26 Nov 2016

My wife was away for the weekend and i was aching to play with a new friend. I went on gaydar and chatted to a few guys and then received a message from Scott. He sent me his phone number and we started texting. It was Saturday morning and he told me he was part of a long time gay couple who liked to play, and they actually had a few guys coming over that afternoon for some fun in the spa as Scott put it, and I was invited to come.

I couldn't believe my luck, got his address and turned up at 2 pm to his place about 8km on the outskirts of town, a nice looking home on a secluded big block of land.

There were a couple of cars parked out the front, and I felt nervous, excited, randy and scared all at the same time. I thought well I've come this far, let's go in and met and see what happens.

I knocked and Joe, Scott's partner answer the door. You must be Harry he said with a genuine friendly smile, and gave me a hug and kiss on the check and showed me through to the back area of the house where Scott and three other guys were sitting and talking. Joe was a bigger guy, 6 foot + and solid, Scott was my size build, shorter and thinner than me, while the other 3 guys were all inbetween and very friendly and welcoming.

I said hi, they gave me a beer and a chair just to break the ice and tention. I was amazed I felt so comfortable straight away, and asked guy next to me what his name was.

'Astrid' was his reply and I smiled and said what a great name. He asked if I would like to get in the spa and my cock instanting went hard.

Without answering, I stood up, took all my clothes off, much to the delight and surprise of the others and said, 'I never thought you'd ask'.

I got up and went and hopped in the spa, with all my new friends not taking their eyes off me.

Astrid followed me straight in, naked as well, and I noticed on the edge of the spa lube had been placed. I reached over and squeezed into into my hand and rubbed it into my ass, stood Astrid up and he put a condom on and I rubbed the lube over his very hard cock. It was average size, nice with a large mushroom head on top. I sat him down and straddled him, the lube doing its job and he entered me easily, all the time the others were transfixed and watching every move.

I moved up and down on Astrid, he was kissing my neck and moved down to lick my nipples, he was really turned on and licking everything he could, we tongue kissed and I felt his cock swell and he exploded only about 30 seconds after entering me. We both moaned together at the climax of our quick frenzy, and as I moved off his deflating member I felt a hand on my back, it was Joe, who was now in the spa naked behind me, I hadn't noticed him undress or hope in while I was in a lust frenzy with Astrid!

Joe was a big guy with a big beautiful cock and he wanted a piece of me as well. He was very gentle with me, and moved me to the edge of the spa so I was hanging over the edge and he could access me from behind. He gently rubbed my back, up to my shoulders and then slowly down my back again. This felt great and I was now craving Joe's large pork sword, he had placed a condom on and grabbed the lube, no doubt was there originally for his massive member, the gentle rubbed my back then down to my ass checks which he spread open to access my wanting hole.

I was nervous but so randy, Joe entered me slowly, I moaned with the initial pain, God I thought he was going to rip me in half! Then as he slowly pushed and pulled the lube made it go in further and further, I was really loud with moans of pain, but Joe's hands were gently rubbing my back, ass cheeks and it made it feel better. Slowly it felt nice once he had been in for a while and he started thrusting harder.

Scott walked over to the edge of the spa, now naked as well, and got the lube, tipped it in my hand and placed it on his cock. I began stroking his cock, about 6 inches and thick, but my focus was pretty much on the huge cock that was penetrating me from behind.

Scott moved closer to me and said 'the lube is edible you know' and with that I took him in my mouth, I was know being spit roasted by the randy gay couple!

Scott informed me that Joe wouldn't be stopping anytime soon and he had blown him just before the party, and I was enduring his second load which he could hold for a while.

Astrid and the other two guys were all together playing on the spa, I didn't care because Joe and Scott were keep me occupied!

I asked Scott if Joe was 'clean' as in sexually, and he said 'of course, he wouldn't be allowed to touch me if he wasn't!'

I asked Joe to take his condom off as I wanted his load inside of me, and he quickly pulled out, removed it, I got a sneaky glimpse of the best that was tearing at me, and he relubed and entered me.

Ohhh it hurt again initially but then ecstasy. I started talking dirty, telling Joe I wanted his juice inside me, how I craved to have his seed. This turned him on and he started pulverising me with big hard thrusts. He was a big strong powerful man and I could feel his strength as he hammered me. Scott, apparently was turned on as well and unexpectedly for me, exploded all over my face! This took me by surprise and I quickly lapped up all I could, licking the end of his knob clean. This in turn inspired Joe who was going at so hard, moaning and I could feel his cock tense even more and his big balls slapping against the back of my legs.

I moaned just prior to his explosion to Scott that he was so lucky to be able to fuck Joe all the time, this pushed Joe over the edge and his rivers of lust ran deeper inside me than any man has ever done before!

I was kind of relieved the beast that was his cock was done with me, as I was sore but wouldn't have changed the experience for the world!

Joe fell off and sat down in the spa beside me, breathing like he had just run a marathon.

'God you turned me on then' he said, and I told him he wasn't on his own!

I put my hand on his cock and stroked it under the water as we sat there, Scott had gone in for a shower and the others had finish and were also sitting around the spa.

Joe smiled, put his head on my shoulder and whispered, 'I think Scott's jealous'.

I whispered back so the others couldn't hear, even though they were in their own conversation, that I hoped not and I didn't want to cause trouble!'

The afternoon went well, I couldn't take another cock as I was too sore, but one of the other guys, Nev, blew me and took my load down his throat.

Nev and I have since hooked up again.

Scott was jealous and I haven't heard from him again, and Joe, he got my phone number sneakily before I left, and we have been together many times since one-on-one, and still hurts!