11 Feb 2016

I had finished my workout and was in the change room drying myself after my shower! I'm 45 and in good nic! It was on closing time and a young instructor came in to see if any one was still in the gym! To my surprise this young guy walked over to me and locked his lips with mine and tongue kissed me for I would say 5 minutes! His lips were so soft his tongue so long and wet! By now he had his clothes off he was so muscular ! He pressed his smooth black body against mine and continued to passionately kiss me! I was feeling his body all over l put my hand down between his legs and started to stroke his cock it was huge deep vains and huge head. I got on my knees and sucked on that big black cock like never before! This guy was only 18 but he knew how to fuck my mouth. I had my hands firm on his arse as l pushed his cock down my throat! I felt he was going to cum so I just tilted my head back and put the head of his cock on my tongue and oh then he exploded his thick hot cum all over my tongue and into my mouth! Wow his load was huge I slurped on his cum coated cock for another 5 minutes until he was hard again. With cum and saliva still all his his cock he bent me over and entered me ever so slowly OMG I had never felt anything so big in me before. He proceeded to fuck me and fuck me, hard but slow until I could hear he was going to cum again he pulled his big thick long cock, 10 inches of it, out of me and turned me around blew into my mouth again and yes it was another huge load. He stood me up still my mouth full of his cum and locked his big black lips with mine we kissed again for a few minutes sharing his cum! When he finished he just said we are closing now! He got dressed and left!