Written by HarryToowoomba

12 Jan 2015

'I hope this is our secret' I gasped.

'What happens within these walls stays within these walls' Derek replied.

With that he tolde to lay back and relax, and started massaging me again, starting at my shoulders and working his way down to my hips, then moving to my feet and working my legs. My cock was so hard it felt like my skin was going to rip, my thoughts were 'what is he doing, is he just going to leave it and pretend it hasn't happened?'

My cock was so hard and about to go off, I think one or two strokes would explode my hot juicy load into the world!

I couldn't stand it and went to do the job myself as Derek was now at my thighs, seeing my hand move towards my cock he quickly grabbed my hand and said 'no that will be my job!'

Ohh this comfirmed my excitement as I knew playtime was about to start.

Derek could see my pre-cum glistening at the eye of my pulsating throbbing cock, and licked his tongue into the eye of my meat sword, and then flicked his tongue around its head.

That was enough to set the rivers of Man milk on there journey from deep within my full engorged balls and Derek knew and quickly pointed my shaft towards my stomach. Hot lava exploded all over me, the first shot so powerful it hit my chin, the next up to my left nipple and then the rest of my junket pumping pools onto my belly.

'Wow' Derek exclaimed. 'That's impressive!'

I was so turned on by this, a little sad he didn't latch his lips around me and take my explosion down his throat, until he quickly started licking my pools of man funk from my stomach, licking the spray from my chin and then lastly licking then sucking my nipple clean.

This caused my exhausted member to slowly come back to life, Derek moved to the door and went outside. 'What was he doing I wondered, but he soon came back with a pan of water and suds and clean me up.

'Can't have you going home smelling like sex' he said, and as I was now starting to regenerate my sexual appetite, I felt his ass while he was washing me off. 'What, do you want more!' He said.

'Yes' I replied, as he could see my cock now back to full erection, thick and juicy.

'What were you thinking' he asked. I was so randy I was up for anything, he could have tried to shove the massage table in my ass and I would have tried!

'Firstly, I want you naked and then i want you to fuck me' I asked.

Without hesitation he took off his shirt and pants, he was as randy as I was. He grabbed a special oil and place it beside the table, but first told me to roll over. He pulled my checks apart and I felt his warm, juicy tongue slip into my ass and then rim around my love hole which sent shivers through my body. I noticed his cock was about the same length as mine, circumsized and nicely shaven.

He oiled my ass and moved me to a couch in the corner of the room where I bent over the edge and took his man meat. He told me he had no condom but was clean and I told him I wanted his juices inside me.

After pounding me for a few minutes and the most glorious wonderful sex I have had, I felt his cock swell and his ocean of erotic juice ran deep inside my dark cave of lust.

I tipped some oil on my hand lay him on the couch and masterbated over him until this time I blew all over his chest. He smiled and asked if I was going to return the favour, I leaned down and sucked and licked my cum from his waxed chest.

After that he said, times up unfortunately - my next appointment is due in 15 minutes and as you can see I have to clean this place up!

We hugged and I said thanks for the best massage ever, he said I was the best client ever. He didn't want me to pay him but I said it was a turn on as I felt I was paying for sex!

My wife asked me when I got home how the massage had gone, I said it was great and maybe I should probably get them done more often.

She laughed and said, good to see you got over your homophobia!