Written by bi fun to the max

16 Jul 2011

two weeks before Jim had surprised me with a few mates helping him to fuck me, and we all had a great time, this friday i was told to cum earleir and that is was going to be a good night, I didnt need telling twice, jim and Pete, were naked when I got there, 2 other guys I had met before also near naked sat tugging their cocks, and 4 other guys in variouse states of under looked on, well within seconds I was naked and on my knees sucking a few cocks deep, and all to soon, i flet fingers playing with my manhole, Jim knew i was horny and he had lubed his hand , and with one hard push it went straight in, I heard some of the guys grasp as they saw my hole devourer his fist, when he slid his cock in next to his fist jaws dropped, but Jim pounded me hard, starting the first of my anal cums of, it did take long and my tunnel was filled with hot cum, followed very quickly by hot spurts of cum in my mouth, all the guy by now were naked and stroking thier cocks, and both holes were soon filled by fresh meat, Al a guy that were here last time shoved his huge cock deep in my mouth, making me gag, and i eagerly sucked him, I told the guy fucking me to lay down and I sldi his cock back in, and then told Al to take up position behind me and dp me his face lit up as his cock filled my willing pussy, a 3rd cock punged deep in my mouth as all 3 guys fucked me hard, I managed to grab a 4th cock and wank it sliding it into the cornor of my mouth sucking them together, we managed to keep that going for some time, but soon I felt the all to famlilar pulsing of a cock cumming in me,,

Al said he to was about to cum and 3 cocks exploded in me,,,, mmmmm boy oh boy what a feeling, my face also taking a load from another cock, we fell into a heap, limp cocks leaking cum ever where, Jim went to work licking it up I also took a turn sucking on Als big cock, that was rapidily going soft, no sooner had i got on my knees then i felt a cock push into me, aand another took my mouth by surprise, the guys kept me going for hours, all happy to unload in any way they could, several times i heard the guys say to Jim doesnt he ever slow down, as i took load after load, I made sure that they were all wel and truly fucked, as was I, mid came and several guys made tracks home, Jim and Pete and a couple staying on to feed my wanton arse,

when i did make it home. i found it hard to sleep as my twiching arse was so sensitive, I slipped a finger in and out cum a nce big load of sticky cum, mmmmmmmm rubbing that around my hole I started to drift of to sleep thinking of what we might do next time,