Written by bi slut

20 Nov 2011

Frank had neen to a lt of orgies at our place, so when i invited him and a couple of other guys i knew, and told them to bring any mates they knew, the night was set,

frank turned up early, and soon 3 other guys turned up, so i set about sucking some cocks, my arse quickly getting filled by franks nice 8 inch cock, guys wanked and fucked my mouth, wih my fist load of cum all to soon, as i swollowed that frank let loose inside me, guys changed around and my arse was once more being feed hard cock, i thought i heard the door bell, but was to busy to notice, cocks filling my holes anal orgasmys rolling tho me, guys taking turns to fuck me and seed me with hot cum, franks cock was pushed into my mouth mmmmmmmm so nice, so i turned one guy over and sat on him while frank went around to dp me, both working together to feed me hard, i swollowed cum load after cum load, while 2 cocks worked me hard, then i felt my arse taking both cocks as frank groaned and unloaded in me making the second guy cum too mmmmmmmmmmmmm, no sooner had they dropped out then 2 others took over, oh so nice, and again some 20 mins later 2 more loads filled my are,, i put my hand under me scooping up cum as it dropped out, and licked my hand clean this seemed to set guys of as more cocks exploded around and in me,

I lubed up franks fist and he slipped it in me working my arse making me cum like never before that night, cum running along franks arm as he did so, I noticed a small handed guy and lubed him up too, again frank knew wnat i was up to and help him guide his fist in me along his own, both guys working my anus with skill, , after awhile frank pulled his fist out and pushed his cock in, I could feel his cock being played with by the other guy, some 10 mins later frank let loosed again,,, thats why i love him cumming along, hes unstoppable,

we carried on for some 4 hours all up, my arse taking cock after cock and load after load, it never really occurred to me, but thses guys could keep on cumming i thought,

when they were all finnished and we sat chatting, it was only then i saw that some 12 guys had turned up, word of mouth had got around and all were keen to cum along,

I was sittting in a huge puddle of cum, my face and hair also sticky with cum, but i was loving the feeling, when i moved i could feel a huge load of fresh cum start to run out of me,so once more i put my hand under me and caught it, licking it all up as guys sat watching,, I also noticed a couple of cocks twich again as they watched mmmmmmmmmmmm

they all said it was a great night and looked forward to the next orgy,

i repled saying, maybe word of mouth might get around a bit more to,,,and set a new date