode him hard , his face told me he was enjoying it to much and he looked like he was ready to blow his seeds in me, I took control and got him to doggy me letting him rest a bit to slow his ending down, but soon he was pounding my arse flat out, his body letting me know he wasnt far of, and with one hard push he unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum deep inside me, as we lay resting a guy who had seen our fun walked over and moved behind me, with one push he went in, and took over fucking me, I soon go tmy mouth one the spent cock in front of me and sucked it back to life, playing with his balls and cock, I knew he was once more ready to fuck me, so I moved over and slipped up his body all the while keeping the other guy in me, as the guys cock under me got near to my manhole i gently eased him in and they both took over fucking me, I was enjoying this fully, as my mouth was pushed open by another guys cock, felt good to, a few others were now watching my show, some time passed and i knew what was cumming, as both cocks pusled hard inside me, nearly blowing me over with their combined force,, this was to much and suddenly my mouth took the first of many cums that night, as I moved slowly of both cocks, I saw what i wanted, a guy who had been stroking his cock now had it nice and hard and boy oh boy what a beauty, with a nod he soon took his place behind me, and gently at first, until the tip went in, then with one big push it was fully inside me, his pace quickened as once more i took hold of 2 cocks and started sucking on them, hot liquid sprayed over my face as yet another guy cum on me, his cum running over the cocks in my mouth, as i licked it of, mmmmm I was in heaven, and got wrapped up in the feelings ripping though my body, a load moan signalled that once more i was going to feel the rush of hot cum in my love tunnel, as string after string of hot cum was empited deep in me, my mouth took it turns with more cum spraying every where as i struggled to swollow it all,, guy after guy took me and used my arse as their play toy, after one guy cum he pushed his fist in and worked my arse from the inside, my anal cums ripped though my body as he did, some 5 hours passed and my arse was content, the puddle of cum on the floor told the story to all who looked in, next time i plan to take some toys in with me too mmmmmmm