Written by biguy181

21 Feb 2011

dave was well hung and liked making sure he was in control, mike his partner was also well hung and ver, with a nice tight arse, I had fucked before, as we often do when we meet, our cocks get a good sucking all round, and its a toss up between myslef or mike who sticks his arse up first for a fucking, tonight was my turn, I gave daves cock one good wet suck and struck my arse up to him, with one big push it went rigth in first time, my mouth full of cock, stopped me shouting out, as he did, daves pace was fast, he loves pounding my deep and hard feeling his cock hit home, and boy do i love that too, with 1 good 9 inchs in me i start to cum, my anal muscles contracting hard as i do, mikes cock nearly looses a inch or so as i bite down on it, after several anal cums mike moves down and slides under me,, his cock looking for my arse too. we soon work it in and both pound me, we all love this position, and m anal cums happen that fast now I have no idea how many i have, with a sniff of amyl my mind goes wild and i pass out for a few seconds, as they wotk my arse hard, they know I can take this for ages, and after some 40 mins or more daves cock starts to pump hot cum into me, mike loves the feeling and takes a few mins longer to unload in me too, I lay there feeling tired, but satified, when a hand pushes on my opening, dave finds my arse all to ready ot take it in deep, nicely lubed up it slips in easy, and he works my tender insides with his skilled fingers, mike has got hard once more and finds a small opening and slides his cock in too, boy it feels tight but my mind takes it all and my cums keep rolling out, dave knows not to move to hard and soon mikes cock pulses once more as he drops his second load for the night deep in me,,, dave pulls his cum soaked hand out and brings it to my mouth, as i lick mikes cum of his fingers, daves cock finds my manhope again, and pounds me once more, mike swings around and also fingers my arse, as i start to fist his hole too, soon were both fisting one another as daves cock pumps away inside me, mike wont be long before he too feels daves cum on his hand, but he was going to miss out tonight, as dave heats up ,,his cock is pulled out and shoved in my mouth followed by a nice big hot load, mmmmm i love taking it all,

now its my turn to give the guys a fucking, i pushed mike over and ram my cock in his arse, I know he likes it rough, and start to pound him as fast and hard as possible, although soft daves cock goes in his mouth, and we fuck him hard, slowing sweeling to fill his mouth, i love the feel of his tight arse on my cock and make sure i take my time to really fuck him well, but my cock decides to let loose and fill him with fresh cum, dave moves down and slides his fingers in next to my cock and plays in my cum , pulling them out for me to suck mmmmmmmm lovely, we just love the taste of one anothers cum,

i have told them we might have to find another guy or two to join in, so much cum mmmmmmmm