Written by harrytoowoomba

8 Jan 2015

I had known since I was 14 I had a large sexual appetite for not just females but males as well. Growing up in the 70's & 80's in the environment I was in, meant I pushed aside the gay feelings and went down the normal path of dating girls, having great sex and enventually get married and having a family as most guys in my situation did.

When I was 14 one day I was playing Cowboys and Indians with friends, and I got caught as an Indian, they tied my hands and lay me face down in the back yard and more or less said 'you are our prisoner and we can do anything we want with you now.'

Instead if being frightened the submissive position with other males turned a switch on immediately in my brain and after the game I raced home to our backyard toilet (out of the way) and masterbated, fingered myself for the first time and loved it!

Anyway, years passed and I never acted on my urges until when I was 23 and engaged to my now wife. She had gone away for the weekend to visit her folks and invited my friend over for a few drinks. I always had suspicions he was bi or gay as he was single, and I always felt we had these sexual undertones.

Anyway, after a few drinks on the lounge room floor, I decided it was time to make my move so I jumped on him and play wrestled him till he was on his back. I took my cock out of my pants and asked he he wanted to suck it. He pushed away and said i thought this is why you invited me over, and got up and walked to the bedroom I had set up for him to stay over.

I thought oh no he isn't into it and will now tell my fiancé, screw it I'm going for broke!

I walked into his room and he told me to go away, I said I was sorry but had mixed up feeling and signals from him. I sat on the edge of the bed and could see his hand moving under the sheets, rubing his now hard cock, and i said, listen, it's our secret, let me suck you off and we will never speak of it again and I can guarantee no one has sucked you like I'm going to.

I pulled the blanket back, he was still hesitant and it revealed a nice thick 7 inch cock which was fully erect. I said I think you are turned on by this and need to relax and go with it.

I took him in my mouth, it was my first cock after all these years of thinking and dreaming about it and it was better than I could imagine. He moaned as I took in as much as I could, then licked his shaft and balls. I'd he wasn't so intense I would have licked his love hole as well but thought I better not push my luck.

After only about a minute, he shuddered and squirmed and moaned that he was cumming. I latched on and took the load of another than I had been dreaming about all these years, and it was amazing! He moaned with sheer delight, as did I and I licked the end of his cock clean.

I hoped he had settled by now and was comfortable with everything, however he got up and said I'm having a shower and going home. Still not defeated and randy as I hadnt cum, I waited for the shower to be turned on then went in, naked, and masterbated in front of him, when I was about to explode I lunged close to him and exploded all over his stomach as it was then washed away down the drain.

I told him I liked him and wanted to play with him so much, he said I'm going home, even after watching and enjoying the masterbation show in the shower.

After that I never saw much of him again, he returned to his country town, I knew he had many issues from the past and hoped that one day he would find himself.

I saw him many years later at a shop, he had put on a lot of weight but had a good job and seemed happy. He mentioned he regreted later not participating more that night but had a lot of issues back then.