22 Sep 2015

It starts like this, I grew up in a small town playing football and cricket and always had girlfriends, losing my virginity at 14 to a 16yr old, I thought I had it made. I was now 19 and a new guy turned up at the cricket club, he seemed friendly enough, one night after a game we were all having a few beers when I was talking to him and all of a sudden got rock hard ,I don't know what it was, but he seemed to be emitting something that made me want him, now I had never thought of another guy in this way, well I got up and went home. Once home all I could think about was seeing him naked, I stroked my cock and exploded like never before. Years went by and I have kept those thoughts to myself until I was in Darwin for work 2013, (Perth hometown).I was out having a quiet drink and some dinner and an Asian guy came to the bar and started chatting, he was from Melbourne and here for work as well. Married with kids like me, after a couple more drinks that feeling from 23yrs earlier came back, here I was chatting to a married guy about our lives and all i could think of was seeing him naked. I said I better go, he says he is going too, his hotel is on the way to mine. We are just chatting as we walk and he says do I want to come in the hotel bar for another drink, I cant believe what I said next, it came out. Why don't we go to your room for a drink. Well he must have had the same feelings as me. In the lift I was rock hard, I glanced down and I could see him hard as well. As soon as he opened the door he turned around and kissed me, I thought I was going to explode, before I knew it we were naked on the bed, his cock in my hand, his smooth body. He slides down and I watch him lick my head then takes me into his mouth, I feel myself about to cum, i watch as he takes every last drop. He slides up to me and kisses me, I can taste my cum, the feeling inside me is 23yrs of relief, i push him onto his back and slide down and take my first ever cock into my mouth, it tastes so good, its like I'm in a different world, I'm so horny, iam sucking his cock, my finger going into his tight hole, he says he's about to cum. He explodes in my mouth, wow I struggle to swallow it all, mmmm. I slide up and kiss him. I'm hard again by now, ha asks if I would like to fuck him, of course. He gets out some condoms and lube. ( He was prepared) I put on the condom as he lays on his back and raises his legs, looking down and seeing his cock and watching me slowly slide into my first guy it was surreal. Well as I'm sliding in and out of him I watch his cock start getting hard, that's it I cum again so hard I think im going to pass out. He asks me if I want him, I say yes, he gets me in doggie and I feel his cock pressing against my 42yr old virgin arse, he tells me to relax as I feel him enter me, as he gets deeper and faster ,my cock gets hard again, I start stroking it ,he says he is going to cum, as I feel him pulsing inside me I explode again, my muscles clenching down on his cock milking every drop into the condom. 2 years on I have experienced another 2 guys, both Asian guys, as I love a smooth body, hoping to try a few more smooth guys soon.