Written by HarryToowoomba

12 Jan 2015

I have been secretly bisexual all my life, and had met a few guys since 2003 when I finally gave into my urges and started having secret hookups with other guys.

I was training hard for triathlons in 2006, and had a few niggling injuries which wouldn't go away. My wife suggested I go to a massage with a friend of ours, Derek, who we had known for a few years. When we first met Derek he was an overweight, shy, fat man married with two children before coming out and now he was a skinny, out there gay guy - a complete 180 turnaround. My wife told me not to be homophobic and go to Derek as he was very good and would work wonders on my body ... If only she knew!

I arrived at the massage and was immediately concerned about if I would get aroused and then what do I say to Derek, would he tell my wife if it happened and all the various scenarios played out in my head. I never really found Derek attractive so I though i could wing my way through it.

Derek greeted me at his office, showed me into the room and told me to take everything off to my undies and put the towel over me and he would come in soon. The room was dark with candles and nice oily scents and aromas.

After I lay on the table and about a minute later Derek came in, I was laying on my stomach as he told me (which i wish I could stay on in case anything moved downstairs if you know what I mean) and got started with the massage. It felt great, he started on my back and remarked what nice muscle structure I had through my back and down my legs. After 5 minutes or so he moved my towel down and pulled my undies down slightly and worked my butt muscles over. It felt amazing and he commented on me having a nice butt. This sente over the edge, my 7 inch cock became instantly erect and the continual touching was just driving me crazy!

Oh no I thought, I am going to have to roll over soon and then all will be revealed! I decided when it happened i had to go with the flow and see what happened.

Well that time was now upon me, he said ok roll on your back and we'll do the front. I said I had a bit of a problem and he looked at me concerned and confused. 'What's wrong' he said and I rolled over to show my large mound. This actually turn me on to my amazement, my fears had subsided and I pulled my underpants straight down to reveal my throbbing manhood.

'Oh dear, what are we going to do with that' said Derek ......

To be continued ....