Written by BiLoveTrans

15 Feb 2016

I recently came out to my partner of 12 years, before we got together I had experimented with my sexuality. I remember first watching porn and being just as turned on by the sight of a nice hard cock as I was by a wet pussy or a girl's arse. I'm not attracted to the male body at all, this caused much confusion to a young man, especially brought up in a catholic household but I wanted to suck and be fucked by cock. It wasn't until I was 18 and in Sydney that I decided I would follow my desires. At first it was watching female anal sex porn then tranny porn, this is where I started really wanting to be fucked so my desire only grew stronger, I started using dildos and fantasising about my arse being slowly filled with cock.

One night I took my chance, I was out for the night and my friends ended up heading home. I knew of place where gay blokes would cruise and pick up horny drunk guys on their way home. Now, I have no attraction to men at all but I desperately wanted to feel a cock in mouth before it pushed deep into my almost virgin arse. I waited around and sure enough I saw a car pull in, he pulled up about 20 metres away. At first I was so scared of all the bad things that could happen, would I enjoy it, would it hurt, the anxiety was immense but I was so excited to be doing something so lustful and forbidden. My cock was already hard, I could feel the front of my boxer shorts wet with pre cum. I waited then I saw he quickly flicked his lights, I walked over, quickly my anxieties and excitement building. His window was down, he was probably in his 30’s, he asked if I was ‘looking’, I could see in the street light that his cock was out and very hard. I mumbled ‘sure’. I was so turned on, far more than I ever was with any girl. He unlocked the passenger door and I sat within. I was so nervous, I had no idea what I was doing. I slid my hand across his lap and gently touched his hard cock. It was warm, a little bigger and thicker than mine but cut. I stoked it gently as he lightly sighed and reclined his seat back. I took this as my opportunity to fill my mouth with his cock. I moved my head down into his lap where his cock stood tall and rock hard. I finally had fulfilled my desire, the salty warm taste of skin, the musty smell of his pubic hair. I ran my mouth up and down slowly taking more and more in. His moans got deeper as he placed his hand on my head. I licked up and down his shaft, I mimicked what I saw porn starlets do, I took it as deep as my gag reflex would allow. As I sucked and licked my desire to feel this dick slide it's way up inside me grew wildly. I sat up and unbuckled my pants and slid them down along with my boxers. My cock was dripping with pre cum, my new friend noticed and asked ‘first time’, I nodded and let out a muffled ‘yeah’. I sat back as he took my cock in his mouth and rubbed my thighs and balls. I was now in heaven, so long had a I fantasised and dreamed of doing this and it was happening. After giving my cock a very sensual suck he slowly wanked my cock. He looked at me and said ‘do you want to come back to mine’? Many thoughts raced through my head, but I was so horny, I said ‘yeah, I need to be fucked’. My new friend, I still didn't even know his name, then replied ‘sure as long as you fuck my arse too, I have condoms and lube back at mine’. With that we both quickly fixed our clothes and he started the car. As he drove, I fondled his cock and balls. We eventually arrived at his place. It was a small unit, as we entered he asked if I wanted a drink. I accepted and we moved toward his kitchen area. He grabbed a beer out and handed it to me, he pulled me in and undid my pants. He took my cock in his mouth again, working his tongue around the head of cock and shaft. His hand wandered up my leg toward my arse, he grabbed my cheek and squeezed as he pulled his mouth onto my cock, taking it deep. I shifted my legs apart so to give easier access to my waiting hole. His fingers slipped up a few times, inching closer each time. He slowly stood up and started to remove his clothes. I followed suite. I stood naked in his kitchen, my cock so hard it almost stood vertical, my excitement and lust was immense. He once again confirmed that this was my first time with another man. He laughed and said he was going to pop my cherry. We both walked through to his bedroom which had an ensuite, he suggested we have a shower first. I climbed in and started the water while he got things ready for when he'd fill my arse with his cock. I lazily washed myself, my friend arrived and he joined me. I got on my knees and took his cock once more in my mouth, he slowly fucked my mouth. I returned his favour from earlier and worked a finger around his tight hole. He urged me to stand and come to the bedroom. We dried ourselves quickly, he suggested I lay on my back. He knelt on the bed grabbing a near by bottle of lube. He laid on his side, his cock at my mouth and mine at his. We took each others cocks in our mouths while he applied lube to my tight, virgin arse. He poked a finger inside, I tensed and it was uncomfortable like when I played with dildos at home. He told me to relax, take some deep breaths. Soon he was sliding his finger in and out of my arse while I madly sucked his cock. The moment of truth as I heard him open a condom packet, he said lay on your back and put a pillow under your arse. I did as he asked toward the end of the bed. He held the backs of my knees pushing them toward my chest. I felt so exposed and dirty, it was exhilarating. I felt the soft tip of his cock push against my tight waiting hole. It slowly went in, painful at first but slowly the pain faded to a strange pleasure. No dildo came close as he slowly rocked in and out of my arse. I was moaning like a cheap whore, I could now feel his balls touch my arse on each stroke. He slowly wanked my cock as he fucked me. I could feel him tense up, he was going to cum soon as was I. I begged him to bend me over, I wanted to be fucked like the porn stars I envied and wanked to. He obliged, I put my arse up and head down as he once again entered me. He grabbed my hips and was now really fucking me deep, my arse was now stretched and I only felt pleasure as he fucked me. Once again be started to tense, I pleaded with him to cum in my arse. To which he did with a solid orgasm, I felt his cum fill the condom deep in me. It was so satisfying. Now it was my turn, my cock had gone a little limp as he fucked me, but my new friend gave him a quick lick and suck back to life. I quickly rolled the condom on and applied some lube, I also ran some into my friends tight arse giving him two fingers while I licked and sucked the remaining cum from his semi limp cock. He bent over, I levelled my cock with his hole and pushed in. He obviously was not new to this, my cock slid within as easy as any pussy I ever fucked. It was a whole new sensation, I slowly fucked him while he moaned and played with his cock. He begged me to fuck him faster but I knew I'd blow quickly if I did. After a little bit I upped my pace and as I expect I felt a rush and I was cumming. I exploded into the condom, my balls pressed hard against his arse. I collapsed into the bed beside him. He asked ‘how was it’? I laughed and said ‘great’. I knew from that moment I was bi. My new friend explained that I couldn't stay as his partner would be home in the morning, he loved to cheat with guys and trannies apparently, I gathered my things and he drove me to a nearby shopping centre where I could get a cab. I never found out his name, but whoever he was I wish I could thank him for popping my cherry and opening up a whole new world of pleasures.

I eventually hooked up with a couple of trannies and CD's that solidified my desire and lust for chicks with cocks. Perhaps I'll share some of those another time.