Written by Open_miinded

27 May 2012

Thought I would share my first gay/bi experience with everybody. I was searching the Internet one saturday afternoon and was real toey. Since I has been on drought with the ladies for a few months I thought maybe it's time to broaden my horizons. So I clicked in an ad and there was a picture of good looking bloke with a really nice cock stating " young open

Minded bi guy looking to suck some cock this afternoon, send a pic with reply". Now seeming I had no idea who he was I just replied with no pic just to make sure it was not bullshit and I replied " you have a really nice looking cock and would love to meet this afternoon, will send pic if you reply, let me know" within a couple of minutes I got reply back saying I am

Legit, send me a pic and we can go from there" so i sent through a pic of my face and my cock(about 6"). And we a couple of more emails to each other and we agreed to meet, I was going to drive to his place and away we go!

So I started the drive to his place and I was having mixed thoughts of my god I can't do this then thinking I am pretty excited to suck this guys cock cause it looked so good!! I had hard on and I wanted to be sick!! LOL!!! So I arrived at his place and made the very very slow walk to his front door in a pretty ordinary apartment block. I knocked on the door and he answered, my first impression was pretty nice looking bloke but had a fair bit of stubble which I am not keen on but oh we'll I was there now!! So I walking into his unit and we went straight to his bedroom. I was almost shaking with nerves as we lied on the bed. We had a little chat about his experiences with other guys and then he started rubbing my body with his hands. We were both fully clothed still and he was rubbing my jeans in my cock area and within a short amount of time I was pretty hard, it felt so good to have his hands over my cock just stoking and gently rubbing, I reciprocated the action and I started taking off his pants and his cock (a full 8 inches uncut) was very hard and was soo smooth, I told him I have tjupiter my mouth on this and there I was... My first cock ever was In my mouth and it was so nice. I was ribbing and sucked and tickling his balls, within a couple of minutes he was ready to blow and he told me to stop, he wanted to have a go. So I layed back and he took me in his mouth, ohh my god he was good, at one stage he put mouth just over the head of my cock and used his tongue to run over it's head, it got me the edge and I pulled his head off and told him I was about to blow, so he pulled away and we started jerking each other off. Then he surprised me.... He started looking me in the eyes and at my mouth and said I want to kiss you so I thought bugger it so I leaned in and he was such a great kisser and not to sound arrogant but I am an incredible kisser and we were still pulling and almost together we both blew our loads together. After lying there for a few minutes after we had done I got up to leave. When I was about to put my jeans back on, he crawled across the bed and took my cock back on his mouth but after a couple of minutes I could not get it up so kneed down on the floor so my head was at the same level as his head and we just spent 5 minutes kissing and we both got hard but could not blow. HAHAHA!! So I left and honestly can't remember the ride home and we might catch up again but I would love to try this again with someone else as well.....anyone interested?