Written by Sillius Sodus

31 Aug 2010

As a runner I quite often get tight hamstrings and need a massage. Not get bored by the same one I decided to ring a few out of the paper. One I saw advertised was a mature gentleman and offered a good price. I made the appointment and drove out to his house. Upon arrival I was greeted by a 50+ man in trackies and t-shirt. I was taken the spare room where the massage table was set out with the usual towels etc. He disappeared while I stripped down to my undies and laid face down.

When he returned he started to lather my legs with oil and massaged the calves then the hammies. I felt totally relaxed. His delicate hands wandered up to my undies where he suggested I might like to remove them in case they get oil on them. I simply raised my arse while he pulled them down and off. He continued, massaging my glutes and very subtly glossing the odd finger near my arsehole. I felt a little shocked but it felt nice so I didn't respond. During the massage I felt my arse cheeks pulled apart and I moved my legs outwards. The masseur moved onto my back and I felt a little disappointed. To do my shoulders he moved to the top of the table where my hands were clenched. He reached down to the lower back pressing hard and my hands felt a lump between his legs as he lunged forward. My hands wandered to discover the shape and could feel the head of his cock which I rubbed with the back of my fingers. This seemed to arouse him although no words were spoken. As he continued to massage my lower back I could feel his cock harden. Then as he stepped away to get some more oil and noticed that on his return his trackies had been removed and I could now feel his actually cock rubbing against my hands. My head still looking down on the table I roamed my hands to feel for his size and touched his hairy balls. The without a thought a lifted my head up and took his cock in my mouth. He gasped and I took it down deep, humming. His hands now on the back of my head and he was thrusting his cock into my mouth. He reached down and grabbed the cheeks of my arse and stuck a finger in and then two. This excited me and I asked if he would like to fuck me. He said I had a fantastic arse and would love to. He walked away and put on a condom while I moved over to the arm of his couch and bent over. He moved towards me and tapped his cock on my arse while I pulled my cheeks open. He then slowly inserted his cock and started moving it in and out. I felt ecstatic and begged for more. He obliged and started pounding me hard gently slapping my arse and grabbing my love handles. It was only about a minute later when he said he wasn't far off coming and I said I would like it in my mouth. He pulled out and and I got on my knees and started sucking and jerking his cock. His grey hairy balls started getting tight and I sensed his coming and opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue ready for acceptance. Then with a loud groan he splurted his big load all over my face and mouth coming once, twice, thrice. I took his cock in my mouth and continued sucking as his salty sperm dripped down my chin. I sat back and wandered what I had just done, but it felt good. He felt like I had missed out and made me stand up while he started to suck on my tool. Already excited I came in under a minute inside his mouth. He swallowed the whole lot. Without saying a word I took a shower, left the money and walked out.