23 Apr 2016

I spent time working as a property manager a few years ago, and we would do quarterly inspections on all of the properties to check on maintenance, cleanliness, etc.

My job was to do the inspections and do a report for the landlords, was an interesting job meeting all kinds of people, different races and religions, families, single people, and different sexual orientations.

I am married in a great relationship with my best friend, my wife, but I have always had urges for gay sex and have had regular sexual contact with bi and gay partners for the last 15 years.

We had and older guy as a tenant in a house who lived on his own, was lovely and when he signed up for the house I felt attracted to.

My first inspection of his house came on a very stressful day, we had a huge workload and some tenants had gone bad in another house which we had to sort out and it was time consuming and very stressful.

I arrived at David's house flustered, and he could tell I was stressed. His house was kept immaculate, a perfect tenant, and as we walked through the rooms I found his voice soothing and his whole persona was very abaorbing. I found I was very attracted to him, my cock was hard, and he asked if I would like a coffee.

I sat in his kitchen while he made it and he sympathised with my stress, I said I wish all tenants were like him and he said I wish all property managers were like you.

With that he walked behind me and massaged my tense shoulders, it felt great, and he couldn't believe how tense i was. I moaned with his beautiful massage, I was amazing, and turned to putty in his hands.

I thought 'wow, he is making the moves I just need to play along and it's cock time'.

I turned in my chair and placed my hands on his belt, moved my hands along and undid it, then his pants, until I pulled it down slightly to reveal his hardness. Yes, my friend was as turned on as I was.

I wanted to fuck, didn't want to play games and said, let's go to your bed and fuck!.

He was surprised by my crass remark, but smiled and we went straight to his room.

I love to be naked straight away with another man and once again my gear was off within seconds, he looked at me and admired my hard cock.

He said he wanted me to fuck him, and we lay on the bed and kissed passionately for a little while, groping each other and pulling each other's cocks.

He leaned over to the cabinet beside his bed and pulled out a bottle of lubricant and said he only used it to masterbate but I told him now it was for my cock and his ass.

He lay on his back and I pulled his legs up, giving me access to his love canal, I was soooo hard and randy and rubbed the oil all over my cock and his tight ass.

As I was about to enter my randiness took control and I started to cum! Without thinking I moving up and sprayed all over his face and chin, he loved it and grabbed my cock and licked the remains of my juices.

I apologied profusely and he laughed and said it was amazing, I was relieved and had blown all my stress over this lovely mans face.

I cleaned up and left immediatley.

After my next two inspections (about 40 mins later) I was feeling randy again so dropped by and knocked on the door.

He was amazed when he opened it and I was back! This time I sucked him off, a juicy cut 6.5" cock and then fucked him hard on my second load which lasted for a deliciously long time.

I started with him on his back and ended up in a hard doggy style in front of a full length mirror which was a massive turn on.

I finished, and cleaned up, had a shower, and left.

I went back every week until I finished my job and left that town. It was amazing, two guys just fulfilling each other's needs.